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Summer holidays are just around the corner and you are planning a perfect getaway adventure with your family on a boat for fishing or for just family fun.

Finding the right kind of boat to help you with your fishing adventure and other water activities is a tricky task. You need to consider a lot of factors like the safety, comfort, and efficiency of the boat that you want to take your family out on.

To help you make a decision, our top three picks for the best boats for fishing and family fun are Fisherman 236, 2360 Bay, and Cabin 270 Dauntless. All these boats are a popular choice amongst regular boaters who often go out on the water for fun and adventure with families.

Boating can easily become a nice family tradition for you if you know how to do it right. That is why you need to know which type of boat is going to be the best for you. A perfect fishing boat for your family trip will have enough space to accommodate half a dozen or so people. It will have ample storage space as well to carry your equipment.

We have gathered a list of the 6 best boats for fishing and family fun that you can consider when making a decision. All these boats have been recommended by regular boaters for their versatility and multi-purpose functions.

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6 Best Boats For Fishing And Family Fun

Every once in a while it is nice to go on a family retreat to make memories and create family traditions. It helps in creating everlasting bonds and strong relationships that the young cherish forever. What better way to do this than to go on a nice boating day.

Boats for fishing will usually fall under your budget. Every penny spent on a family trip is worth it as these are the moments to live for. It is a guaranteed fun trip for the entire family and also a great learning experience for the young children. It will give them a nice story to share with their friends back at school.

Boating is also a very healthy activity. It is great for mental health as a nice break around nature is a fresh breath of air for the mind. It will help in recharging the mind and enable it to become more perspective.

Not only the mind, a day out on the water, with the wind gushing around you, and a bucket full of the fish you caught, is a nice break for the soul as well. The boating activities require lots of physical effort as well, hence, it is extremely fruitful for the physical health as well.

1. Fisherman 236

Picture of the Fisherman 236

The first boat that we recommend for fishing or family fun is the Fisherman 236 by Grady-White. It is the most ideal fishing boat out there and is very popular amongst families who like to have a memorable time together out on the sea.

It is a 23-foot center console boat, with all the standard features that you need on a fishing trip. It comes with a 15.5 gallon, insulated and lighted, livewell that is a generous amount of space for all the fish you and your family are going to catch. As an alternate, you can also use the space to store your beverages until you decide to grab some fish.

There is also an oversized enclosed head on the boat which is perfect for kids and the elderly aboard. As they need more often bathroom breaks, it is best to have a board with a facilitated bathroom and Fisherman 236 has that.

Boaters also prefer this boat because of the transom door. It makes the process of fishing much easier as the door helps in dragging a heavy catch up through the transom. You and your kids also can use it as a diving platform to enjoy the cool seawater while you are boating.

The boat is big enough to hold a gathering of 10 people. So, you can take your family and friends all together to have an amazing fishing and family fun day on the sea. The seats are extremely comfortable to add to your relaxing experience on the holidays.

The length of the Fisherman 236 is 23 feet and 7 inches while the beam size is 8 feet and 6 inches. Without the engine, the approximate weight of the boat is 3900 pounds and has a maximum horsepower of 300.

The boat also has a cockpit that can drain itself so the floor remains dry and safe with children on board. The features also include toerails, twin89-quart bow fish boxes, and a 160-quart fish box that is found on the transom.

Boaters who have gone on fishing with their families on this boat believe it to be the best choice for its versatility as it adds the right kind of fun to the family retreat.

2. 2360 Bay

Picture of the 2360 Bay

Ranger Boats offer an amazing boat that is perfect for fishing fun; the 2360 Bay. It is a center console boat which is perfect for family trips. You can bring up to 10 people with you onboard the 2360 Bay. Sounds like a perfect summer holiday time with family.

The boat length is 23 feet and 5 inches which is ideal for transportation on a trailer. The beam size is 8 feet and 6 inches and the approximate weight of the boat is 3400 pounds. The maximum horsepower on this vessel is 300 with a fuel capacity of 81 gallons.

There is a lot of space on the boat if you want to do stand-up fishing. Inside the hull is a huge stringer system that has solid and reinforced chines. There is also a Ranger’s signature foam floatation in the hull of the boat.

The features of the 2360 Bay also include a big built-in cooler and flip-down rear seats so everyone can have comfortable space on board. The seating is inclusive of lounge seats facing the starboard side, a transom bench that is cushioned, and a leaning post that seats two and has a backrest and armrests. Everyone can enjoy a comfortable seat on the boat.

For storage, the boat has a bow casting deck which has storage space below it. The casting deck itself is both skid resistant and relatively large in size. Along with that, there is a 120-quart cooler which also serves as a step to the casting, and a recirculating 30 gallon live well. The boat also comes with a fish box that can be customized when you order your boat and a power ventilated storage space.

3. 270 Dauntless

Picture of the 270 Dauntless

The 270 Dauntless is one of the finest boats by Boston Whaler. A 27 feet and 4 inches long vessel, the 270 Dauntless is very popular for family fun and fishing activity. The beam of the boat is 9 inches and the approximate weight of the entire boat without the engine is 4800 pounds.

With the larger size of the boat as compared to others, you can add some more friends to come along with your family. The boat can hold up to 12 passengers at a time. The boat has a maximum horsepower of 600 and a fuel capacity of 152 gallons.

After 59 years in the industry, Boston Whaler maintains a reputation for building the finest boats for families. So, you can take out the 270 Dauntless for a cruising day or a fishing day, the company will provide you with all the extra amenities that you require for your adventure.

The seating of the boat is also very comfortable with flip-up backrests on both the port and starboard sides that face out to the ocean. There is also seating in the forward-console area for whoever is driving.

The cockpit of the boat has a leaning post where there is space for holding your fishing rods. There is a cooler in the cockpit and if you are going fishing you can get a livewell added too on the boat.

The boat also has an aft bench that makes the lounging experience on the sea all the more comfortable. You can also get a diving platform attached to take a nice dip in the cold seawater during the summertime.

4. 24 Resorter

Picture of the 24 Resorter

Century Boats are an expert at dual console boats that are ideal for a family trip out on the sea. Their model, 24 Resorter is what you need this holiday season for a fun family adventure.

The 24 Resorted is a highly versatile boat on which you can do fishing, cruising, and any other water activity. It comes with all the latest updates on innovation and technology on a boat.

The dual console design makes for a comfortable bow seating that is large enough for 8 people. It comes with a table that can be removed if your space feels a little stuffy with all the curious and excited children moving around.

There is also a beach boarding ladder along with foldable armrests to give you the relaxing experience that you paid for.

It is a 23 feet and 9 inches long boat with a beam of 8 feet and 6 inches. Without the engine, the approximate weight of the boat is 4800 pounds. It has a horsepower of 400 with a fuel capacity of 162 gallons.

This boat by Century Boats is highly popular amongst regular boaters. You can enjoy an off-shore fishing day or a cruising day all with the added amenities that are provided additionally with the boat.

There is a step-in head which is a must to have if you are bringing your family on the boat. The sea can make people want to go to the bathroom naturally. The features also include rod holders, fish boxes, and a raw-water washdown.

5. Pursuit DC 246

Picture of the Pursuit DC 246

A very popular name when it comes to boats for both fishing and cruising, Pursuit Boats make the perfect boats that you can take your family out on. We recommend the DC 246 by this company that you can use for fishing, cruising, or any other water activity that you want to do on your holiday vacation with your family.

Measuring 25 feet and 8 inches, DC 246 weighs about 6138 pounds approximately. The beam size of the boat is 8 feet and nine inches with a passenger capacity of 8 people. It is just perfect for a complete family to be on board.

The boat has a horsepower of a maximum of 300 and a fuel capacity of 118 gallons. People also call this a boat a marine SUV for its class, style, comfort, and luxury that it provides with the amenities and experience.

There are spaces for 4 holders for rods and a 31-gallon storage space in the transom along with insulated fiberglass with an overboard drain. In addition, there is also a 15-gallon recirculating insulated livewell that has an acrylic lid.

The seating includes folding armrests, hinged cushions, and insulated storage below the cockpit. There are also drink holders, rod holders, and a captain’s chair with folding armrests on the cockpit.

6. Avalon VTX

Picture of the Avalon VTX

If you are looking for a much safer option of a boat that would be perfect for your family fun, then the Avalon’s VTX pontoon boat is the one for you. It is a favorite of many families that want to just sit back and relax on the water.

It has a very comfortable platform and its flat bottom makes it extremely stable. It is a perfect boat to take out in shallow water where you can enjoy a nice fishing day with your family.

This boat is very easy to transport on a trailer as it comes in two sizes of 16 and 18 feet. It can carry up to a maximum of 15 people at a time. Sounds like a fun fishing party.

There is plenty of storage space as well as deck space for you to bring your equipment and gear along and have some memorable times. You can do any of the water sports like skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding on the VTX boat.

The boat also has a port and starboard bow bench for comfortable seating. Along with that, there is also an aft corner seating area so that everyone has ample space to relax on the boat.

Things To Consider When Taking Your family Out For a Fishing Adventure Or Other Water Activities

Boating is a perfect adventure to plan out with your family. It is a way to make memories, to have a nice break from work and other worries of life, and the best way to teach your children something valuable in life.

At the same time, there are many concerning factors that parents worry about when taking their children on a boat. Therefore, it is very important that you have all the information that you need at your hand to be prepared for an amazing experience of a lifetime. Who knows, it may actually become your family tradition.

We recommend that you keep a checklist of all the things you need on your day out on the sea. These include necessities like sunscreen, a first aid kit, and also plenty of water to keep you hydrated.


The most important thing about taking your family on a boat is to ensure that it going to be a safe trip. All the boats mentioned in this guide are completely safe for you to bring your children as well on board.

However, make sure you bring along life jackets and a first-aid kit.


Make sure that the boat you choose is going to be comfortable for your family to aboard. If you have small children with you then it is best to get a boat with a sleeping area and a bathroom.

If there is someone in your family who gets seasick, then you should prefer getting one of these boats from the guide as they are all stable on choppy water and sail smoothly across the water without making you seasick.