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Depending on where you plan to dock your houseboat, there are plenty of options with premium designs and features to consider for the saltwater too.

There are plenty of different houseboats for saltwater, but we rank the Savanti 31 Docksider as the number one overall option for a few reasons. It has the most modern design with a larger interior cabin for comfort. It also has an outside deck in the rear to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Saltwater is a very popular and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors. However, owning a houseboat might be a difficult task for most people in these conditions. There are many considerations you should think of before choosing your new houseboat for saltwater that get covered in this guide.

Living on a houseboat is an amazing experience, but saltwater is much more tricky. It is important to find a houseboat that is built properly for this environment to keep you safe and comfortable too.

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6 Best Houseboats For Saltwater

Most of the boats that you can find on the market today are made with a specific material that is not as resistant to saltwater. This is because they were designed in a different era or for a different purpose.

Only recently, has there been an increase in the production of boats that are made with materials that are more resistant to saltwater. You should consider working with an experienced boat designer who has experience in designing boats for saltwater to ensure that your boat lasts without much maintenance or repairs.

The best houseboats for saltwater can offer plenty of space and luxurious features for a relaxing time on the water. We have listed some of the best options below.

1. Savanti 31 Docksider

Picture of the Savanti 31 Docksider

The Savanti 31 Docksider is a houseboat made by Eco-Sea Cottages that can accommodate a small family with modern and advanced features for saltwater living. It’s also lightweight, easy to tow, and has enough space to handle all your gear.

When it comes to the design and aesthetic, this houseboat is not your traditional boat. It is stylish and sleek, with a brushed aluminum exterior and an interior that has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

It is also spacious with a king bedroom, bathroom, full list of operating appliances, and a beautiful deck on the exterior to enjoy the outdoors. This is an eco-friendly houseboat that is 100% turnkey upon purchase.  

If you want to change the way you are living today, check out this contemporary-style houseboat that will change your life on the water.

2. Destination Yachts Condos V-Series Full Hull

Picture of the Destination Yachts Condos V-Series Full Hull

The V-Series Full Hull houseboat from Destination Yachts Condos is a top-rated houseboat for saltwater with plenty of mobility. There are many features that the V-Series has to offer, one being its large size and modern interior design.

This boat design is perfect for use on larger vessels because it provides more stability and mobility than other designs that have an open hull design. It was built with safety in mind, with a high level of marine-grade construction materials throughout the boat.

The boat is perfectly designed to handle rough waters as well, making it one of the better options for anybody looking to trek through saltwater regularly where it may get a little choppy.

The design includes all appliances, bedrooms, bathrooms, and interior space for multiple people to live together. The upper deck of the boat is massive to lay out in the sun and enjoy the day too.

3. Catamaran Cruiser

Picture of the Catamaran Cruiser

The Catamaran Cruiser is a great houseboat for saltwater with many different sizes to fit every budget. This boat has all the features that you need to live comfortably, plus it is affordable.

The easy maneuverability; not only are they easy to get in and out of but they are also very stable compared to other types of houseboats. It is a more compact design, but depending on the size you buy there is plenty of space.

It also comes with a lot of features that make it a desirable houseboat for many people. It has a sleek design and is great for entertaining guests on the water.

The boat has many features such as an open floor plan, large cockpit, and front deck which make it one of the best choices when purchasing this type of boat.

4. MetroShip

Picture of the MetroShip

The MetroShip is a compact yet impressive houseboat that operates well on saltwater with extreme comfort. It has a spacious living area with appliances, bathrooms, and bedrooms for everybody to use.

The flexible design of the MetroShip makes it easily adaptable for safe and efficient dockings in any part of the world's coastlines. The MetroShip also includes all the necessary systems such as inflatable flotation devices and first aid equipment.

It has a spacious living area and can accommodate multiple people and guests. Its flexible design makes it easily adaptable for dockings in any part of the world's coastlines, while its safety systems such as inflatable flotation devices and first aid kit make sure its voyage is safe.

5. Bravada Yachts Atlas V Series

Picture of the Bravada Yachts Atlas V Series

The new Atlas V Series by Bravada Yachts is a premium luxury houseboat that is expensive but high-end in size and features. It has a built-in stunning outdoor living area and a spacious sundeck with an optional covered sundeck.

This boat includes five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two cabins, and one helm with lots of amenities. These amenities include a rear waterslide, sundeck with beds, a fire pit, and much more.

This boat comes with a big price tag, so you should expect to pay up for this amazing vessel. There are all appliances included with customer cabinets and a bespoke interior design too.

6. Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000

Picture of the Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000

The Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000 is a perfect houseboat option for saltwater with safety and comfort. It is designed for families and groups who want to enjoy the beauty of the water and the fun of living on a boat.

This houseboat is perfect for living in style and comfort on your own or entertaining guests in style and comfort. It is also spacious enough to accommodate guests while still providing a sense of seclusion for the owner.

It included two full-sized beds, built-in stereo systems, three captain chairs, and lots of interior space for storage and relaxation. Overall, this boat is compact but it provides excellent mobility if you plan to move around often.

How to Choose the Best Houseboat For Saltwater

Houseboats are boats that can be moored onshore or kept afloat on the water. They are often used as a vacation home or as a means of transportation due to their design.

The best houseboat for saltwater is one that can provide lots of relief from the hot weather, while still being spacious enough to have some fun. You should also consider the amount of space on the boat, your budget, the construction of the boat, and the type of houseboat you need.

To help narrow down your search, use these factors to find better options and match your needs with the best possible houseboat for saltwater.

Houseboat Size

Some people think that boat size is not as important as other factors such as the length of the trip, or comfort. However, what people might not know is that bigger boats don’t necessarily mean more safety.

When it comes to finding a boat for saltwater, what you need to consider first and foremost is the size of your houseboat for saltwater. The size of your boat will impact many different things, including the total cost.


When looking for a houseboat, one should consider what they can afford and how much they want to spend on a saltwater boat.

Saltwater boats are more expensive than inland boats and the price range varies depending on the size and type of boat. They tend to be more expensive because they are more durable with added features.

The price of a houseboat also depends on its size and location as well as what it comes with. So if you are looking for a smaller size boat with fewer features, you should expect to pay less.


If you are looking for a houseboat for saltwater, you need a very specific construction type that makes it capable of handling the elements. This includes a watertight hatch construction design and buoyancy material that allows the houseboat to stay put.

The engine type also determines whether or not it will be able to handle the saltwater. Despite these features, we still do not recommend crossing through the ocean unless your houseboat is a sailboat or yacht design.  

Houseboat Type

There are tons of different houseboats that work well in freshwater lakers, but your options are much more limited in saltwater. This is because the ocean tends to be harsh and much more difficult to use your boat in.

You can consider using a yacht, sailboat, or catamaran-style houseboat in saltwater. It should have stable enough construction with a bigger engine and extra support on the exterior finish of the boat.

Can Houseboats Go In The Ocean?

Houseboats aren’t designed for the ocean because the waters are rough. But if you opt for a yacht houseboat instead, it works well in the ocean. A yacht houseboat has a much smaller weight and speeds which makes them much more suitable to navigate in the ocean waters.

However, the majority of your traditional houseboats are not suitable to drive through the ocean. The design is durable enough to handle saltwater but the waves and rough tides will cause difficulties, making it only suitable for docking in these waters.

The unique design of houseboats allows them to stay afloat even when the oceans are rough, but these types of boats were originally designed for calm and serene waters for more comfortable living.

What Is The Best Type Of Houseboat For Saltwater?

The best type of houseboat for saltwater would be one with an outboard motor for easy maneuverability and more speed. They are also lightweight, which makes them easier to transport on land or water.

It will also depend on how you plan to dock this particular boat. For example, some options will be better suited to drive regularly on the ocean like a Yacht but a floating home would not handle this as well.


Pontoon boats are typically sturdy and can usually withstand any kind of weather conditions. However, they are not the best choice for sailing through rough waves.

They don't have sufficient buoyancy to take on large waves and can cause damage to the user's boat if they get thrown up in the air by them.

If you intend to use a pontoon boat in saltwater, be sure you intend to keep it docked often in a location that does not experience the rough waters too much.

Floating Home

The floating homes have gradually become popular in recent years because they provide many benefits - including lower costs for homeownership and less environmental impact due to minimal impact on surrounding environments by being built of marine.

However, it is important to avoid the use of this house through waves and rough water. The perfect example of this home is the Savanti 31 Docksider, because it is perfectly built for saltwater but in calm waters.


A Yacht is one of the best houseboats for saltwater and the ocean because it can handle the waves and tide. It is a boat that can be moved regularly, giving you an adventure with a variety of activities or just cruising on its own.

It is a great houseboat to have if you are going to live on the water or go out on your boat regularly.


A sailboat is a more compact version of a houseboat but it is a great option for saltwater and the ocean. It has low maintenance costs, requires no dock, doesn't need to be tied up or docked anywhere.

A sailboat is smaller but it provides the same living space as the larger boat. It also does not require extensive maintenance on your part, making it very easy to use and live on.


With a catamaran, you can enjoy the luxury of living on the water while still being close to shore. The catamaran is a houseboat that is smaller than a yacht but remains durable in saltwater.

They are also relatively easy to transport and can be hauled on top of a pickup truck. The key features of the catamaran are its stability, speed and maneuverability.