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Taking some time off to tour amazing destinations is important. But, what boat excursions can you enjoy in Maui?

Hawaii is a fascinating place to visit since there are excellent destinations like Maui. It’s an island that has fun written all over it. Most of the activities you engage in involve boat excursions, and it’s essential to note the best.

The best boat excursions in Maui are the Four Winds Molokini Snorkeling Tour, Sunset Dinner Cruise Aboard Calypso, and Clear Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure from Kihei. The boat excursions are a chance to glimpse Maui's amazing waters through snorkeling.

While there are many fun parts of Hawaii to see, ensure you head over to Maui. Here is where all the fantastic boat excursions start. You get a chance to see what underwater life is like through snorkeling and also see an amazing dormant volcano that’s now home to thousands of tropical fish.

The best boat excursions Maui in this guide will help you find activities to do while you stay in Maui. There are fun boat adventures from morning to afternoon and evening as the sunsets. You can enjoy some as a family, on your own or with a special person.

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Best Boat Excursions Maui

Four Winds Molokini Snorkeling Tour

Plan a day trip with the Four Winds Molokini Snorkeling Tour for the best adventure of your life. The relaxing trip suits friends and families looking to spend time exploring Maui. The plan is to head to a submerged volcanic crater onboard a catamaran.

The goal is to see all the beauty and wonders of the submerged volcanic crater. Today, it’s no longer fizzling with lava but rather home to many sea creatures. Get to see the diverse tropical fish that have made this place their home.

On top of that, it’s a chance to glimpse different varieties of coral in numerous stunning colors. The day trip will include exploring the wonderful crater ecosystem by doing some snorkeling. The boat also has an exceptional-looking glass to watch the underwater from a comfortable place.

It’s best to plan and spare 5 hours for the trip. Guests get to enjoy breakfast and lunch onboard the catamaran. The 55 ft boat lets you swim with thousands of fish for a memorable area tour. There’s an instructional guide to ensure your trip is as informative, safe, and relaxing as expected.

Sunset Dinner Cruise Aboard the Calypso

Imagine enjoying a Sunset Dinner Cruise Aboard the Calypso, where you get to be part of the best experiences in Hawaii. The cruise is a chance to watch the marvelous Hawaiian sunset after a day of tanning and adventure as an individual, with friends or family.

The Calypso is a luxury ship that cruises the Na Pali Coast with the most epic views. As far as boat excursions go, this is one to remember, given the amazing view of the setting sun. Onboard the ship, you can sit and enjoy your glass of wine or get up to dance when the live music starts.

The ship has everything you’d need for a relaxing evening, including full bar service. The cruise along the Na Pali Coast lasts 2 hours, during which you can enjoy dinner. There are many dinner options and a chance to savor the local Hawaiian music.

Once you book the dinner cruise, pick up is at 101 Maalaea Road. From there. The crew will see to your needs which include 2 free alcoholic drinks as you take off. The big boat won’t rock in choppy water and makes having dinner onboard a great experience.

Clear Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure from Kihei

Imagine spending 3 hours on a fantastic Clear Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure from Kihei. The excursion gives you a chance to view the ocean from a different perspective. Those who love to explore this beautiful world from the water can take part in snorkeling.

However, if you’d rather remain dry, the clear kayak helps you take in the breathtaking views underneath. Since the waters are clear, you can sit and enjoy the marine life from the clear kayak. The goal is to reach Makena Landing Park in Wailea.

It’s a place to experience exceptional variety in marine life in Maui. There are tropical fish, colorful corals of all sizes, and big sea turtles.

The trip includes a clear kayak and safety equipment, some snacks, and a snorkeling mask. The snacks have options that are vegan and Gluten-free.

Guides are there from the moment you book the trip to offer instructions and assistance during the tour. Booking the trip is simple, and you get to learn about where the trip starts and ends. It’s family-friendly, so even the little ones can enjoy this epic adventure.

Champagne Sunset Sail from Lahaina Harbor

How about spending time on a Champagne Sunset Sail from Lahaina Harbor. For two hours, experience this romantic cruise while taking in the breathtaking sunset. The experience starts when you board a retired racing yacht.

The Sunset Mist takes off from Lahaina Harbor and sails straight into the majestic Pacific Ocean. Once there, you can start enjoying your choice of drink and having a fabulous time. There’s a choice of soft drinks, beer, champagne, and wine.

One of the best things to note is this is a limited sailing experience. There are only 22 people per group, so there’s no need to worry about overcrowding when you book. This sail lets you enjoy the evening before returning to Lahaina town for dinner and a night out.

The retired yacht is majestic with a full mainsail and a billowing jib. Get a chance to allow the Pacific Ocean winds to take you on an epic adventure. In terms of safety, it’s worth noting that the captain and crew have all the experience to make this a safe adventure.

The sail is a chance to experience a little bit of luxury sailing, taking in beautiful sceneries and stunning colorful skies. There’s even a possibility of doing some evening whale watching.

Ali’I VIP Whale Tour

Huge Humpback whales await you when you book the Ali’I VIP Whale Tour in Maui. It’s also a chance to watch other fantastic marine life native to Hawaii. The VIP whale watching tour takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The adventure starts on a comfortable boat with a knowledgeable crew. It’s a trip for only 12 people at a time to give a more personalized experience. On the excursion, you can sit back and listen to live whale songs through an audio system on the boat.

Every guest who books this trip gets bottled water and can bring along the kids to enjoy this adventure. It’s perfect for those who’d rather not be in a big group while whale watching. The crew takes time to point out different marine life during the tour, including whales.

Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Tour

Save about 6 hours to enjoy the Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Tour. The tour is a chance to enjoy a boat tour without dealing with major crowds. It’s a better option when seeking a more personalized experience.

The tour takes you on snorkeling adventures in the beautiful waters of Lahaina. Along the way, the boat makes numerous snorkel stops so that you can take a dip and take in the majestic sites. Exploring the underwater is made more special by having a guide to keep you company and explain marine life.

There are tropical fish to see, corals, and even sea cliffs. The excursion is also a chance to interact with the resident pod of dolphins. Once you book, you get some snorkeling gear when you board the boat and later have some lunch in the company of other guests.

Departure for this 6-hour tour is from Lahaina Harbor, and this takes you on a tour of the Island of Lana’i. On top of lunch, there are drinks like juice, water, and soft drinks to enjoy on this tour. Make your lunch selection when booking the tour for a smoother experience.

Maui Water Bike Tour

Boat tours in Maui don’t have to be all about spending countless hours sitting in a vessel. At times you can enjoy some physical activities on the water, like the Maui Water Bike Tour. Once you book the tour, departure is from the lovely Makena Beach.

The tour is for small groups, and the excursion involves adventures such as water biking. You’ll get to enjoy an epic adventure along the black beaches of Maui. The group excursion has some experienced crew whose job is to offer any assistance as you pedal on the water.

Be sure to set aside about 2 hours for the complete experience on this boat tour. Water biking lets you enjoy epic marine wildlife and even underwater reefs. There’s lots of time to take stunning images and videos to preserve the memories during the tour.

As a small excursion, there are only 10 people per tour group for the best experience. Water safety gear is available, and some jet cruises are available for thrill-seekers. The instructors provided all the instructions needed to make the bike tour a success.

Maui Snorkeling to Molokini Tour

Bright in the morning, you can take part in the epic Maui Snorkeling to Molokini Tour. The goal of this tour is to take in breathtaking views while also relaxing. All this is on a brand new 53-foot Lani Kai 2 with a 20-foot water slide on its side.

The fantastic vessel can accommodate 49 guests per trip comfortably. It’s the right size to sail out to sea and still have a wonderful time even when the waters are choppy. Onboard is an expert crew with ample experience to make the tour magical.

Taking part in the tour gives you a chance to experience the best of Maui snorkeling adventures. It takes 5 hours to complete the epic trip that starts at 7 am. There are 2 stops for snorkeling and one for SNUBA. Here you can tour the famous Molokini Crater and a stop at Turtle Town.

The chances of seeing some whales during this tour are high since you spend lots of time in Hawaiian waters. Bring the camera along and snap some amazing images of whales, turtles, and many more marine life in these locations. Breakfast, lunch, and tea/coffee are all available during the tour.

Maui Atlantis Submarine Tour

Have you ever wanted to explore the underwater world on a submarine? Well, you can do so when you book the Maui Atlantis Submarine Tour. For 2 hours, catch a glimpse of the fantastic seafloor onboard this state-of-the-art submarine.

The tour is a chance to see sea life without getting wet even for a minute. The submarine tour is the best way to see lots of coral and tropical fish living deep in the ocean. It’s a much better experience if you want to see more of the sea, which isn’t possible on a clear kayak.

The tour is also excellent for adventurers who aren’t big fans of snorkeling or diving. It’s a family affair as the submarine permits even children onboard for the best experience. They offer an awesome live narration that explains the different marine life and sightings along the way.

You can pick between a morning or an afternoon tour when booking, depending on your schedule. On tour, you’ll come across an old whaling ship scuttled off at Lahaina. Today, it’s home to many corals and hundreds of tropical sheep. You might come across some whales from December to May making their way out of the area.

Honolua Bay Snorkel Sail from Lahaina

The ‘Ocean Spirit’ is the boat you board when you want to participate in the Honolua Bay Snorkel Sail from Lahaina. The trip is a chance to spend 5 hours diving the waves in the area to glimpse the colorful tropical fish and even great some graceful giant turtles.

The adventure leads to Honolua Bay, where you can experience snorkeling with certified marine naturalists. You can head to the second site for additional underwater dives. Since this trip takes so long, the tour includes breakfast, lunch, and refreshments.

It’s possible to come across a pod of dolphins along this tour that tops up the adventure. After booking, the boat will be waiting at Lahaina Harbor with the marine naturalist and all snorkeling gear. The additional crew on board are professionals and ensures your experience is the best.

Bring along the whole family and friends who love spending hours in the water. The food is plentiful, and there’s a chance to meet other amazing people as you dive into the water and climb back into the boat. The barbecue lunch setting is excellent, and there’s lots of excellent entertainment.

The Redline Raft Trip to Molokini Crater and South Maui Coast

Spend time on the spectacular south Maui coast and visit the beautiful Molokini crater. All the adventure is brought to you by The Redline Raft Trip where you can enjoy hours of snorkeling. The tour includes a guide with immense knowledge of the area and the best snorkeling spots.

You get a chance to view the popular Molokini Crater, home to thousands of tropical fish. The visibility in this crater goes as deep as 180 feet. The Red Raft takes you from the pickup station to these spots where the extinct volcano is located.

Breakfast and lunch are part of the tour package, plus the snorkeling gear you need for underwater adventures. It’s also a chance to swim with the renowned Hawaiian Green Turtles in their natural habitat.

The good news is that it’s a limited tour, so you don’t have to be in a crowd which takes away from the entire 5-hour experience. Staff on board are there to help you relax and have the time of your life during the amazing tour.

Original Sunset Cruise with Open Bar from Ka’anapali Beach

Bring your special person on the Original Sunset Cruise with an open bar setting sail from Ka’anapali Beach. You’ll board an original and comfortable catamaran at Ka’anapali Beach for the most amazing time. The sunset cruise is all about relaxation and taking in the breathtaking views.

For 2 hours, all guests onboard indulge in handcrafted cocktails and snacks. All these are served from the open bar while enjoying the majestic Maui sunset. If you happen to book from December to May, it’s the best time for some evening whale watching. There are also pods of dolphins that frequent these waters in the evenings.

The open bar means a chance to enjoy unlimited drinks for the duration of the cruise. It’s the best way to enjoy as mother nature puts on a show. Even her sunsets are truly postcard-worthy. There’s unlimited attention to guests by the captain and the crew.

What Other Fun Things Can One Do on a Day Trip to Maui?

Maui is a fantastic part of Hawaii that you should experience. While most of the activities in the area involve boat excursions, there are also some land things to do.

Line Maui Zipline Tour

The jungle of Haiku brings you a chance to the Line Maui Zipline Tour. Spend some time exploring inland by flying the 8-line zipline. It can be a great activity to participate in during a day trip. Start your adventure ziplining and check out the numerous waterfalls when taking the Hana Highway.

The tour takes about 2 hours and starts at 9 am. Bookings for ziplining go on until 3 pm, after which you have to wait for the next day.

Among the different sites to take in is a tree suspension bridge about 85 feet long, two swinging bridges, and several tree platforms. Ensure you have some closed shoes that suit hiking.

Lahaina ATV Adventure

Another exciting land experience is the Lahaina ATV Adventure. Get to feel the wind as you take off in an ATV and explore more of Lahaina. It’s possible to sit back and let someone else drive, or you take control and jet off.

The exhilarating adventure gives you a chance to see many scenic areas in Maui. Jump on the ATV and drive, which is part of the fan that the tour offers guests. The Polaris RZR 900 & 1000 are off-road vehicles available in this guided tour suitable for family and friends.

You spend some time learning about Maui and why it's crucial to protect its natural beauty. It’s home to many flora and fauna. It also has essential wet spots that contribute to the breathtaking natural habitat.

Doors-OFF West Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour

How about taking in the Island of Maui from the skies on the Doors-OFF West Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour. The ride lasts 45 minutes, and the fun part is that ride is on a door-off helicopter.

Enjoy the fascinating views of West Maui and Molokai and take as many pictures as you want. From the aerial viewpoint, you can appreciate the island's natural beauty and the ocean. Also, this is a chance to see parts of Maui that aren’t easy to reach on foot.

The excellent part of this tour is you get to pick a departure time that suits you. Bookings are available from morning to late afternoon. The helicopter takes off at Kahului airport for a stunning perspective of this stunning part of the world.

Maui Pineapple Tour

Did you know that Maui grows some of the most delicious pineapples globally? Find out more about this by taking part in the Maui Pineapple Tour. Here you can learn the rich history associated with pineapple farming in Hawaii.

The tour takes you to the town of Hali’imaile, where the oldest plantations still exist today. Get to know how pineapples grow by walking around the growing fields. The best part is you can enjoy some delicious ready-to-eat pineapple. And the best part is you get a free pineapple when you sign on for the tour.


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