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Being on a boat is an exciting and enjoyable experience. Having the best boat accessories improves convenience and makes the ride more fun.

You may add various accessories to your boat, but the challenge is deciding which ones are best. Most seem useful, so deciding what to include and exclude can be difficult. Having a list of the most important things to the least important is the best course of action when facing this dilemma. Such a list enables you to eliminate extraneous accessories and only get what is crucial.

The best boat accessories are a VHF Radio, can cooler, bimini top, extra trash bags, fish finder, battery chargers, dry bags, Bluetooth speaker, plastic cups, beach towels, first aid kit, waterproof camera, and a solar oven. These are essential accessories that make your experience better.

While many of these accessories can be left out, they will make your time and experience on the boat significantly easier.

In this guide, you will find thirteen boat accessories you didn't know you needed. The article also outlines why and how you will benefit from them. Additionally, there is a checklist that will assist you in determining the aspects to consider before purchasing a boat accessory.

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13 Best Boat Accessories

Most boats do not come equipped with everything you need for a fun and amazing day on the water. While most of these accessories are not mandatory, once you get used to them, they’ll start being necessities.

Here are some of the best boat accessories you can buy:

1. VHF Radio- Cobra MR HH350 Handheld Floating VHF Radio

Cobra MR HH350 Handheld Floating VHF Radio
Cobra MR HH350 Handheld Floating VHF Radio

Your cell phone reception may be sporadic or absent, depending on how far in the water you’re. If you're planning to be gone for a long time, you may need to invest in a VHF radio. A VHF radio is important because it enables you to communicate instantly with other boats and the US Coast Guard from your boat.

The Cobra MR HH350 works best. This radio enables you to connect to short- and long-range communication channels and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather channels in the United States, Canada, and other countries at 1, 3, or 6 watts.

The radio also has the burp feature, rattling the speaker plate's water, and a noise-canceling microphone, which allows you to have clearer discussions by lowering the ambient noise.

2. Can Cooler - Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler
Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Nothing is more annoying than packing ice-cold beverages to enjoy a day on the water in the sun, only for them to get hot. Luckily this should be the least of your worries if you invest in a can cooler.

A can cooler reduces the time your drink takes to get hot by almost half while also stopping moisture from forming on your hands as you sip.

Your best bet for a can cooler should be from Toadfish, as it also helps prevent spills. The cooler comes with a locking rubber gasket that will ensure your drink stays put. You can rest assured you will not create messes as you cruise.

The Toadfish can cooler also features outstanding double-wall vacuum insulation, which maintains the temperature of ice-filled liquids inside. Regardless of how long you've spent on the water, enjoy your chilled beverage from dawn until nightfall.

3. Bimini Top- SavvyCraft 4 Bow Bimini Top

SavvyCraft 4 Bow Bimini Top
SavvyCraft 4 Bow Bimini Top

The benefits of a bimini top are endless. While it's always beneficial to occasionally spend time in the sun, you should also be cautious about how much direct sunshine you expose your skin to.

While sailing, a bimini top will allow you to enjoy the sun without endangering your skin.

If your boat has a bimini top, everyone on board can benefit from a little extra comfort while cruising all day.

The canvas on the SavvyCraft bimini top comes in handy because you can easily change it thanks to its zippered pockets.

The bimini top also features a sturdy zipper, making it simple to attach the boat cover top material without removing the bimini structure.

4. Trash Stasher- Boatmates Super Suction Trash Stasher

Boatmates Super Suction Trash Stasher
Boatmates Super Suction Trash Stasher

Even if your boat comes with an integrated trash can, it will quickly load up while you're on the water. Especially if you’re hosting a big group, you need to add extra trash stashers; otherwise, you will run out of space.

Boatmates garbage bag with suction cups is a practical and cost-effective choice, and it has a hinged lid to keep pests and trash out and suction cups on any hard surface. Avoid having extra litter in your boat, and get a trash bag.

5. Fish Finder- Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder

Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder
Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder

A fish finder is a great addition to your boat if you like to fish. The device is essential for finding particular aquatic animals underwater, examining the depth and structure of the water, the spots where the fish are hiding, the speed, and the depth temperature.

The Lowrance fish finder has auto-tuning sonar and phone-like controls, which allow you to spend more time fishing and less time messing with settings. It also has a GPS plotter that helps you navigate and follow trails.

6. A Battery Charger- Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers

Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers
Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers

Whether you regularly use your boat or simply sail for a few hours or days at a time, a smart battery charger will save your life.

Utilizing this cutting-edge Minn Kota battery charger is a comprehensive and reliable choice. In addition to extending the life of your battery, so you don't have to worry about replacing it too soon, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your boat will always have the right charger.

7. Dry Bags- MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry Bag that Floats

MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry Bag that Floats
MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry Bag that Floats

You require a safe place to keep items like smartphones dry when you are in an environment where every individual and everything is wet. Dry bags may be the most vital equipment for any boating or sailing adventure because they shield your possessions from seawater and keep them dry, which can stop corrosion and rust.

MARCHWAY dry bag features a strong roll-top closing feature that ensures a reliable watertight seal. The bag keeps your equipment dry and shields your valuables from mud, sand, snow, and water.

The dry bag is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 40 Liter. It can also float on water, making it easy to locate your equipment—ideal for boating, sailing, canoeing, surfing, kayaking, and other water sports.

8. Bluetooth Speaker- Alpatronix Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Alpatronix Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
Alpatronix Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

The stereos and speakers incorporated into many boats vary in quality, and none can be carried out of the boat. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a necessary boat gear, and there are many aspects to consider before investing in a Bluetooth speaker.

The Alpatronix speaker’s sleek and user-friendly design offers a booming, loud, and clear sound for every situation. The speaker has a USB port with an 8000mAh power bank to charge your devices while simultaneously playing music.

By inserting a micro SD card, you can also play music directly from the TF card slot. Another key feature of this speaker is the TWS function (true wireless stereo) which allows you to connect two AX500 speakers to create a right and left channel for a total of 120 watts of powerful sound.

9. Plastic Cups- REALWAY 17-Ounce Shatterproof Plastic Water Tumbler

REALWAY 17-Ounce Shatterproof Plastic Water Tumbler
REALWAY 17-Ounce Shatterproof Plastic Water Tumbler

Traditional glasses can break and injure exposed feet and hands on a boat, making it dangerous. If plastics spoil the boat's aesthetic, get plastic cups that look like glass.

REALWAY Plastic Tumblers come in a set of 6, contain no BPA, and have smooth edges. These exquisitely crafted tumblers provide a classy, vintage touch to any table setting while having the look and feel of glass.

10. Beach Towel- Little Unicorn – Tropical Leaf Indoor/Outdoor Blanket

Little Unicorn – Tropical Leaf Indoor/Outdoor Blanket
Little Unicorn – Tropical Leaf Indoor/Outdoor Blanket

One of the best boat accessories on board is usually a beach towel, and a large beach towel is an added advantage. When the sun sets and everyone is wet, exhausted, and beginning to become cold, they can also be used as temporary blankets.

Little Unicorn outdoor/indoor blankets are not only attractive but also light and portable. Once folded, the blanket's small size makes it simple to store in the trunk of your car as you head home, making it ready for any last-minute expedition.

The outdoor blanket's interior is soft and softly padded for increased comfort while seated on unlevel ground. The towels contain high-quality fasteners, a color-coordinated reverse side cloth, and meticulous stitching throughout, and it is both durable and pleasant.

11. First Aid Kit- First Aid Kit Medical Waterproof Marine 600

First Aid Kit Medical Waterproof Marine 600
First Aid Kit Medical Waterproof Marine 600

Having a first aid kit in your boat is imperative because it can assist stop an injury from worsening and possibly avoid needing trips to the hospital or walk-in clinic. The kit is especially important if blood loss results from the injury.

A waterproof first aid kit is even better because it will help prevent your medical supplies from being exposed to the weather and becoming contaminated. Add a medical kit to your boat safety gear to be ready with the first aid materials required in a water-resistant dry box that can withstand the elements.

The Marine 600 includes a comprehensive manual that helps you train for maritime first aid crises. The kit is useful in any weather and at any depth, and it also features a waterproof, impact-resistant case with a pressure release valve to account for pressure variations.

12. Solar Oven- GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven

GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven
GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven

You can create additional memories by enjoying cooking with your loved ones on a yacht. But, while you’re at it, ensure you’re still safe and not at risk of causing any fire. That is exactly why you need a solar oven.

A solar oven cooks more slowly and at lower temperatures, removing the danger of fire from any stove or grill. The ovens also come in handy because the lungs and eyes are irritated and hurt by the smoke from cooking fires. Cooking with solar keeps you safe from first and keeps your health in check.

The GOSUN solar oven allows you to prepare a meal in full sunlight at a maximum temperature of 550 °F in just 20 minutes. If the sun goes down, you can keep cooking by switching to an electric source, ideally a solar battery.

There are no hazardous flames because the oven weighs only approximately 16 pounds and uses only 150 watts of power, and it's a limitless supply of free energy. Solar cooking is even tastier because there is less air movement within a solar oven, and the food stays moist and tender and cooks evenly.

13. Waterproof Camera- Panasonic Lumix TS20

Panasonic Lumix TS20
Panasonic Lumix TS20

Capturing moments for memories to look back on is very important. But, using your phone can be risky, so you need a waterproof camera. A waterproof camera has the advantage of being water-resistant; in any weather, these cameras are stronger and more dependable.

The Panasonic Lumix TS20's ability to withstand shock and water makes it special. The Panasonic camera is made to endure longer than typical cameras because it is constructed from high-quality components. The Panasonic Lumix offers high-quality images you may share with your loved ones.

What to Consider Before Buying Boat Accessories

Before investing in any boating accessory, having a checklist is important to avoid buying irrelevant things. Here are a few things to consider before spending your money:


The most important factor to consider while buying accessories for your boat is how you will use it. Naturally, having the required items is quite important. But it's also important to have some extra entertaining equipment on board, especially if the boat you're buying is fun and you plan to invite friends and family for a good time.

However, you must exercise extreme caution to avoid purchasing items simply because of the hoopla surrounding them when you have no actual use for them. Consequently, you will fill your boat with excessive items that are unnecessary.


While you’re out to have fun, ensure you have everything that will make your life easier. It's never simple to move around a boat when you're on the water, and small things can improve the experience.

If you use shatterproof glass, for example, you'll spend less time worrying about breaking glasses and risking the danger of being poked.


Since most goods are not necessities, you do not need to spend a fortune. Pick boating enhancements that you can afford to buy. You can also buy items that you can use in two ways. For example, buy beach blankets that double up as towels or a Bluetooth speaker that can charge your phone. This way, you can avoid buying two accessories and still get value for your money.


Whatever equipment you purchase for your boat should be durable. Accessories must survive the weather, whether in freshwater or saltwater. Equipment that resists corrosion may be made of aluminum, stainless steel, or reinforced plastic.

Part of getting value for your money is ensuring that everything you buy serves you a long time. Don’t settle on mediocre accessories that get worn out easily; you will also need these accessories for your next trip.


Boat safety is the most important consideration when out on the water. Everyone wants to have fun, but it's important to be prepared when things don't go as planned. Look for equipment that will protect you and your team from the elements. Buy accessories that don’t cause unforeseen problems, such as a solar oven.


Although not all boats are created equal, adding the right accessories may make every boat more comfortable. Look for boat equipment that is easy to install and improves your experience. For example, on an aluminum jon boat, a comfortable seat can make all the difference in the world. Grills or speakers on larger center consoles can be fun extras.


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