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Brian Samson

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I have been going houseboating on Lake Powell with my family for over three decades. On these dozens of trips, our family has enjoyed virtually everything about our houseboat: camping, grilling, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, hiking, water photography, swimming, exploring on the speedboat, sleeping under the stars, and of course multiple rides on the banana boat. I’ve loved watching my kids gain confidence and athleticism in learning to waterski and handle watercraft.

We’ve also had our share of learning experiences with boat maintenance, injuries, and observing other groups’ unsafe activities. The greatest personal testament to our houseboating experience is our kids constantly ask when we’ll be heading to the houseboat again.

We’ve had pregnant ladies and newborn babies; friends and family, and even family reunions on our trips. If you have come for sound advice on safe, fun experiences for your next trip, help planning for children’s activities, or just houseboat or watercraft maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you have a luxury houseboat or in your first houseboat, whether your crew is comprised of fishing buddies or just your nieces and nephews, I’m confident we can help you have the most successful trips you’ve ever had. Happy houseboating.