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Key Takeaways

  • As a boat owner, pay attention to the head type, thread size, and length of bolts.
  • High-grade stainless steel screws are great options for fiberglass boat projects.
  • Fiberglass is a strong material, so you might need to pre-drill pilot holes prior.
  • Screw sizes matter because the wrong size might leave a large hole or stripping.
  • Damages like stripping and holes will make your fiberglass boat unsafe on water.

Do you need to screw down your fiberglass boat? Well, not all screws in the market work well for fiberglass, and that’s why you need fiberglass screws.

The best screws for a fiberglass boat include Stainless Slotted HexWasher Head Screws and Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704. These are my top screw picks because they’re made of stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion since boats are made for marine environments.

Fiberglass is an excellent choice for many projects due to its durability, but it’s more fragile than wood and metal. A slight wrong choice of machine screws can easily damage your fiberglass boat. That said, it’s extremely important to use screws that are made specifically for fiberglass materials. I took my time to create a detailed buying guide based on reliable industry experts and proven customer reviews to help you make an informed decision when choosing screws for your fiberglass boat.

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Best Screws for Fiberglass Boats

When handling a boat made from glass fiber material, you can’t just pick any bolts or screws like wood screws - they might only work great through plywood but not fiberglass.

So, what are the best screws for fiberglass boats? Anything you attach to your boat will need fastening or screwing in some way, and with so many screws in the market, choosing the right screw type can be a daunting task and that’s why I’m here to help you out!

With these recommendations, you’ll find screws that will help complete your project without damaging the fiberglass on your boat. Let’s start by briefly comparing the best fiberglass screws in the market:

Best Screws for Fiberglass Boats
(product name)
Main Features Overall Customer Rating Unique Acknowledgement
Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screws (Model BCP 221) Material: 304 stainless steel
Quantity: 25 screws
Head design: Slotted hex head
5 stars Great versatile option; great for multiple uses
Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704 Material: Stainless steel
Quantity: Not specified, but each packaging measures 5 pounds
Drive style: Torx
Head design: bugle
4.7 stars Excellent penetration capabilities with no stripping
SNUG Fasteners (SNG 219) Material: Stainless steel 305
Quantity: 100 screws
Drive system: Square
Head design: Bugle
4.7 stars Offers better head concealment
Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel Material: Zinc-plated steel
Quantity: 100
Drive system: Philips
Head design: Flat
4.5 stars High quantity and best value option
Hillman 35263 Screws Material: Zinc plated steel
Quantity: 100 screws
Drive system: Slotted
Head design: White Painted Hex Washer head
4.7 stars Larger diameter for a water-tight fit
SNUC Fastener (SNG 221) Materials: Stainless steel 304
Quantity: 25 screws
Drive system: Slotted/external hex
Head design: Flanged
4.4 stars Versatile option for fiberglass boat screws
Chenango Supply Screw Material: stainless steel 305
Quantity: 360 screws
Drive system: Torx
Head design: Flat head Torx drive
5 stars Has a Torx drive that reduces stripping for smooth penetration

Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw (Model BCP 221)

Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw
Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw

The Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw is a versatile option for any boat, not just fiberglass. Besides fiberglass boats, you can use these sheet metal screws to fasten the plywood, sheet metal, or even plastic materials.


These screws are made of stainless steel; a strong, durable material that can last through several uses. The size is also great, considering that the Hex Washer head screws are available in versatile sizes of 3/4 inch.

A single package contains 25 screws, giving you a lot of freedom to cater to your boat project. In fact, high chances are, you might have some leftover screws to help you in your next projects, which is quite a value proposition if you ask me.


The Hex Washer Head Screws are strong and versatile, and that allows you to handle most projects and materials without causing avoidable damages like cracks and holes. The Hex Washer Head screw is also designed with threads that allows it to go through the pilot hole smoothly.

What Sets it Apart

If you’re a boat owner or handle boats and other tools used in marine environment, you probably understand that choosing a screw head type carefully is crucial.

What sets the Hex Washer screws apart is their screw head feature. Unlike other machine screws, the Hex Washer screw head is designed with a hex head feature that will allow you to use flathead screwdrivers for tightening them, without stripping or damaging the glass fibers.

They’re also usable for various materials; you can use them for boating, household projects, or even construction as wood screws. In addition, you can use them for a temporary job and reuse them for another project without worry.


  • ¾-inch screws for versatility
  • 25 screws per package
  • Designed with 304 stainless steel for durability
  • Can be used to fasten fiberglass, metal, wood, and plastic
  • Has a slotted hex head design to prevent stripping the surface around the drilled hole


  • There’s no option for a smaller package of fewer than 25 screws

Who Should Buy Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw?

The stainless slotted hex washer head screw is an excellent option for someone looking for versatile sheet metal screws that they can use for their fiberglass boat as well as other projects.

Where to Buy the Screw

There are numerous vendors that sell the stainless slotted hex washer head screw for marine use, but the most common place you can buy is Amazon.

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704
Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704

Another great screw type for fiberglass boats is the Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704. These crews are perfect for your fiberglass boat project and any marine-related projects for that matter.


The Grip Rite Prime Guard screw is made of stainless steel, a feature that makes it durable, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion or rust. However, note that these machine screws come in 2.5 inches long, which is a large size, and each packaging weighs 5 pounds.


Given that the Grip Rite Prime Guard screw comes in 2.5 inches, the size makes it a great option for projects that require a strong, long-lasting bond. They can also be used as wood screws because they’re stronger than normal rivets and crews.

If you’re unsure of the inch size of screws you need, you can have an expert conduct a quick measurement prior so that you don’t buy the wrong size. Knowing the measurements is particularly crucial if you’re purchasing screws or bolts online.

What Sets the Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS 62704 Apart

While most fiberglass screws are small in size, Grip Rite screws are big enough to handle most projects, whether it’s boating or household jobs like deck and fence repairs. The partial threads on Grip Rite screws also offer excellent penetration capabilities with no stripping damages.


  • Comes in a large size for stronghold projects
  • Stainless steel for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Can be used for multiple materials; fiberglass, metal, and wood


  • Quite pricey
  • Manufacturer does not specify the number of screws in a pack

Who Should Buy It?

Grip-Rite screws are a great choice for anyone looking for bigger screws to fasten your fiberglass. The screws are 2.5 inches long and come with a perfect thread size, meaning they’re big and strong enough to handle projects that need a long-lasting hold.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXS screws at Amazon, Home Depot, or any other vendor around you.

SNUG Fasteners (SNG 219)

SNUG Fasteners
SNUG Fasteners

The SNUG Fasteners SNG 219 screws are perfect for most small-scale fiberglass boat projects. And even though they’re quite small, these screws have sharp threads to ensure they still hold well for a long-lasting hold.


The SNUG Fasteners SNG 219 screws are made from premium 305 corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and each screw comes in 0.5 inches. The screws also feature a bugle-shaped head for easy concealing.

The screws are packaged with 100 screws in each packaging, meaning you’ll achieve more uses with a single purchase. With a pack of 100 screws, you’ll probably remain with some for your next project.

They’re also designed with a square drive system that makes it easier to install, making them one of the best sheet metal screws for fiberglass in the market.


The SNUG Fastener screws are great for any marine project, and that includes fiberglass boats. These stainless steel fasteners are great because they’re corrosion-resistant, so you don't have to worry about constantly changing the screws. In addition, you can use the SNUG Fastener screws as wood screws for your plywood projects.

What Sets SNUG Fasteners SNG 219 Apart

SNUG Fasteners SNG 219 screws stand out due to their bugle-shaped head that makes it easy to conceal, meaning you achieve a more polished final product.


  • Premium 305 stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant
  • A package of 100 Self-tapping Type 17 Screws
  • Bugle-shaped screw head for proper concealment
  • Sharp-cutting threads for better long-lasting hold
  • Robertson Square Drive to allow fast and easy installation


  • Not available for packages smaller than 100 crews
  • Not excellent for projects that need large size screws

Who Should Buy It?

The best feature that sets this screw from other screws is that it offers better head concealment, so it’s best for anyone looking to get a more polished or smooth result.

Where to Buy It

You can buy the SNUG Fasteners SNG 219 screws from Amazon or reputable hardware stores near you.

Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel Screws

Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel Screws
Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel Screws

Phillips Flat Head screws are made of zinc-plated steel to ensure durability and resistance to rust. If you’re working with fiberglass, it’s no doubt that zinc-plated steel screws are one of the best choices you have.

When it comes to size, the Phillips Flat Head screws come in different sizes so it’s important that you know the right size of the screws you’re looking for.


Having 100 screws is more than enough to handle several projects. In addition, the price of the crews is certainly justified because you’ll get the most value out of your purchase.

The screws have a flat-shaped feature that allows them to sit flush against the surface you’re working with. The flat head of the screws is less noticeable, and you can even cover or paint over easily to match other tools.

The Phillips Flat Head screws also come with a guarantee that promises you a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product. For a company to offer a satisfaction guarantee on a product, you already know that the product is of high quality.


The zinc plating makes the screws more resistant to wear and tear, moisture, water, and rust, meaning the screws won’t ruin your boat. Therefore, zinc-plated steel screws will allow more versatility with your fiberglass or marine-related projects.

Another great thing I love about Phillips Flat Head screws is that they’re very versatile and convenient. You can use them on fiberglass, wood, plastic, and sheet metal.

In addition, these crews are also suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications, and since they have Phillip's head, you can pretty much screw them in using most types of screwdrivers, including basic screwdrivers.

What Sets Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel Screws Apart

You get a great quantity of screws for the best value with Phillips Flat Head steel screws. The steel material is also sturdy which helps resist stripping during screwing compared to other fiberglass screws.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase Phillips Flat Head Zinc-Plated Steel screws at Amazon or any renowned vendor close to you.


  • Large quantity of 100 in a pack
  • Has a satisfaction guarantee upon purchase
  • Built from high-quality zinc-plated steel for extra strength and durability
  • High-quality zinc-plated steel to prevent wear and tear
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant shell for a long-lasting and cost-effective fastener
  • Great for multiple materials, including fiberglass, metal, plastic, and wood


  • You can only buy a pack of 100 screws, no less

Hillman 35263 Screws

Hillman 35263 Screws
Hillman 35263 Screws

If you’re looking for self-tapping screws or self-piercing screws, the Hillman 35263 screws are your perfect match. These screws are perfect for small projects that don’t require an extra strong hold.


Hillman 35263 screws are made from a steel material with zinc plating for exterior finishing. The screws are available in 1.25 inches, with wide diameter heads painted white.


The Hillman screws have a zinc-plated steel feature that provides resistance to corrosion and rust and makes the screws durable. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the screws rusting and damaging your boat.

In addition, Hillman screws are self tapping screws with a larger diameter that allows a water-tight fit which is perfect for marine use. They're often known as tight point screws because they have a strong thread that ensures a tightly fitted screw.

What Sets Hillman 35263 Screws Apart

My favorite feature about this self tapping screw is that it penetrates and taps its own mating threads, allowing easy installation. You won’t need many tools for your installation process.

Unlike other screws, the Hillman self tapping screws only require the drilling of a pilot hole to an optimum diameter. The pilot hole drilled is then used to accommodate the sheet metal screws.


  • Larger diameter with aggressive threads for a watertight fit
  • Zinc plating for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Self-piercing screws that don't require pre-drilling


  • There’s no option for packages with less than 100 screws

Who Should Buy It?

The Hillman screws feature a white painted head, so if the fiberglass boat you’re working on has white or light-colored hardware around, you’ll easily achieve a perfect blend.

Where to Buy It

You can find Hillman fiberglass screws on Amazon.

SNUG Fasteners SNG 221

SNUG Fasteners SNG 221
SNUG Fasteners SNG 221

The SNUG Fasteners SNG 221 is a versatile option for a screw because other than using it for fastening your fiberglass boat, you can use it around the house as well, whether you’re handling wood or metal tools.


The SNUG Fasteners screws are ¾ inches, which is pretty great for most projects. They are made from a durable and sturdy material: 304 stainless steel. Whether you’re using them for a temporary project or something more permanent, SNUG Fasteners are one of the best screws for fiberglass boat projects.

The SNUG Fastener SNG 221 packaging contains 25 screws, and the manufacturer has clearly stated the right size, so you won’t have to deal with the wrong size.

The flanged hex head is flat at the top, making it easy to tighten the screws without worrying about the kind of screwdriver you have. Once the screw is fastened, you’re assured of your boat’s safety on water because its perfect fit.


The best part of the SNUG Fasteners SNG 221 screws is that they have multiple uses. You can always use them for other household projects in case you remain with leftovers. This sheet metal screw also has a head design that helps prevent the screw from tripping due to over-tightening or overusing.

What Sets SNUG Fasteners SNG 221 screws Apart

The SNG 221 screw is a versatile option as you can use it on other surfaces other than fiberglass. You can also use it on plywood and metal surfaces.


  • You can use them on fiberglass, wood, or metal
  • Made from a strong, durable stainless steel material
  • The flanged hex head makes it easier to install the screw


  • They’re a bit pricey compared to other screws in the market

Who Should Buy It?

These screws are great for those looking for a versatile fiberglass screw option but also want a screw that is easy to install.

Where to Buy It

You can find the SNUG Fastener SNG 221 fiberglass screws on Amazon.

Chenango Supply Screws

Chenango Supply Screws
Chenango Supply Screws

The Chenango Supply screw features a star drive head, a feature that maximizes torque and prevents the screw from cam out and tripping, allowing smooth driveability.


The Chenango Supply screws are designed with a nibbed head to help with the countersink bit. They also have a high degree of resistance to rust and corrosion, making them great for fiberglass boats or any other marine-related project use like deck repairs.

The Chenango Supply screws are made from high-quality 305 stainless steel for durability. A single package comes with 360 screws, so you’re sure that you’ll fully maximize the value of your purchase.


The 305 stainless material prevents rust and corrosion, making it a great option for fiberglass boat projects and other marine use.

However, the Chenango Supply screws are packaged in large quantities which makes them only best if you’re dealing with a project that requires a lot of screws or you plan to use them for several projects. For smaller projects, you might want to consider other screws and bolts that come in smaller quantities to avoid wastage.

What Sets Chenango Supply Screws Apart

Chenango Supply screws have a Torx drive that helps reduce stripping and allows smooth penetration through the fiberglass surface.


  • Feature a star drive that prevents cam out and stripping to improve driveability
  • Offers superior penetration through various materials
  • Has a Type 17 point to avoid splitting the surface
  • Has a nibbed head to help with countersinking
  • Made from stainless steel for unmatched strength and durability


  • Quite pricey
  • The manufacturer does not offer smaller quantities than 360 screws

Who Should Buy It

The Chenango Supply screw fasteners are great for those looking for high-quality fiberglass screws for a huge project.

Where to Buy It

You can find Chenango Supply fiberglass screws on Amazon or the Chenango supply store.