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Key Takeaways

  • Hoverboarding on lakes is an actual activity drawing enthusiasts nationwide.
  • Selected lakes provide ideal conditions for both newcomers and experienced riders.
  • Ensuring safety and adhering to regulations enhances the hoverboarding experience.

Ever dreamed of gliding on water with a hoverboard?

It's not just a sci-fi fantasy anymore!

Experience the thrill as you zip across the serene faces of some of America's most stunning lakes.

From the mirror-like surfaces of Lake Tahoe to the bustling shores of Lake Havasu, embarking on a hoverboard session across these spectacular water bodies is an adventure you won't forget.

We're passionate about taking you on this aquatic journey.

With deep insights into the locations that blend natural beauty with the excitement of cutting-edge technology, we ensure your hoverboard sessions are not just fun, but also safe and memorable.

Let's discover the lakes that offer the perfect stage for your hoverboarding escapade.

Table of contents


Lake Havasu, Arizona/California

Have you ever dreamed of gliding across the water like a superhero?

Lake Havasu might just be your ticket to thrill.

Straddling the border between Arizona and California, Lake Havasu boasts 19,300 acres of crystal-clear waters and is a favorite for hoverboard enthusiasts like you.

Why choose Lake Havasu for your hoverboard session?

Let's dive into some quick stats: With 60 miles of navigable waters and a unique landscape that blends water with desert vistas, the area is perfect for an unforgettable adventure.

But wait, there's more!

Before you zip across the water, let’s make sure you’re clued in:

  • Hovercraft Tours: The lake's versatility allows you to explore both land and water seamlessly.
  • Portable Watercraft: You're free to launch pretty much anywhere, but the Parker Dam Launch is a scenic spot you shouldn't miss.

Now, don't forget while you're zooming around, you're sharing the lake with anglers and houseboats:

  • Fishing Haven: Lake Havasu is a magnet for those seeking to reel in bass, stripers and more. Remember, a California or Arizona fishing license and a Colorado River stamp are required should you decide to cast a line.
  • Houseboat Hotspot: With its massive surface area, the lake is a popular choice for houseboat vacations, so wave to your floating neighbours!

Pack your sunscreen and get ready to make waves at Lake Havasu.

Who knows, you might even start planning your next visit before you dry off!

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Have you ever stood on a hoverboard, gliding effortlessly over water as clear as crystal?

Imagine doing just that on the majestic Lake Tahoe, where the water itself beckons you for an unforgettable hoverboarding adventure.

Straddling California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe isn't just another lake; it’s a hoverboarding paradise with breathtaking alpine views that could make you forget you're not flying!

Why Lake Tahoe?

  • Crystal-clear water: Perfect for hoverboarding and seeing right down into the depths!
  • Size Matters: At a whopping 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, there's more than enough room for everyone.
  • Calm surfaces: The lake’s calm waters make for smooth riding.

Hoverboard away!

Equipped with your trusty hoverboard, you have access to:

  • Scenic vistas: Glide along with a backdrop of towering mountains.
  • Accessible launch spots: Numerous beaches and docks provide easy starts for your session.
  • Friendly conditions: Summer months offer ideal hoverboarding weather with warm temperatures.

Quick facts:

  • Location: Lake Tahoe sits proudly at 6,225 feet above sea level, bordered by peaks that reach for the sky.
  • Availability: The vast expanse of Lake Tahoe is open to hoverboard enthusiasts throughout the warmer times of the year.

Did you know that on a clear day, the waters of Lake Tahoe can show you wonders up to 75 feet below?

Don't forget your camera; the shimmering blue waters against the Sierra Nevada will leave you in awe!

Remember to check local regulations as you plan your hoverboarding escapades.

Now, go out there, find your balance on the water, and ride with the spirit of adventure that Lake Tahoe embodies!

Lake Travis, Texas

Hey there!

Fancy a glide over water with your hoverboard?

Well, Lake Travis in Texas is your go-to destination!

Just picture yourself hovering over its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the serene beauty of rolling hills.

Isn't that the stuff dream days are made of?

But let’s talk specifics - why exactly is Lake Travis a hoverboarder’s haven?

  • Accessibility: Just a stone’s throw from Austin, getting there is a breeze.
  • The Waters: With its plethora of tranquil coves, Lake Travis offers smooth rides and perfect spots for all skill levels.
  • Plenty to Do: After a hoverboard session, you’ve got zip-lining or boating as great follow-up activities.


I hear you ask.

Well, while hoverboarding cost can vary, you’ll find the lake’s recreational activities pretty reasonable.

Remember to check for any specific fees and opening times before you go!

Here's a pro tip: Weekdays might see fewer crowds, so you can have more of the lake to yourself, making it easier to practice those hoverboard flips or simply enjoy uninterrupted gliding.

The weekends are more lively if that's more your jam!

And who could forget safety?

Always wear a life jacket.

Better safe than sorry, right?

So grab your hoverboard, slap on some sunscreen, and make a splash at Lake Travis!

Who knows, you might just nail that new trick you’ve been practicing or simply soak in the sun and good vibes.

See you on the water!

Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

Ever imagined gliding across a mirror-like lake, surrounded by towering red cliffs under a vast blue sky?

Well, say hello to Lake Powell, your hoverboarding dream destination!

Nestled on the border between Utah and Arizona, this man-made wonder isn't just another lake—it's a thrilling canvas for your aquatic exploits.

Why choose Lake Powell for your hoverboard session, you ask?

Picture this:

  • Crystal Clear Waters: Glide atop the glassy surface and peer into the depths as you witness the clarity of this reservoir.
  • Winding Waterways: Navigate through snaking canyons and discover hidden enclaves tailor-made for exploration.
  • Iconic Scenery: With the sun casting a warm glow on the red rock canyons, every turn offers a photo op begging to share with friends.

Lake Powell boasts over 2,000 miles of shoreline, which is more than the whole west coast of the continental United States.

And if you're up for some extra adventure, there's the famed Rainbow Bridge National Monument—just a boat trip away.

You've got to check out its majestic span; it's a sight to behold!

So, what's on the agenda?

  • Early Morning Bliss: Catch the sunrise and the tranquil waters at their calmest—perfect for beginners.
  • Lone Rock: Show off your skills against the backdrop of this epic rock formation.
  • Secluded Bays: Fancy a private session? The lake's numerous side canyons offer the peaceful solitude you crave.

Remember, Lake Powell's popularity means it gets busy, so plan for an early start to beat the rush.

Now, aren't you eager to hop on a hoverboard and make some waves?

Lake Powell is waiting for your splash!

Lake Michigan, Michigan

Ever wanted to hoverboard on a giant mirror of water, with the sun warming your back and soft sand waiting to greet you after an epic session?

Welcome to Lake Michigan!

This isn’t your average pond or stream; it's one of the magnificent Great Lakes and an absolute jewel for hoverboarding aficionados like you.

Here's the scoop:

  • Water Clarity: We’re talking visibility for days! Lake Michigan is known for its clear waters, so you can see the aquatic world beneath your hoverboard.
  • Shoreline: Miles of sandy beaches hug the lake, making entry and exit points a breeze.
  • Best Times to Ride:
Season Wind Conditions Crowd Levels
Spring Light to Moderate Fewer Paddlers
Early Fall Usually Calm Comfortable

Got a fondness for wildlife?

Keep your eyes peeled for friendly fish, diving water birds, and even the occasional beaver.

No, they won’t ask for a ride, but they'll surely add some charm to your adventure!

Fancy some landmarks while cruising?

Paddle out from Silver Beach and wave at the St.

Joseph North Pier Lighthouse – it’s a sight to behold from the waterline.

If you're into thrills, the shifting dune cliffs near Glen Haven Beach will have you feeling like you're hovering alongside mountains!

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Keep an eye on boat traffic and know the local rules before you take off.

And don’t worry about the logistics; thanks to the ease of access to many points along the shore, your hoverboarding day is pretty much hassle-free.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your board, hit Lake Michigan, and make a splash in hoverboarding heaven!

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Have you ever skimmed across the water on a hoverboard, with a gentle breeze swirling around you?

Lake Lanier, just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, is the perfect place for that exhilarating experience.

Picture yourself cruising over the lake's mirror-like surface – it's no wonder hoverboarding enthusiasts flock here.

Curious about what makes Lake Lanier so special?

Aside from its vastness, which includes 700 miles of shoreline, the lake's islands and hidden coves create an adventurous setting.

Imagine gliding around an island and discovering a secluded bay – a secret spot where only your hoverboard can take you.

It's not just the hoverboard sessions that make Lake Lanier a gem.

This lake commands attention with over 11 million visitors annually.

Why so popular?

Well, Lake Lanier isn't just a body of water; it's a hub of activity:

  • Fishing: Cast a line and wait for that thrilling tug.
  • Hiking: Explore the 7-mile trail when you're ready to dry off.

And when the day's done, you've still got scenic parks and campgrounds for that well-deserved rest.

Plus, the array of local marinas means you're never far from amenities or a friendly community.

So, why not grab your hoverboard and head to Lake Lanier?

With its inviting waters and hospitable shores, it's a spot that promises fun and a hint of adventure every time you visit.

Ready to glide along Georgia's favorite waterway?

Lake Lanier awaits your next hoverboard session!

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Ever fancied a hoverboard session on a lake so clear you'd swear you could see your reflection from space?

Well, maybe not from space, but Lake Geneva in Wisconsin comes pretty close!

You're looking at a bustling hub known for its transparent aquamarine waters that beckon hoverboard enthusiasts like birds to the spring sky.

Did you know this spot is one of the largest and deepest inland lakes in Wisconsin?

And the best bit — it's renowned for its pristine condition.

So why not glide on the water's surface and marvel at the grandeur of estates along its shores?

Imagine kicking off your day at one of the beaches or parks along the lake.

We're talking about places like Riviera Beach or Big Foot Beach State Park — yes, you read that right!

Want the insider scoop?

Try to catch a hoverboarding session during Lake Geneva's Winterfest; it's an experience you'll brag about for years.

  • When to visit? How about a cool hoverboard ride when the lake’s nice and frozen? The season typically starts in January and rocks on until the ice bids farewell.
  • Hours for fun? Generally, it's 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but pro tip: check for extended hours during special events like Winterfest!

Rent or bring your own gear; it's all part of the adventure at Lake Geneva.

And let's not forget, beyond the modern-day thrills, this lake has a history of attracting Chicago's elite after the Great Fire of 1871.

Imagine hoverboarding alongside the shadows of the Wrigleys and the Schwinn family!

In short, Lake Geneva offers you a sweet mix of natural beauty, historical prestige, and a solid icy platform for your next hoverboard escapade.

Are you ready to make some waves?

Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona

Ever imagined hoverboarding over a vast expanse of water with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair?

Look no further than Lake Mead, the expansive body of water straddling Nevada and Arizona.

Created by the Hoover Dam, this lake is not just a spectacular sight to behold; it's a hoverboarder's paradise!

Why Lake Mead, you ask?

Picture yourself gliding over 1.5 million acres of crystal-clear waters, enveloped by a stunning desert backdrop.

With temperatures warm enough to make your sessions utterly enjoyable, Lake Mead is a year-round destination for water enthusiasts.

Here’s a quick peek at what makes Lake Mead an incredible spot for your next hoverboard adventure:

  • Weather: Mostly sunny skies and pleasant water temperatures.
  • Accessibility: Just a 45-minute drive from the buzz of Las Vegas.
  • Size: Enormous, with more shoreline than the entire state of Hawaii!

But it's not just about the size; it’s also about the accessibility.

Not too far from the glitter of Las Vegas, Lake Mead is the perfect escape to nature's embrace.

And with such extensive shores, you'll always find a new cove or hidden beach to make your hoverboard start pad for the day.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes in the hoverboard lifestyle, Lake Mead serves up the perfect blend of excitement and serenity.

So, have you got your gear ready?

Every visit to Lake Mead is an open invitation to craft a new tale of adventure on the waves.

Remember, with great size comes a great number of spots to explore.

Will you find your favorite hoverboarding nook today?

Come on over and find out!

Lake Norman, North Carolina

Have you ever glided across the water on a hoverboard, feeling like you're surfing on air?

If that's a no, then you've got to check out Lake Norman in North Carolina!

With its 520 miles of stunning shoreline, it's the largest man-made lake in the state, beckoning hoverboard enthusiasts and water sports lovers with its crystal-clear waters.

What's there to explore?

Well, Lake Norman isn't just big; it's huge at around 32,500 acres.

Imagine all the space you have to show off your hoverboarding skills!

It's shaped like a "Y," so you can bet there are plenty of coves and inlets to discover.

Each turn is a new adventure — perfect for those of you who love a bit of mystery with your board time.

Looking for a place to start?

Here's what you need to know:

  • Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville are your gateways to the lake.
  • From boat and jet ski rentals, you'll find everything you need to amp up the fun.

Imagine the sensation of hovering over the serene water, with the sun on your back and a gentle breeze in your hair.

Lake Norman offers this and more.

Whether you're a hoverboard rookie or a seasoned pro, there's something thrilling about carving through the water here.

Do keep in mind that safety comes first!

Lakes can be unpredictable, so ensure you're geared up with a life vest and are aware of the lake's conditions.

With that said, why wait?

Your next hoverboard session at Lake Norman could be the highlight of your summer!

Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Have you heard of Lake Okeechobee?

It's not just another lake—it's the biggest freshwater lake in all of Florida.

Picture this: 730 square miles of open water, inviting you to hop on a hoverboard and glide across its surface.

Let's talk size, because Okeechobee is truly a giant.

Spanning about 467,000 acres, and despite its shocking average depth of just 9 feet, it has earned an outsized reputation for being a flourishing spot for bass fishing.

You're practically gliding over a fishing paradise!

So, what makes Lake Okeechobee a top pick for hoverboard enthusiasts like you?

  • Warm Climate: Year-round sun gives you the green light for a hoverboarding session whenever your heart desires.
  • Scenic Views: It's not just about the hoverboard rush. Your eyes will thank you for the lush landscapes and panoramic sights.

Planning your visit couldn't be easier.

The lake is known for its accessible shoreline, making it a breeze to start your adventure.

Whether you're cruising at dawn or catching the golden sunset, it's a moment tailor-made for Instagram.

Curious about local lore?

Lake Okeechobee's name itself is a nod to its grandeur, coming from indigenous words meaning "big water." Simple?


But also a testament to the lake's enduring presence in the heart of Florida's freshwater scene.

Remember, it's not just about the size or the views—it's the whole experience that counts.

And Lake Okeechobee delivers that without skipping a beat.

So why not make it your next hoverboard destination?