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A houseboat is a wonderful way to relax on the water. But what are the best houseboats to buy if you're looking for one. 

Some of the best houseboats to buy include the Lux Series Sumerset houseboat, the V-Series from Destination Yachts, the Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000, the Catamaran Cruiser, the Limbo, the Label, and the License to Chill (what a name).

When you decide to purchase a houseboat, you should know that it will not be as straightforward as buying a car or a house. That's because of the added element - water, that your houseboat will be floating on. This means you have to consider multiple factors before you can make a choice.

Luckily, as the experts in all things houseboat-related, we are here to help guide you through the process of finding the right type of houseboat that suits your needs. If you're looking for the best houseboats to buy, you've come to the right place.

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The Lux Series

For a good reason, the Lux Series Sumerset houseboat is one of the most popular family houseboats today. Aside from its affordable price, it has a long list of features that will fit into any lifestyle. A 27-inch stacked washer/dryer, a stainless steel dishwasher, a built-in microwave, and a stainless steel refrigerator are among the equipment included. The custom features include a water slide with a lake-water pump, a fiberglass party-top extension, and various other family-friendly add-ons.

This houseboat is equipped to meet the demands of all family members. Some of the highlights of this houseboat are its attractively low price tag and the fact that you get many of the amenities that one would expect in a high-end houseboat. From extravagant interiors to spacious exteriors and a plethora of amenities, the Lux Series Sumerset is a winner for the budget-class houseboats.


While the previous option on this list was ideal for those looking to have their houseboat moored on a lake, the V-Series from Destination Yachts sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. With this houseboat, you can expect to cross oceans while lounging in your living room (on a boat!). One of the main selling points of the V-Series is the fact that it comes with two compartmented hulls, which is ideal for making sure the vessel remains stable while traveling through rough waters.

Apart from the maximum stability that the V-Series offers, you also get a plethora of other features such as the swim platform ladder, jet ski ramp, a wet slide sun lounge, and much more. Furthermore, it is also possible to personalize this houseboat to make it more suitable for your needs. While the V-Series is certainly packed with features and amenities, it does have a slightly higher price tag, but that should not be a problem for houseboat enthusiasts.

The Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000

Picture of the The Gibson Cabin Yacht 5000

There is hardly a marina or houseboat enthusiast in the world who has not heard of Gibson Boats. The manufacturer is a well-known name, both in the US and abroad, for its series of well-thought-of houseboats. While Gibson Boats have built many best sellers in the past, it is easy to see why the Cabin Yacht 5000 is being praised by those who own it and those who want it. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Cabin Yacht 5000 is all that you would need from a houseboat in terms of style and functionality, and then some.

More importantly, this houseboat has been designed to make living on a houseboat fun again. Expect to find many great features and amenities, including new appliances, full-size beds (two of them), and a fully carpeted interior. This is one spacious houseboat with some great features and amenities, which gives you the best bang for your buck.

Stardust Cruisers Houseboat

Picture of the Stardust Cruisers Houseboat

If you're looking for lots of space and the ultimate luxury houseboat experience (and you have money to spare), why not go all out with the Stardust Cruisers Houseboat? This is a conventional houseboat with some extraordinary features that also give you a healthy dose of style and comfort, which is always nice for a houseboat. The vessel has been built with high-quality fiberglass, making it 100% eco-friendly.

Currently, you can choose between the direct drive or V-Drive power configuration, which is a great way to have better control over the houseboat while traveling. What sets this houseboat apart from the rest is that it is basically a hybrid between a houseboat and a yacht, so you are able to get the best of both worlds. This houseboat is also fully customizable, so it can be designed specifically for your needs.


This houseboat, which measures 36 feet by 14 feet, has an open plan that gives it a greater impression. A full-size bed with built-in storage drawers and a separate single sleeping bunk for guests are available in the cabin.

The kitchen boasts slate-tile flooring and porcelain fittings. The walls are made from reclaimed wood with a satin finish throughout the house. A small fireplace is also located immediately off the kitchen. The covered outside deck has more storage space and can accommodate a small table and a few seats.

Whitewood II

Picture of the Whitewood II

This 17-year-old motorboat was refurbished in 2011 at Lee's Ford Marina on Lake Cumberland, making it the most affordable houseboat in our assortment. It can accommodate up to six people in two cabins and a dinette table that converts to a bed. There's a three-burner stove, coffeemaker, microwave, and AC/DC refrigerator in the kitchen.

License to Chill

Picture of the License to Chill

If you haven't guessed it by the name already, this is one cool houseboat. In the License to Chill, you get not one, but two queen bedrooms, a cuddy cabin with two twin beds, and a smaller room with a twin bed that also serves as an office are available on this houseboat. Modern lighting fixtures and a breakfast bar with seating for four can be found in the kitchen.

A front deck on the main floor is spacious enough for an outdoor dining table and numerous seats. There is a bar, a hot tub, and a water slide on the second floor. The boat is 84 feet by 17 feet and is moored at the Waterside Marina on Norris Lake, where it also has a covered dock for sale.


Picture of the Limbo Houseboat

If you want a houseboat that is large enough to give you that homely feel, then why not go with something like the Limbo? This houseboat boasts a fireplace in the living area and an upgraded kitchen with stainless steel equipment. The third-level terrace has a hot tub and a sunbathing space.

It's moored in the Lake Union Waterfront neighborhood, in a condo-style slip on the less-traveled end of the dock, with an uninterrupted view of downtown Seattle and iconic sites like the Space Needle and Gas Works Park. Water, garbage, power, common-area maintenance, and community reserves are all covered by the $272 monthly HOA charge. A reserved garage parking place is also included, as well as a gym subscription. And, in case you were wondering, pets are permitted on the premises.

The Catamaran Cruiser

Picture of the The Catamaran Cruiser

If you are looking for a houseboat but aren't too bothered about design and style, go with the modest Catamaran Cruiser. The Catamaran Cruiser is an excellent choice to consider if you're searching for a cheap houseboat. This floating home, measuring 10' x 35', was designed with the first-time houseboat owner in mind.

Don't be fooled by its little stature. It has a large kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and a wide bathroom with plenty of room to move about. The boat features a big 300 sq. ft. deck that's excellent for lounging or entertaining on those days when you want to enjoy the outside views of the lake around your property. This houseboat is not only affordable but also happens to be one of the best-selling beginner houseboats and really gives you a sense of what you're getting into (literally!) if you've never stepped into or lived on a houseboat before.

This houseboat is also great for beginners because it offers plenty of interior and exterior space, so you don't get that claustrophobic feeling once you're inside. If functionality means more to you than looks, then the Catamaran Cruiser should be right up your alley.

Contact a Houseboat Manufacturer

Depending on where you live, it may be possible to contact a houseboat manufacturer who can build you a houseboat according to your requirements and budget. Many manufacturers tailor their houseboats to the demands of their customers, offering a variety of options to select from. Houseboat manufacturers have to build these vessels using both house and boat components, and other components such as motors or air conditioning systems are often sourced from other manufacturers.

Manufacturers will also provide value-added services such as maintenance, warranties, and possible modifications to guarantee your comfort throughout the houseboat's lifetime. The good news is, houseboat manufacturers can build either standard, luxury, or custom houseboats, depending on your requirements.

Since these houseboat manufacturers hire experts, such as engineers and designers accordingly, it is best to choose a houseboat manufacturer who has experience building the specific type of houseboat you're looking for.