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Key Takeaways

  • Personal preference plays a crucial role in deciding your boat's color
  • There is always the option of customizing your boat color if you prefer that
  • Modern boats come in numerous colors, but black and white remain the most preferred combo
  • Lighter colors are best used for boats because they reflect heat and light best hence making the boat comfortable
  • Consider future resale needs when settling on a boat color choice.

Not many people realize how vital boat colors are. The best boat color combinations should always be prioritized.

The best boat color combinations are black and white, blue and black, yellow and red, flag paint color combo, and rainbow boat. The ideal boat color combination may depend on your preference, maintenance, quality, and confidence.

We have researched different boat color combinations through boat owners and experts to compile this guide. Also, we have included the factors that affect your choice and tips for combining boat colors.

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The Best Boat Color Combinations

Several color combos are great for boats. They appear practical and have an aesthetic appeal that most boat owners love. Below are some of the best color combos you should consider for your boat.

1. Black and White

This is probably the most common boat color combo and one of the most used colors, especially for classic or traditional colors. Black and white are great for both interiors and exteriors. The two colors can withstand weather conditions and are less likely to clash.

Use the white on parts that you want to reflect light and make the boat conspicuous when in the water. Black is also quite conspicuous. Smarty using these two colors is the best way to have a beautiful yet functionally colored boat.

2. Blue and White

If you are not keen on black and white but want a color combo that works well with harsh weather conditions, then blue and white are a great choice. Regardless of how hot the seas will be, white will always reflect the heat and light away from the boat, ensuring that it is cool and comfortable.

White also helps keep the boat shiny and beautiful. When white hits the water, it remains shiny and fade-resistant. Blue is also great since it helps protect the boat against weather conditions. The combination ensures that the boat is protected against water and sunlight, which are the main causes of rust.

3. Rainbow Boat

The rainbow boat is colorful, just like the rainbow. You can play around with colors that you love. The rainbow color combo is more on the customized boat type since no specific colors work. You decide on a color scheme that best represents your desires and personality.

Nothing brings out art creativity better than when you settle for the rainbow color combo style. Some companies may have a sample of rainbow color designs you can choose from. However, many will also allow your input and support your creative ideas.

4. Flag Paint Color Combo

What better way to prove and continue showing your patriotism to your country than to have your boat in the flag's colors? As you may have guessed, this is not the type of color that is common or easy to get. It has to be in the customized section, and you may have to order it specially or do it yourself.

If you are the kind of patriot that wants to show your allegiance to your country beyond just having a small flag inside the boat, you can choose to have the entire boat painted. Unlike the rainbow design or color combo, the flag-inspired color combo resembles or apes the flag colors as they are.

Choosing a different design or pattern can get even more creative with these color combos. You do not have to paint it exactly like the flag. However, the color choices should be easy to figure out despite the different designs.

5. Yellow and Red

You will be surprised at how much creative freedom one gets when they have a boat. If you dislike a straight color or are in love with one specific color, you should try going for bolder colors. Try a combo of yellow and red for a beautiful color.

This is one of the most amazing colors to inspire you to try bolder colors on your boat. What's more, when done with quality paint, they last longer and will serve you for long before you even consider any repainting work done.

Ultimately, the right paint color combinations are based on personal preferences. You may want to consider your favorite colors and designs that work well with your chosen colors. If unsure, or probably are looking to resale the boat in the future, try to stick to color combos that are more on the classic end.

White and black, or white and blue combos, are certainly some classic and stylish choices that never go out of style and are always a perfect consideration. The goal is to be open to trying and exploring different colors.

Factors that May Influence your Boat Color Choices

Not everyone will wear traditional white or black colors for their boat. Besides personal preferences and creativity, other factors may influence color choice. These include the following.

Personal Preference

This must be the first determinant of the boat you finally settle for. The design, color, shape, and size of the boat have to be guided by what you will prefer to own. But, of course, you may already know what you desire and are out to check out actual boats on the market.

After all, a boat, like your car, is an extension of your personality. You want to select the boat that best represents you and your feelings/ideas. This only means that choosing your favorite colors is part of the process.

Social Influences

There is a lot of influence around you that you may not even realize when they begin to influence you. For example, fashion influences can also affect the choice of colors you eventually settle for. This also happens when picking your boats and determining the color.

You may find yourself being drawn to trending colors in your purchase decision. Each season or year has a powerful theme going on in every sector. So it is not surprising that most people purchase boats and go for sp[ecifci colors at specific times.

While there is nothing wrong with going with the flow, you want to be careful not to choose just any color. After all, experts will tell you that not all trending colors are boat-worthy. So make sure to investigate further, at least if you want the boat to serve you for a long time.

White and Light (Reflection)

While the different variations of colors, with lighter sheds being chosen, are common in today's world, the brilliant white hue remains the classic color choice for most boats. Additionally, you may want to remember that white is always forgiving; even as the boat ages, many marks and issues won't be easily noticeable.

White shows fewer scuffs. Additionally, white is also easily noticeable and more visible in the waters. Even more important is the fact that white does not hide design defects.

Naval architects and boat builders attest that a white boat that looks good is structurally and design-perfect. However, sometimes colors are used to camouflage design defects and make issues with the boat less conspicuous, especially to buyers without professional experience or a keen eye for details.

On reflection, you must go for boats that give you a cool experience. Brighter and lighter colors will give you just that because they reflect more light and heat, so you never have to worry about too much heat.

Maintenance Consideration

When selecting the right boat color, you also want to consider the maintenance level required. For example, you may discover that blues and blacks require you to invest in waxing and wiping to maintain their look and prevent dullness. However, this does not mean that lighter-colored boats require less maintenance.

If you buy a boat, you should be prepared to show it some love and invest in adequate maintenance. Fortunately, improved technology today makes it possible to pick boats in different color finishes. So you can find it in gloss, metallic, and luster finishes, to mention a few.

Improved marine paints are tougher and much better in terms of quality. This means that regardless of the different colors, you can rest assured that most of these are easy maintenance.

Timelessness and Chicness

Sometimes certain manufacturers are known for the bold colors they choose for the boats they create. While some are also known for preferring traditional color options, others are open to exploring and trying different colors for their potential customers. Some companies are known for specific colors as part of their trademark.

As you choose your boats, have this in mind just in case you already know which colors you are willing and ready to opt for.

Certain signature colors are associated with specific brands you should check out if that is what you gravitate towards.


You also want to choose boat colors that inspire confidence while out in the water. A good example would be the military ships which are not easy to identify at a distance as they stay hidden in the waters until they come close and you realize how intimidating they are. Superyachts also tend to use specific colors to identify themselves.

Note that the color of the boat is a statement of its own. If you want to be known in the waters and command respect, choose a boat whose color inspires the same. You can build a reputation for yourself by going for customized colors. This makes your boat unique and not one to miss.


One other influence when getting a boat is the quality of color. It is one thing to consider the quality of design and boat in general, but color quality also plays an important role. As mentioned earlier, some colors show the real quality of the boat without hiding design defects.

Make sure that the boat you settle for has good paint quality. After all, boats are not cheap, and one has to exercise caution when purchasing one to avoid wasting their resources.

Go for boats that manufacturers have prioritized using the highest quality of paint. If customizing the color, hire skilled or highly experienced professionals instead of doing it yourself. However, it is best to get it done by the manufacturers to avoid any potential compromises in quality.

Tips for Combining Boat Colors

We all agree that the boat's color is one of the most important things you should consider. While personal preference is a significant driver when deciding, many other factors come into play. Usually, most people decide between having a one-tone exterior color or a two-tone color combination.

Whatever one goes for must appeal to them before anyone else. Below are some of the most crucial factors that anyone seeking to buy a boat should consider regarding color.

Dark Colors Will Not Hide Any Cosmetic Damage

If you are concerned about scratches showing or other types of minor damage on the exterior of your boat, then you should stay away from darker-colored boats. The whites and lighter-colored boats hide the scratches and damages better than the darks.

However, since such damage is inevitable when cruising, it is best to avoid going for dark colors.

Is It Easy To Resale?

Unless you buy your boat intending to be the owner for life, you may want to factor in a color that is great for other users after you. Unfortunately, not all colors are easy to resale when the time comes. Just because you love the green or pink does not necessarily make it perfect for resale once you decide to put the boat on the market.

If you must pick a color combo, go for the common patterns and essential color mixes. For example, white bases combined with greens, blues, grays, and tans are often easy to resale. Light gray bottoms may also work instead of white.

The goal is to buy a boat with the end goal in mind. You can only gamble and choose a color that is extremely different and uncommon if you either have the money to have the boat repainted when the time comes to resale or if you intend to own the boat for a long time and never resale it.

Choose Interior Colors Smartly

Most boats' interiors are either gray or tan. Not many boat interiors are dark, as this is a recipe for disaster. Dark interiors will only make the boat hotter than it should, and it may be tough to maintain and keep clean.

Consider Webbing The Interiors

This means using different colors for the interior of the boat. The idea is to make the paintwork come together. For instance, black and white are used to make the interior pop.

Choose Preferred Colors For Boxes And Braces

You can also choose colors that are perfect for your braces and boxes, with a higher preference for lighter colors. Remember that you do not want the interior to overheat or the two to oxidize due to the sun.

Customize It

This is as simple as it sounds. Boats can be as pretty as you want them to be if you know what you want.

However, your imagination may hold you back regarding colors and paintwork. Play around with ideas and include logos if you want, but in the end, make sure that the colors are what you desire.