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Are you an avid boat lover seeking the best boat companies? Do you want to purchase a new boat to add to your collection?

Boats have been part of people’s lives for centuries and continue to be quite beneficial. These vessels play an instrumental role in both recreational and commercial uses. There are different types of boats that you can get from manufacturers that include deck boats, pontoons, bowriders, luxury yachts, and sports boats. But who makes the best boats in the market?

The top boat manufacturers are Chaparral, Bertram, Chris-Craft, and Boston Whaler. You should choose these brands when seeking the best boat companies. These companies manufacture quality boats using the best materials that last a long time.

A good boat is vital since it can open up a new boating world. Some manufacturers like Yamaha make boats that suit beginners yet to master driving speed boats. Once you buy your boat, you can head to the waters and have a blast.

With so many different boat-making companies available, it’s common to have difficulty picking out the best. Always consider the hull design and type of materials a boat manufacturer uses. Also, messaging boards by boat enthusiasts can be a good place to start for beginners.

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Best Boat Companies

Folks who love boats know the importance of a good brand. The best boat companies are top brands that dominate the market by providing a quality boating experience. Their boats are designed for quality and durability.

Below are the top boat companies to consider when choosing a boat.

1. Chaparral

Kicking off the list of best boat companies is Chaparral. Chaparral boats are quite popular and have been around for more than five decades. Not only is Chaparral a leader when it comes to fiberglass boats, but it also has several awards for this under its belt.

The good news is Chaparral has a reputation for making quality high-end boats using fiberglass. These boats are loved in the boating community for being fuel-efficient. Plus, you get to sit back and enjoy a smooth ride when out and about.

It’s easy to maneuver Chaparral boats since the design features an extended running surface. This makes sharp turns easy to make. During those sharp turns, you can stay dry since the boats have a deep cockpit that offers ample protection.

2. Bertram

Another excellent choice when considering boat makers is Bertram. Since its start in 1961, the company has grown and has a reputation for making sturdy and top-quality boats. The founder, Dick Bertram, was well-known for his focus on making quality boats.

Dick Bertram came up with the deep V hull design that has revolutionized boating. He also had numerous professional employees who understood the mission of the company. The main focus was to produce quality boats that rough and rugged fishermen enjoy taking to the waters.

In 1998, the Ferretti Group acquired Bertram and continued to make boats using the brand name. The company maintains its shipyard in Tampa and continues to manufacture quality boats.

3. Chris-Craft

One of the oldest boat builders in America’s history is Chris-Craft. The company was founded in 1881 and continues to make classic models that the boating community enjoys. This is a premium luxury brand that makes amazing top-quality boats.

Chris Craft focuses on making pleasure boats that are simple to operate. The straightforward design of these boats doubles up with the beautiful design. It’s easy to see why Chris-Craft ranks as one of the top boat makers in the country.

The manufacturer uses fiberglass to make the boats and also incorporates wood on the decking. These boats are durable and have stainless steel that protects the fiberglass from cracking. Overall, the boats are top-quality, and Chris-Craft has 16 models available.

4. Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler is the answer if you’re seeking an affordable boat that’s also good quality and value for your money. These boats have excellent off-shore performance topped up with superior craftsmanship. It’s hard to find a better boat, especially regarding safety matters.

These boats have a reputation for being durable and unsinkable. The hardcore watercraft are excellent for fishing and entertainment. It’s all about comfort, considering the top-quality paneling in some boats that resembles what you see in a yacht.

Each boat has a spacious cockpit that can also include a retractable sunshade. These boats' details scream luxury; some even have camera mounting spots on the cockpit roof. It’s hard to go wrong when owning a Boston Whaler boat.

5. Grady White

Are Grady White boats good? Yes, Grady White boats are excellent, especially considering the company’s attention to detail. Owners enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride even when passing through choppy waters.

Grady White has been around for centuries, opening its doors in 1559. From then on, the company became a leader in manufacturing top-quality fishing boats. Eddie Smith bought Grady White in 1968 and has since continued to dominate the market.

This boat maker focuses on vessels ranging from 18 feet to 45 feet that can serve multiple purposes. Such versatility is what attracts many to continue purchasing Grady White boats. The manufacturer uses high-grade materials, including fiberglass and stainless steel, to make these exceptional vessels.

6. Sea Ray

Sea Ray ranks among the best boat companies and has been around for over 50 years. The company holds a huge market share as a maker of recreational boats globally. Still, the boats remain affordable for many in the boating community.

As a boatmaker, the company focuses on deck boats, sports boats, and bowriders. These boats vary in size ranging from 18 feet to 56 feet. Sea Ray was the brainchild of Cornelius Nathaniel Ray, who founded Ray Industries in 1959. The company was the first boating industry to use fiberglass in top-quality boats.

The mid-tier boats are sturdy as the manufacturer puts more effort into the construction process. This means the boats are good in terms of longevity, as long as owners take good care of the boats.

7. Yamaha

Many in the boating industry consider Yamaha a good starter boat for folks with little experience. As a newcomer to boats and water, you need a reliable vessel that’s sturdy and top-quality. This is what Yamaha delivers to its customers at an affordable price.

Yamaha boats have a reputation for being easy to navigate. This is especially true if you train to ride on shallow waters. Many boats find shallower waters challenging, but Yamaha seems to keep moving. This is thanks to the internal propulsion system unique to Yamaha boats.

As a first-timer, one challenge can be how to handle a boat. Fortunately, Yamaha boats have an Advanced Responsive Handling Package that gives you total control. Driving this speedboat becomes much easier as you have complete control.

8. Mastercraft

Mastercraft has a reputation for making high-quality, luxurious boats that can be used in various sports. These include water skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

The story goes that Rob Shirley modified a boat’s hull design in 1968 and premiered it in the US Nationals held in Ohio. He was a skiing instructor and had a waterskiing school in Florida. But, after the success of the modified boat, he founded Mastercraft.

Since then, the company has continued to manufacture quality boats perfect for a wide array of watersports. There’s a focus on incorporating customer feedback and the latest technology to manufacture better luxury boats.

Besides boats, Mastercraft manufacturers support accessories that make boating a better experience. There is also apparel that suits spending long hours on the water.

9. Starcraft

Some boat-making companies have been around for more than a century. A good example is Starcraft, famous for making quality deck boats. The company’s focus continues to be attention to detail and unique design that meet customer expectations.

A good thing about Starcraft boats is they can hold their own in rough waters. The boats are durable and can last decades with quality care and service. The Power-Trac hill design is what makes Starcraft vessels superior, especially when riding waves.

The boat maker uses fiberglass and aluminum to make its boats. These high-quality materials make the boats tough. There are numerous boats made by Starcraft that can suit varying lifestyles. You can choose a pontoon, deck, utility, and fishing boats.

10. Vikings Yacht

When considering the best boat companies, Viking Yacht is a contender. This manufacturer continues to thrive in the boating industry thanks to an innovative hull design. Viking Yacht has continued to dominate ever since the introduction of resin infusion technology.

Sports fishing boats are the bread and butter of Viking Yachts. There’s a clear commitment to creating a sturdy and strong boat incorporating the latest technology and quality engineering. These boats even come with a fiberglass fuel tank that offers a unique quality.

The boat company has two ship-making facilities in New Jersey and can produce 100 vessels a year. The state-of-the-art facilities incorporate modern construction methods to make efficient boats. There’s no doubt that this family-owned business is an industry leader.

11. Bayliner

Since 1957, Bayliner has featured among the best boat companies. The initial boats were made of plywood, but fiberglass is the primary material for boats made in the 21st century. This boat manufacturer dominates the industry when it comes to recreational boat production.

Folks continue to purchase Bayliner boats since the manufacturer works on resolving problems in different models. The hull design still features quality plywood material, then covered with quality fiberglass to guarantee longevity.

Bayliner makes affordable boats that can last long with good care and service. The manufacturer makes 8 deck boat models, six console models, and eight bowrider models.

12. Wellcraft

Anglers find Wellcraft boats the best for angling and similar water activities. The boat company has a reputation for quality and top design that support serious fishing. However, you can still use Wellcraft boats when you have a hobby fishing with the family.

Each model made by Wellcraft is hand-crafted to meet customer expectations regarding efficiency. The company makes four boats: Scarab, Coastal, Fisherman, and Sportsman. Performance and sturdy construction remain Wellcraft’s top focus on each.

The boats have ample room to carry all you need when angling. There are also simple comforts to enjoy with friends and families. Safety and quality are two areas the Wellcraft continues to perfect with each boat model it makes.

13. Lund

Are you looking for a luxury boat whose features meet the high price tag you must pay? Lund boats have a reputation for being expensive, but you do get value for your money. The boat company uses high-quality materials, including aluminum and fiberglass, to make the best finished products.

G. Howard Lund created the first aluminum prototype in 1948 and founded Lund. Since then, the company has continued to thrive in making top-quality fishing boats. This premium aluminum brand focuses on safety to get you back home after a day of fishing.

Lund boats dominate when it comes to performance. The boats offer stable rides, even when you hit high speeds. Thanks to their top handling capabilities, Lund boats continue to get lots of praise. These boats last long because of their superior construction.

14. Tracker

Affordability is one of the top reasons why Tracker is considered one of the best boat companies. While the boats are affordable, the manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality. Tracker produces aluminum boats and has been doing so for close to 5 decades.

Aluminum boats like those made by Tracker are reliable and sturdy. This is why these boats have longevity, especially with proper care. The boats perform even in rough conditions and can survive severe impacts on various objects.

Tracker continues to use manufacturing practices that keep costs down. This is why you can find affordable boats from this popular manufacturer. A good example is an impact-resistant hull on Tracker boats. This happens because of the welded longitudinal stringer system that’s built into the hull.

15. Lowe

Lowe boats are excellent for fishing. The company is well-established in the industry. It’s known for making top-quality aluminum boats and has a reputation for honoring warranties. These boats are also good value for money.

When seeking an entry-aluminum boat, consider Lowe. The simple boat design is one of the reasons many beginners prefer purchasing the boats. Few things can go wrong with a simple design, and fixing it won’t cost much money either.

Lowe makes boats using quality aluminum that gives them a longer lifespan. The manufacturer uses aluminum Alloy 5052. This is alloyed majorly from Chromium and Magnesium, which are strong and have corrosion resistance.

16. Ranger

Are you looking for quality bass boats that have modern features? Ranger boats continue to be the best bass boat manufacturers of all time. This premium boat builder makes mid-tier vessels that have top-quality design and construction.

Many people love Ranger boats since these are quite reliable for fishing. The boat’s layout and performance are reliable thanks to its sturdy design and construction. Ranger incorporates quality composites and materials when making each boat.

Did you know that Ranger was the first boat company to inject foam into the hull? This has become such a great safety measure. In an accident, the hull can float and become a floatation device.

17. Hallberg Rassy

Hallberg Rassy continues to thrive and feature on the best boat companies in the world. It’s all about the design and sturdy construction of the yachts the company has been making since 1972. There’s no compromise to standards and quality since the manufacturer only uses the best materials.

While other manufacturers have boats ready-made for customers to buy, Hallberg Rassy is different. Each boat is made to order, so you will never come across two boats alike. Only the hulls of Hallberg Rassy boats come as standard. Everything else is semi-custom to each boat.