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Fishing excursions are a lot of fun, especially when using a houseboat. There are a lot of excellent houseboat fishing locations across the United States.

Experiencing the best houseboat fishing trips can be very relaxing and rewarding for brave enough people to visit the various locations. Furthermore, these trips will give you the best fishing experience, take in different sceneries, and participate in multiple activities. The best part is that you will be doing all these with a group of friends or family members.

The best houseboat fishing trip locations include Shasta Lake, Voyagers Park, Crane Lake, Lake Powell, Lake Cumberland, and Raystown Lake. These locations are more than just fishing locations. Other activities include fly fishing, hiking, boat racing, marine tours, and many more.

Since a houseboat can ferry more people than other regular boats, you will be able to enjoy the experience with others. Also, you will have everything you need for your trip because houseboats come equipped the same way a house is. You can choose to rent a houseboat that matches your and your companion’s requirements.

When properly planned, the best houseboat fishing trips are not only fulfilling but also offer an experience that cannot be matched. They are perfect for families or friends with a passion for fishing who want to experience their love while also being on the move. Here are some of the best houseboat fishing trips for people who love fishing and enjoy spending days and nights on the water.

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Top 5 Destinations For The Best Houseboat Fishing Trips

The US is full of some of the best houseboat fishing trip locations. These locations are both a haven for fishing enthusiasts and houseboat lovers. In a sense, they provide a 2-in-1 experience to all visiting them.

They also offer a variety of other activities and ways to have fun in case one needs a break from the fishing excursions they are on. These locations are great destinations for vacations and holiday trips with your houseboat. Check them and plan to visit when you can for a memorable experience.

1. Shasta Lake

Without a doubt, this has to be the best houseboat fishing trip destination in America. On top of this, Lake Shasta also receives many visitors from other countries. This has led to the lake being recognized as one of the premier houseboat fishing vacation spots around the globe.

The lake is found in California and offers a shore that is approximately 365 miles with blue and crystal clear waters. This makes the destination great for people looking to spend their time fishing, swimming, kayaking, tubing, and waterskiing. Besides water activities, vacationers can experience various land activities, including hiking trails. One of the most popular hiking trails leads to the Shasta Caverns.

The destination offers a wide range of experiences for people intent on a houseboat fishing excursion. These experiences are generally divided into two categories, the basic and luxury experiences. On top of this, several companies for visitors to choose from, ensuring that you get a competitive rate when renting a houseboat for a fishing trip at Shasta Lake.

Examples of providers offering houseboat renting services at Shasta Lake include Bridge Bay. This is one of the most liked providers at the destination, offering customers a choice between 4 different vessels depending on their needs. The largest houseboat you can rent from the company is one that can accommodate and sleep 12 individuals.

Bridge Bay offers vessels that mainly provide the essential experience. Silverthorn Resort has a few options for those looking to have a luxury experience. Most notably, the most luxurious boat by the company is Queen II.

The Queen II is the ultimate luxury houseboat you can find at Shasta Lake. It provides several superb facilities such as a water slide, master penthouse suite, gourmet kitchen, a hot tub, and many others.

For any houseboat enthusiast that loves fishing, Shasta Lake is a destination to have on their bucket list. It is one of those places that provides a different experience for everyone vacationing there. Furthermore, houseboat rental providers at the lake offer some of the most competitive prices, ensuring you get a great vessel to experience the best houseboat fishing trips at the lake at reasonable and pocket-friendly rates.

2. Voyagers Park and Crane Lake

Voyagers National Park in Minnesota is a water-based national park, the only one in the United States. One of the most remarkable features of the park is that it is connected to Crane Lake. Due to the connected waterways between the two, one can easily use their houseboat to take a tour of the park.

Apart from getting to experience the best houseboat fishing trips at Crane Lake, you also get the chance to see and discover the wilderness while still cruising in your vessel. You will see a variety of creatures such as moose, black bears, white-tailed deer, bald eagles, and divers or loons (aquatic birds). On top of all this, you also get to see the many uninhabited islands, rock formations, and other sceneries. These views can only be accessed via the waterways.

There are a few houseboat rental companies at the destination, most notably Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats. The company offers several different types of houseboats for people to rent. As expected, all their houseboats contain the necessary facilities such as a toilet (no-discharge toilet), food storage facilities, cooking amenities, and sleeping facilities.

One of the most popular houseboats the company rents is the 360 Suncruiser. Although this houseboat offers just an essential experience, renters have three double beds to sleep on (for six people), a stove with four burners, an oven, a medium-large refrigerator, and other standard facilities.

Suppose you are looking for a destination that offers a chance to discover and see a variety of natural sceneries and animals while providing the best houseboat fishing trips. In that case, this is the place to be.

If by any chance you are at the destination during late September, you will see the northern lights, an incredible experience for anyone lucky to see it.

Voyagers National Park and Crane Lake provide a unique experience that no other destination on our list can match.

3. Lake Powell, Utah, and Arizona

Lake Powell is in the National Recreation Area in the Glen Canyon. Despite having an area of approximately 250 square miles, Lake Powell has a shoreline of about 2000 miles and stretches between 2 different states – Arizona and Utah. It is one of the top boating spots across the US and offers some of the best houseboat fishing trips.

Using a houseboat is one of the only modes of exploring the formations and walls of this fantastic artificial lake. This mode of transport allows boaters to view the wall, rock formations, and beautiful canyon walls up close and personal – adding to the enjoyable experience. Also, because you will be using your rented houseboat, you will go around seeing the sights and fishing the waters at your own pace, stopping wherever you want before moving on with your trip.

Vacationers do not have to rent houseboats from the companies around the lake. This is because there are marinas and boat launches around the lake where one can come with their houseboat. As expected, charges for docking at the marina and reserving spaces are a lot lower than renting a houseboat for the length of your fishing trip at Lake Powell.

One of the best marinas on the Arizona side of Lake Powell is the Wahweap Marina. On the opposite side of the lake (the Utah side of Lake Powell), the Bullfrog Marina is one of the top marinas. These two marinas offer houseboat owners an excellent starting point for their best houseboat fishing trips in Lake Powell, depending on which side of the lake they are.

If you do not own your houseboat, there is no need to worry. There are some houseboat rental providers around the lake. The best part is that because there are different companies, you can expect a wide range of houseboats to choose from and also affordable prices.

Lake Powell is one of the top locations for the best houseboat fishing trips. Apart from fishing trips, it offers a great sense of community because of the marinas and the many vessels and people visiting the destination at any given time, especially during the summer seasons.

4. Lake Cumberland

Kentucky houses Lake Cumberland, one of the best fishing lakes in the US. Apart from Shasta Lake in California, this lake has also earned the status of one of the premier destinations for the best houseboat fishing trips. It is undoubtedly one of the best locations for both houseboats and fishing lovers.

The destination receives a lot of visitors from different countries around the world. It’s the houseboat capital of the world. The destination can accommodate and is home to more than 15000 power and houseboats from all over the globe during its peak seasons.

Lake Cumberland has a shoreline of about 1225 miles and about 101 miles. One of the most interesting facts about the lake is that its water capacity is enough to encompass the whole of the state of Kentucky with about three inches of water.

A fishing license is required for those planning to experience the best houseboat fishing trips on the lake. This is per the laws of the state of Kentucky. One of the best things is that getting a fishing license does not cost much, and you can get one quickly.

The lake has some of the best houseboat renting companies any visitor can ask for. Jamestown Resort and Marina, Lake Cumberland Marina, and State Dock Marina are among the best companies to rent houseboats from while at this destination. They offer different types of houseboats offering different experiences such as basic and luxury. They also offer houseboats that can accommodate different numbers of people.

Lake Cumberland offers some of the best fishing grounds in the US and is very accommodating to people from all over the world. At any given time, many boats and houseboats are available at various marinas around the lake. It offers a fishing vacation and boating destination that is vibrant all year round.

However, we recommend getting your license before you get to the destination to avoid wasting time registering for one while on your vacation.

5. Raystown Lake

This is the only lake that provides the best houseboat fishing trips in Pennsylvania. It is the only houseboat vacation destination in the state. Due to this fact, it is a must-go vacation destination for everyone in the state and those vacationing in Pennsylvania who love their vacations, including houseboats and fishing.

The lake is situated in central Pennsylvania, and because of this, it is a mere 3 hours to Washington DC and another two and half hours to Philadelphia. Raystown Lake is close to a few state parks and one of the most recognized hiking trails - Mid State.

The houseboat rental companies available around the lake are designed to offer different services to meet the specific needs of their customers. For example, if you are a family that only wants to spend a few hours of houseboat fishing and then go back home, you can choose to rent houseboats from the Seven Points Marina company by the hour.

The company does offer rental by the day for those that want to stay longer and those on vacation.

Other activities are available for visitors of Raystown Lake besides houseboat fishing trips. Some of these include hiking, camping, and other recreational activities. This is a good way of breaking up the monotony of any houseboat fishing trip, especially for those planning a longer-than-usual vacation at the lake.

This destination offers one of the best houseboat fishing trips for family and friends. They also have various houseboat renting options for those who do not have their own. All these and other recreational activities around the lake make it a vacation destination worth a visit.


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