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Lake Powell is known for its red rock formations and crystal blue water. Lake Powell is also home to several sandy houseboat beaches.

The best beaches for houseboats on Lake Powell are located in and around Warm Creek Bay, Gunsight Bay, Bullfrog Bay, Glen Canyon, Halls Creek Bay, and Wahweap Bay. These locations offer excellent views and good accessibility for houseboats.

In this article, we'll cover five of the best houseboat beaches on the Arizona and Utah sides of Lake Powell. Additionally, we'll go over the best kinds of beaches to look for, where to beach a houseboat, and several anchorages located near beaches.

We sourced the information used in this article from Lake Powell travel guides, local houseboaters, and from Lake Powell marina websites.

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Houseboating on Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a prime destination for houseboaters from all over the country. The lake, which is located in the northern region of Arizona and part of southern Utah, is a scenic and pristine destination that's home to many houseboats of all kinds.

Lake Powell stretches over 162,595 acres. The lake itself is over 180 miles long, which makes it an excellent destination for extended houseboat cruising. The water is blue and clear, and there are plenty of beaches that are suitable for exploration.

There are several marinas located around Lake Powell, and many of them cater to houseboats. Lake Powell Resort and Marina, which is located in Page, Arizona, is a particularly popular starting point for houseboaters.

Bullfrog Marina and Halls Crossing Marina are two other popular spots, and these are located in Utah. Stateline Marina in Utah and Wahweap Marina both offer excellent services as well and are well-known in the area for serving houseboats, ski boats, and other vessels.

Can You Beach a Houseboat on Lake Powell?

Many people wonder if it's possible to actually beach a houseboat on Lake Powell. In many cases, yes—but not always. Beaching conditions are dependent on water levels, boat type, and of course, pilot experience.

Many houseboat owners and renters beach their boats—albeit gently—in Lake Powell. This is only possible on beaches with good, soft sand and should be avoided if the beach is too rocky. Lake Powell beaches vary widely, so it's wise to anchor out and check the beach conditions first.

Five Best Beaches for Houseboats on Lake Powell

Houseboats are known for their shallow draft, which makes many of them beachable. Those that aren't can anchor in shallow waters right off the beach, making transit to and from the boat safe and easy.

Lake Powell has some of the best houseboat beaches in the country, thanks to its 1,900 miles of shoreline. Not all of the beaches in Lake Powell are ideal for large houseboats, but many of them are. Additionally, sand types vary on the lake, but many beaches are known for excellent sand.

We consulted with the local boating community to find the best houseboat beaches on Lake Powell. We chose each beach based on its typical cleanliness, size, and accessibility. Here are our top five choices.

1. Warm Creek Bay

Warm Creek is both a spectacular houseboat anchorage and a beach area, as the twisting natural coves provide plenty of places to drop anchor or beach a houseboat.

The beaches in this area can be easily confused with rocky outcroppings, s it's important to use care when approaching. But even if you don't get to a beach in time, there are numerous places to anchor in the bay.

You can take the boat right up to the shoreline in Warm Creek Bay, and most of the land in the area is flat and ideal for hanging out with family or friends. In the background, you'll catch a view of the stunning red rock formations.

Warm Creek Bay is convenient as well. The area is just a short journey from the popular Wahweap Marina but out of the way enough for a calm and quiet adventure. If you're starting from the Wahweap area, Warm Creek Bay is one of the most affordable and fastest houseboat trips to make.

2. Gunsight Bay

Gunsight Bay is a popular house boating destination on Lake Powell, and it has plenty of places to anchor out. Though not the place with the sandiest beaches, there are lots of spots where you can come right up to the shore and explore the rocky terrain.

The beaches around Gunsight are rocky, but they slope gently and offer ideal terrain to approach with a houseboat. There are many spots to choose from, and most beaches are long enough to safely accommodate the largest houseboats on the lake.

The area is overshadowed by the beautiful Gunsight Butte, which is a popular location for photographers and hikers. Accessing the area by boat is particularly enjoyable, as it provides a unique close-up view of a rock formation that's difficult to get on land.

There's over a mile of shoreline around the area and many nice places to drop anchor or tie up. You're likely to encounter other houseboats at Gunsight Bay, especially during the peak season. Gunsight Bay is part of the larger Padre Bay region of the lake.

3. BullFrog and Glen Canyon

BullFrog Bay is a very popular house boating area with sandy beaches and lots of great spots to beach a houseboat. The BullFrog region of the lake has windy rivers that snake around the rock formations, and beaches can be found along the edges of some of the outcroppings.

The BullFrog Marina is nearby, which makes the region an inexpensive area to explore as far as fuel is concerned. Additionally, the area is popular with smaller boats, and there are plenty of nooks and coves to explore.

Glen Canyon is one of the highlights of the lake in the BullFrog Marina vicinity. Glen Canyon has several popular house boating locations, along with numerous photo opportunities. Many boaters beach around the tip of the canyon to explore the terrain.

4. Halls Creek Bay

Some of the best beaching spots on Lake Powell are located in the Halls Creek Bay area. Halls Creek Bay, which is a short trek from BullFrog Bay and the marina, offers numerous beaching locations for boats of all kinds.

The Halls Creek Bay area is also lots of fun to explore on foot, and it's home to many interesting rock formations. The beaches are soft at the water's edge, though care must be taken to avoid hitting the rocks.

Halls Creek Bay is on the Utah side of Lake Powell to the north. It's located east of Bullfrog Bay and connects at the southern end and through a small channel in the middle.

5. Wahweap Bay

There are numerous beaches located around the Wahweap Bay area, and they're popular with houseboaters, campers, ski boats, hikers, and more. Wahweap beaches are famous for their clean and sandy surfaces, and they're popular with swimmers as well.

There are several facilities available around the Wahweap Bay beaches, including bathrooms, campsites, and showers. This makes the area ideal for spending the day ashore, even if you have to anchor out a ways.

The scenery around Wahweap Bay is some of the best Lake Powell has to offer. In addition to great beaches, there is also plenty of room to anchor out alone or in the company of other houseboats. And while you're at it, the beaches are close to areas for water skiing and other water sports.