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Purchasing a boat is a great experience because now you have a chance to enjoy the open waters. A boat should have a durable and comfortable floor.

However, boat rebuilding and maintenance come with ownership, including installing better flooring. But, when it comes to boat flooring, which is the best? Are there different types of boat flooring, or does one type fit all?

Boat flooring is diverse. The best you can get include Zeeos EVA Foam Teak Floor Decking, Cuda Boat Trailer Bunk Marine Carpet, and KT GuoMei Happy Yacht Boat Decking Sheet. These offer solutions such as anti-slip, water and UV resistance, durability, and affordability.

Even with these top 3 picks, there are numerous other boat floorings you can try. Here you will learn all about the different types of boat flooring. Also, get to know the factors to consider before purchasing new boat flooring.

The boat flooring listed here has excellent reviews and guarantees good quality. Each ensures safety and comfort for the boat owner and the people riding in it.

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10 Best Boat Flooring to Buy

1. Zeeos EVA Foam Teak Floor Decking

Zeeos EVA Foam Teak Floor Decking
Zeeos EVA Foam Teak Floor Decking

The teak-colored Zeeos EVA Floor Decking Vinyl is made using quality vinyl material with a thickness of 0.24'. It's in stripe form of teak and black, which makes for an interesting color on the deck. The floor decking has strong adhesive at the back that you can peel off when installing it.

The vinyl decking is simple to work with when needed to fit specific areas. The material cuts easily and is simple to clean. It's ideal for areas in a boat where slipping must be avoided at all costs. Also, it's ideal for outer surface protection.

The soft material is high-quality and durable while being resistant to deformation. It has high tensile elongation, and it's not easy to tear or damage with lots of activities happening on the boat. Also, it's a high-density decking material that doesn't emit any odors.

This vinyl acetate material is easy when it comes to installation. With self-adhesion, you cut back on the cost of labor since you can set it up yourself. The good quality adhesion sticks to numerous materials, including wood or aluminum, depending on the boat.

Once set up, the flooring is stain-resistant and low maintenance, needing cleaning with soap and water.

2. Cuda Boat Trailer Bunk Marine Carpet

Cuda Boat Trailer Bunk Marine Carpet
Cuda Boat Trailer Bunk Marine Carpet

The Cuda Boat Trailer Bunk Marine Carpet is a premium boat carpet with a comfortable thickness and strong backing.

The marine carpet gives the underside of your boat maximum protection from UV. It has the heaviest and most durable UV-resistant black bunk padding.

It's both an indoor and outdoor carpet for boats as it lasts a long time without wear. It is long-lasting because all water drains from this carpet, leaving the area dry, and it also resists weathering. Its entire structure is built to withstand heavy use and different weather conditions.

In terms of design, the entire structure of this top-quality marine carpet suits adhesion use. You can use carpet glue to stick it to the boat surface easily. The larger the roll you get, the more surface of the bunk you can cover.

It’s100% polyester material that's easy to install clean and maintain. The flooring dries quickly after cleaning or when water gets on the boat.

The thicker and softer feel is great for walking around the boat. The comfiness is all thanks to the additional thickness and staple size of the marine carpet. When you purchase the Cuda Boat marine carpet, it benefits the American Cancer Society.

3. KT GuoMei Happy Yacht Boat Decking Sheet

KT GuoMei Happy Yacht Boat Decking Sheet
KT GuoMei Happy Yacht Boat Decking Sheet

Measuring 94.5'L by 35.5 W, the KT GuoMei Happy Yacht Boat Decking Sheet is a suitable mat for most vessels. The simple self-adhesion design makes it ideal for DIY projects on a boat. It's easy to install and has strong adhesion to stick to the boat's surface.

This decking sheet uses EVA foaming material that delivers good cushioning and shock resistance. In addition, this is the right material for heat insulation, salt waterproof, and non-skid. EVA foaming is durable and has a long lifespan.

Installation of the decking sheet is straightforward. You can cut the decking sheet into any design or size using some sharp tool. It's ideal for protecting the boat surface underneath since the material is also waterproof.

The texture of the decking sheet is stain-resistant and also simple to clean. Pressure or vacuum washing is possible without damage to the boat flooring. The 6mm foam feels comfortable and natural on the boat's floor.

Its elastic nature ensures no deformation can take place after installation. Even with the heat and cold exposure, the decking sheet remains intact. It's odorless with a smooth surface, and attractive colors suit different tastes.

4. Carpet by the Foote Boat Carpet

Carpet by the Foote Boat Carpet
Carpet by the Foote Boat Carpet

The Carpet by Foote Boat Carpet is the roll to get for indoor or outdoor applications. It’s a rubber-backed quality boat carpet that's fade-resistant even with extensive hot sun exposure.

You can use staples or glue to attach it to the boat with this carpet. The carpet makes durable boat flooring that dries faster when there's moisture. Given that this comes in rolls, you can measure, unroll and cut the carpet depending on the size you need.

The boat carpet is high quality and affordable—one roll measure 12 inches long by 12 inches wide. The heavy-duty carpeting is thick to offer maximum comfort on a boat. Durability is a guarantee as the carpet won't unravel with age.

Consider color and texture when picking out the carpeting for a boat. As flooring, it also helps soundproof the interior and won't retain moisture which can cause awful odors over time. The easy-to-cut carpet is also extremely ply-able.

5. Hjdeck Marine Boat Flooring

Hjdeck Marine Boat Flooring
Hjdeck Marine Boat Flooring

The EVA foam Hjdeck Marine Boat Flooring ticks all the boxes if affordability is what you want in ideal flooring. It’s a premium flooring on a budget that offers ample floor cushioning and sound absorption. It's also ideal for shock resistance with high tensile capacity when elongation occurs.

As boat flooring, it’s not easy to deform or damage even after some time. It's safe and durable flooring to use on a boat. The different colors like Camouflage Desert and textures offer diversity when picking out the one that suits your boat.

The flooring comes with a safe non-slip traction pad that comes in handy when the floor gets wet. Each sheet of flooring has diamond grooves that help reduce skid capacity and increase friction. The carpet makes the floors comfortable, whether it's wet or dry.

The unique camo boat flooring adds a touch of class to the boat deck. You can work on the floor installation alone since this is a self-adhesive flooring. After installation, the flooring is simple to clean with mild soap and water.

After purchasing the flooring, unroll it and cut the size you need. After that, use the self-adhesion of each sheet to install it on your boat. It won't require adding any glue. Cutting the flooring is easy with a pair of sharp scissors. Flooring sticks on numerous types of surfaces and materials.

6. Bare Décor EZ Interlocking Floor Tiles

Bare Décor EZ Interlocking Floor Tiles
Bare Décor EZ Interlocking Floor Tiles

Solid wood can make some amazing flooring for boats. For instance, the Bare Décor EZ Interlocking Floor tiles are made from solid Teak wood. Each batch contains a set of 10 interlocking tiles that attach to create the perfect wood flooring.

These tiles fit 10 square feet and are brown. The lightweight teak wood tiles only weigh 2 pounds each and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. No special tools are necessary after getting the interlocking tiles, and putting them together can be a DIY.

The oil finish works with many wood boat surfaces with a floating type of installation. Each tile is on a plastic base that holds them up and makes the tiles comfortable. Removal is simple when some work needs to be done, or you want to move the tiles.

It's worth noting these floor tiles are winter hardy. After the snow melts, you should add some teak oil to the tiles. The durable teak wood ensures the flooring lasts and won't cause slips when the tiles are wet. Cleaning is best done with a teak cleaner. Always follow the instructions on the can.

7. SINNSIDELIN Vinyl Boat Flooring

SINNSIDELIN Vinyl Boat Flooring
SINNSIDELIN Vinyl Boat Flooring

Having a non-slip material on the boat is ideal and safe for you and the crew. The SINNSIDELIN Vinyl Boat Flooring boasts anti-slip capacity. Its thickness protects the surface of the boat from damage.

The vinyl flooring measures 94.5'L by 35.4'W by 0.24' W. This is an EVA foaming sheet that's attractive and simple to maintain once set up. Given the size of the sheet, it's easy to cut down depending on the measurements of the boat's floor.

The self-adhesion boat flooring has a simple installation process. The back of the flooring contains strong adhesion that sticks to the boat's floor. The surface has a smooth finish and requires only mild soap and water to clean.

It's a durable type of boat flooring made using non-toxic material. The flooring is odorless, has high tensile elongation, and deformation isn't easy. Tear and damage won't happen easily since this is thick and strong vinyl.

Use this on an open boat since moisture doesn't cause any problems. The water-resistant vinyl flooring is non-absorbent and has good shock absorption capacity.

8. Goovilla Plastic Interlocking Deck Tiles

Goovilla Plastic Interlocking Deck Tiles
Goovilla Plastic Interlocking Deck Tiles

Made using top-quality hard plastic, the Goovilla Plastic Interlocking Deck Tiles are lightweight. These are suitable when you want to avoid heavy floors on the boat. These are high-density plastic tiles with a better stability rating and don't expand easily.

Installing this boat flooring takes little time since this is an interlocking system that requires no tools. This rectangular snap design makes attaching the tiles easier and ensures these are close together. After the connection is made, the tiles aren't easy to separate, making them ideal for a busy boat floor.

The tiles offer efficient drainage, especially when set up as boat flooring that gets wet most of the time. The whole concept ensures efficient drainage with 4 flats that come with 3 drains. A rhombic structure design at the back of each tile increases friction and prevents slipping.

The interlocking tiles are easy to clean and maintain once the installation is complete. There's added stability and functionality due to the firmness of the boat flooring plastic tiles.

9. Hzkaicun EVA Foam Boat Flooring

Hzkaicun EVA Foam Boat Flooring
Hzkaicun EVA Foam Boat Flooring

Non-slip flooring such as the Hzkaicun EVA Foam Boat Flooring has a seamless embossed dot design. The dot design is on camouflage colors that decorate the interior of your boat. It has a beautiful appearance, is simple to maintain, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Installation of this EVA foam flooring on a ship deck provides ample comfort given the 6mm thickness. The dot design also works as a non-slip feature that keeps occupants safe on the surface. There's less slippage and an increase of friction on the boat's floor.

There's a tough adhesive at the back of the boat flooring. All you do is peel the protective cover away and install the flooring on the boat. The EVA foam offers ample cushioning, shock resistance, and ample heat insulation on the boat.

The vinyl flooring is salt-water, moisture, and chemical resistant. It has high tensile elongation, and you won't have to worry about easy deformation. Wear and tear don't occur easily after installing the flooring on a boat.

10. PUNT Surf Non-slip Marine Boat Flooring

PUNT Surf Non-slip Marine Boat Flooring
PUNT Surf Non-slip Marine Boat Flooring

Boat floors can be dangerous with all the slipping and sliding when the floors are wet. But, when you install the PUNT Surf Non-slip Marine Boat Flooring, that becomes a thing of the past. It’s a traction mat with an efficient non-slip grip.

The boat flooring is simple to install since all it needs is customization, peeling then you stick it. It requires trimming so that the traction pad can fit on the boat creating the ideal flooring. Its top-quality means the manufacturers use marine-grade, 3M adhesive.

The EVA foam is light and has diamond grooves that make the floor comfortable. Once you install it on the floor, you won't have to worry about adding more adhesive. The pad is available in grey, white and black.

How to Choose the Best Boat Flooring

Before deciding which boat flooring to install, you should consider several factors to ensure you use the best boat flooring.

Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Boat flooring is diverse, but it's all about how the floors look at the end of the day. While some boat flooring offers diverse colors, patterns, and textures, others don't.

Consider how you want your floors to look before settling on one type of flooring.

Weather and Climate

Imagine having rubber flooring in a hot climate where the boat is open. That will make everyone on board uncomfortable, plus soon you'll be replacing the flooring. Knowing the type of weather and climate helps narrow down the ideal flooring.

It's important to note the weather if the boat is outside all the time and lots of water gets on it.

Price of the Flooring

How much will it cost you to purchase the flooring you want for your boat? Prices differ when it comes to boat flooring depending on type and quality. For example, oak wood flooring is costly and requires deeper pockets. You can work with vinyl marine flooring when you want a budget-friendly option.

Prices vary even with vinyl flooring since the quality is different. The best flooring must be comfortable, water and UV resistant, and durable.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Consider if the flooring will be protected from the elements or have full exposure inside the boat. The best flooring is the type that looks good and is versatile.

You can use install the flooring indoors and outdoors. Also, this type of flooring must dry fast when there's water on the boat.

Cleaning and Maintenance

No one wants a dirty floor, not even on a boat. Therefore, note how easy or hard it is to wash and maintain as you choose the flooring. For example, after installing vinyl flooring, all you need is mild soap and water to keep the floor clean on your boat.

Some floors, such as a marine carpet, need vacuuming to keep clean and dry.

Water Resistance

Drying time matters when picking the right carpet for your boat. If the floor gets wet often, find the flooring that takes little time to try.

You can even use detachable flooring that you take apart to dry and then put back together again. Or, use flooring that doesn't permit water absorption so the floors won't risk being too moist.

Noise Absorption

Keep the noise at a minimum by using thick flooring that absorbs noise and shock. The thick flooring keeps noise levels at a minimum on the boat.

Also, the thickness feels good on your feet as you walk around the boat barefoot.

Ease of Installation

The installation process can eat into your overall cost with a limited budget. The best thing to do is pick boat flooring that takes you little time to install.

For instance, those with self-adhesives are easy to use. You can customize the flooring, peel the back and stick it to the boat's floor.

Types of Boat Flooring Options

Having the best boat means also getting the right flooring for it. You have to check on the quality of this flooring since you need it to last for a long time.

The best way to know the right material for your boat is by figuring out the different types of flooring. Boats can use flooring such as:

Rubber Marine Flooring

Did you know that you can use rubber as flooring for your boat? Rubber marine flooring is made using recycled vehicle tires and is quite eco-friendly. The best way to install this type of flooring is by using adhesive glue that makes it stick to the floor longer.

Rubber marine flooring is among the easiest to install so you won't need much assistance. Start by figuring out what shapes to cut and the sizes before using the adhesive. The good news is it’s an affordable boat flooring that you can use for a long time.

Among the advantages of rubber marine flooring is its anti-slip nature. Since the rubber is coarse, you're likely to avoid slipping while walking around the boat. Rubber is among the best materials when you want safe traction on a boat, even when it's quite wet.

On top of that, the rubber marine flooring is comfortable to walk on. It's a soft material that feels relaxing on your feet.

But always keep an eye out for sunny days since this can harm the flooring. Rubber can fade if sun exposure takes place for too long without shade. Also, the rubber feels hot and uncomfortable to walk on when it's too hot.

In addition, there's a lack of diversity when dealing with rubber marine flooring. There are only a few colors to choose from and the same material texture.


If rubber flooring doesn't suit your boat, get some canvas. The thicker and coarser it is, the more suitable it is to use as boat flooring when it comes to canvas.

Because of its simplicity, the canvas is among the oldest types of flooring installed in boats. On top of that, canvas made for boats is excellent for retaining quality and color. So, you don't have to worry about fading even with little shade on the boat.

In addition, the tough material is durable and can withstand lots of foot traffic. It’s ideal for use on a busy boat that often gets wet. Canvas is a water-resistant boat flooring and not too costly when you want to do the installation.

However, it's always better to keep your boat safe from the harsh sun when using canvas. It can get quite hot and even fade when the sun rays are too excessive.

Still, in terms of color and texture, you can enjoy variety when using canvas boat flooring. Pick the theme that suits your boat.

Marine Floor Carpeting

Among the most popular type of flooring is marine carpeting. Most boat owners gravitate to this because it's carpeting for the boat. It looks just as amazing as it sounds and tends to transform the interior.

Marine carpeting is similar to the whole-home hard carpets you can install in a house. The material is elegant and quite simple to maintain. It's good quality, but you have to dig deeper into your pockets since this type of flooring is costly.

The good news is that, on top of durability, the marine carpeting is also water-resistant, so ideal for boats. It's made using solid materials and comes in numerous colors, styles, and textures. There are cheaper options but always consider the quality when purchasing the boat carpeting.

The carpeting looks good and feels great when you step on it. Plus, it's the ideal carpeting to keep noise levels at a minimum inside the boat. The heavy carpet dampens the sound as you walk about or move items.

As much as the carpet is water-resistant, it might not suit all boats. If the boat gets too wet each time you take it out, consider another type of flooring. When it gets wet, the marine floor carpeting will start emitting a terrible smell, and the moisture can cause rot to develop.

PVC Tiles

Have you ever come across a boat with PVC tiles flooring? Well, it's worth noting that PVC tiles are some of the easiest to install and maintain as boat flooring. They have a resemblance to vinyl flooring but are much more affordable tiles.

When you get PVC tiles, all you need is the right installation materials, and you can start arranging them. This type of boat flooring can cover the deck of your boat, and you won't have to worry about wetness. PVC tiles don't absorb water, so you can keep the floor in good condition.

However, always know that extra care is necessary with PVC tiles. When wet, the floor can get quite slippery, a safety hazard.

So, it's better to keep the floor as dry as possible. Also, long UV exposure causes the tiles to fade.

There are many sizes, colors, and textures of tiles you can choose. With that, you can create the perfect theme for your boat and use the right type of flooring. Plus, tiles are pocket-friendly, so replacing worn-out ones isn't costly.

Aluminum Flooring

Aluminum is another excellent type of boat flooring material. While marine carpeting suits luxury boats that don't get too wet, aluminum is perfect for fishing vessels. Also, you can use it on a water sports boat or a pontoon that you don't want to get damp.

One of the best features of aluminum flooring, apart from being waterproof, is the fact that the flooring is so light. When there's lots of water on the boat or it rains, you won't have to worry about the floor adding more weight to the vessel. In addition, this is a durable material that's also rust-proof, thus preserving the state of your boat.

A heavy boat is costly because you have to use more fuel to keep it going. But, with light aluminum flooring, this won't be an issue. It's also worth noting that such a floor is simple to clean using only soap and water.

However, always consider noise when you add aluminum flooring. While floors like marine carpets keep noise at a minimum, aluminum floors are loud. With so many people walking about and activities taking place, the boat's noise levels can increase.


For centuries, wood has been the go-to material for making boats and ships. Even today, there are still many people who still rely on wood. The reason wood has been so popular is the ability to shape it into the design you want.

In addition, wood harvested for boats is top-quality and durable. That is why wood boats would last decades with proper care and maintenance. On top of that, the natural ruggedness of the wood is attractive and makes the boat seem appealing.

When it comes to flooring, wood is an ideal choice for boats. A good example is oak wood, that's in the category of much-sought-after hardwood. The wood is durable and water-resistant, which is necessary for a boat.

Some issue that faces wood flooring is fading with age. Even with proper care, the wood loses its luster and needs replacement. In addition, hardwood like oak is expensive and requires a bigger budget to fit a whole boat.

Also, wood is slippery and can be uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet. If the interior gets wet, it can take time before it dries, and wet wood starts to smell after some time.

Vinyl Marine Flooring

When working with a budget and you want the best flooring for a boat, check out vinyl flooring. It’s the best type of flooring for an enclosed boat floor, but it's better to find something else for the deck area.

Most manufacturers now create vinyl planks that resemble wood but aren't as costly. These come in numerous colors, sizes, and textures to suit different boats. The good news is that vinyl flooring suits many boats since it's water-resistant and easy to clean with some mild soap.

The vinyl flooring on boats dries fast and is easy to dismantle in a flooding situation. Installation is also as simple since you only have to put the plunks together. If the vinyl comes in a sheet, you take measurements, cut pieces, and install the flooring.

Some vinyl has self-adhesion properties meaning you won't need to mess with glue during installation. Always check the type of vinyl flooring you want to get. Go for thick, UV resistant, durable, and not prone to easy wear vinyl flooring.

With these different types of boat flooring in mind, you can choose the best type that suits your needs and situation.


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