10 Best Lakes for Wakeboarding Competitions | LakeWizard

Key Takeaways

  • Wakeboarding lakes offer thrills and ideal conditions for competition.
  • Expert recommendations highlight the top spots for wakeboarders.
  • Each lake provides a unique experience for competitors and fans.

Ever had that rush of adrenaline while gliding over water?

Wakeboarding brings that thrill, and competitions amplify it.

Looking for the ultimate stage to showcase your flips and spins?

The perfect wakeboarding lake is out there, waiting for you and your board.

You're probably seeking a place that combines ideal conditions with stunning scenery—a location where the water feels almost custom-made for your ride.

We've scoured the landscape and consulted the experts.

You can trust us to guide you toward the top lakes that wakeboard enthusiasts swear by, each offering the right blend of smooth surfaces, ample space, and that exclusive vibe competitive riders crave.

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Lake Austin (Texas)

Have you heard?

Lake Austin is the place to be for wakeboarding!

Not only do the calm waters make for perfect conditions, but the stunning views?

Talk about a picture-perfect backdrop for your aerial stunts!

Here's what you need to know about this wakeboarder's paradise:

  • Accessibility: Easily reachable from the heart of Austin, you're never too far from the fun.
  • Water conditions: Typically smooth as glass, they're ideal for all skill levels. Beginners, experts—everyone gets a shot at greatness here.
  • Scenery: Nestled among lush greenery, the views are more than Instagram-worthy.

Wakeboarding Competitions?

You bet!

Lake Austin’s reputation often sees it hosting a variety of events throughout the year.

It's a prime spot for enthusiasts looking to compete or just kick back and watch the pros in action.


  • Boat rentals
  • Local expert guides
  • Delicious food joints nearby

It's no wonder why homes along this gorgeous lake are so coveted.

Sure, they might be pricey, but can you really put a price on wakeboarding paradise at your doorstep?

Now, before you rush off to grab your board and hit the waves, remember these tidbits:

  • Peak Times: Mornings and evenings offer the calmest waters—prime time for shredding!
  • Community: There's a vibrant wakeboarding community here, always ready to welcome newcomers. Don't be shy, say hi!

So, what do you say?

Ready to carve up the waters of Lake Austin?

See you out there!

Lake Shasta (California)

Have you ever experienced the thrill of wakeboarding on glass-like water, with the sun warming your back?

Well, Lake Shasta is where you'd want to drop your board in.

Nestled 10 miles north of Redding, this stunning reservoir is a wakeboarder's dream come true!

Picture this: endless coves and inlets with the smoothest water you've ever seen, all beckoning you to showcase your best tricks.

Why is Lake Shasta perfect for wakeboarding competitions?

It's simple:

  • Smooth, calm waters ideal for wakeboarding
  • Ample space with numerous coves to perform tricks
  • Warm water that just feels right

Plus, Lake Shasta isn't just about the superb conditions; it's also about the vibrant community.

Whether you're a local or an out-of-towner, you'll find fellow wakeboard enthusiasts here, making it not only a top wakeboarding spot but also a hub for making new friends and sharing experiences.

The glassy waters are practically made for showing off your wakeboarding skills!

On any given day, you might witness:

  • Local Competitions: Join or watch as wakeboarders flip and spin.
  • Wakeboarding Outings: Groups gather to enjoy the sport.
  • New Connections: Where newbies and pros mingle.

So, what do you say?

Ready to join the ranks of wakeboarders who have found their slice of heaven at Lake Shasta?

Remember, it's not just about competing; it's also about soaking up the good times on one of California's best lakes for wakeboarding!

Lake Havasu (Arizona/California)

Have you heard about Lake Havasu?

Straddling the border between Arizona and California, this lake is a gem for water enthusiasts like you.

Imagine gliding across the surface on your wakeboard, the sun kissing your skin, and that rush of adrenaline when you catch the perfect wave.

Size and Location:

  • Surface Area: Nearly 20,000 acres
  • Shoreline: Over 250 miles
  • States: Arizona and California

Why Lake Havasu?

  • Perfect Climate: With the sun beaming down almost year-round, you never have to worry about a chill.
  • Eventful Shores: Known to house some thrilling wakeboarding competitions, Lake Havasu has the vibe and the facilities.

What to Expect:

  • Glassy Waters: Early morning or late afternoon rides offer the smoothest experiences.
  • Scenic Views: Red sandstone cliffs and desert mountains frame your every move.

And hey, it’s not all about wakeboarding, right?

Though, who could blame you if it was?

This lake is a natural hotspot for watersports galore.

Feeling social?

You might spot a houseboat or two; give them a wave!

Tips for Your Trip:

  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Check the local event schedules to catch a competition.
  • Don't forget your camera. Those red cliffs at sunset? #NoFilter needed.

So, when are you planning your Lake Havasu adventure?

Just remember to pack the essentials and your sense of adventure.

Who knows, maybe I'll see you there, making waves and turning heads with your mad wakeboarding skills!

Lake Powell (Arizona/Utah)

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of wakeboarding against a backdrop that looks straight out of a postcard?

Well, pack your gear, because Lake Powell is where that dream comes to life!

Straddling the border between Arizona and Utah, this wakeboarding hub is not just about the thrill – it treats you to some of the most breathtaking red rock vistas.

Curious about how vast this place is?

Imagine a lake so vast that it boasts nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline.

And it's not just its expanse; the waters are as clear as they come, promising that every jump and flip feels like soaring over glass.

Now, let's talk about launching off into that crisp, deep blue water.

Lake Powell isn't shy about its size either.

Stretching over 186 miles in length, it gives you more than plenty of room to cut loose.

With more than 1,900 miles of shoreline twisting through sandstone canyons, you have endless nooks and crannies to find that perfect wakeboarding spot.

Competing here isn't just another notch on the belt; it's a quest amidst red sandstone cliffs, crystal waters, and unbeatable scenery.

And the best part?

The weather almost always plays nice, allowing for wakeboarding events throughout most of the year.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re gearing up for a competition or just looking to catch some air on those waves, Lake Powell is calling your name.ARATION

Lake Lanier (Georgia)

Hey there, water sports aficionado!

Ever wondered where in Georgia you can combine smooth waters and competition vibes for your wakeboarding adventures?

Well, have you heard of Lake Lanier?

Just a stone's throw away from Atlanta, this gem provides just the perfect set-up for riders like you seeking to shred some waves or maybe even compete.

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Near Atlanta, Georgia
  • Known For: Smooth water conditions, ideal for wakeboarding

Now, let's talk shop.

Peak Season runs from May 15th to September 18th, where you can expect a lot of activity and some higher prices — about $275 per hour, plus tax and fees.

But don't let that deter you.

The off-peak season, which is from April 1st to May 14th & September 19th to October 31st, offers a lighter hit on the wallet, priced around $235 per hour, plus tax and fees.

What's unique here?

Well, Ride Wake and Surf Company takes pride in offering top-notch wake surfing lessons from certified operators.

Safety and fun are key, so they make sure you’re in good hands.

With their specialized instruction and brand new MasterCraft boats each season, you’re sure to catch the best waves possible.

And don't worry about equipment; they've got you covered!

And in case you're curious, here's a pro tip.

Lake Lanier's wake is often compared to ocean waves — which is quite a feat for a lake!

This means you can enjoy a similar vibe without the saltwater taste.

Plus, for those who prefer wake surfing, you can trail the boat without being tethered, giving you the ultimate feeling of freedom.

So, ready to make a splash at Lake Lanier?

Grab your gear, and maybe I'll see you out there riding the wake like a pro!

Table Rock Lake (Missouri)

Ever fancied gliding across the water with nothing but a board and your bravery?

Then, you'll want to zip on over to Table Rock Lake in the heart of Missouri!

Built in 1958, this man-made gem is a paradise for enthusiasts itching for some wakeboarding action.

What makes Table Rock Lake a wakeboarder's delight?

Well, for starters, its massive waterfront.

With over 800 miles of shoreline, you've got plenty of space to carve out your wake without bumping into a boatload of anglers.

And, if you love a good watersport trend, you're in for a treat because this spot is also rich with watersports history.

It's where waterskiing boats got their start, and subsequent water frolics like jump, trick, slalom, and barefoot skiing took shape.

Before you strap in, chew on these cool facts: Table Rock Lake covers roughly 43,000 acres of surface area with water levels that can make your playground even bigger.

And that's not even touching on the scenery!

Imagine: Your board's spray against a backdrop of lush landscapes.

Pretty perfect, right?

For the competition chasers, you already know the drill.

It's not just about enjoying the sport, but also about that sweet taste of victory.

At Table Rock Lake, the competitive spirit is alive and well.

With high-level wakeboarding events making waves here, you will be competing in a place that's seen many a trophy raised.

Remember, when you're wakeboarding at Table Rock Lake, you're cruising on a piece of history.

So, grab your gear, and let's make some waves!

Who knows, maybe you'll be part of the next trend in watersports history to come out of this hotspot.

Lake Norman (North Carolina)

Hey there, water sports aficionado!

If you're on the hunt for a fabulous wakeboarding spot, guess what?

You've hit the jackpot with Lake Norman in North Carolina.

It's not just any lake; it's the largest man-made lake around these parts, giving you loads of room to shred the waves.

Wondering what's in store for you here?

Let’s dive in!

On any given day, Lake Norman's expansive waters become a playground for wakeboarding enthusiasts.

You’re in for a real treat, thanks to the 340-acre secluded section that says no to power boats.

That means smooth sailing—or shall I say, wakeboarding!

  • Hey, Families! Fancy some lakeside bliss? This family-friendly zone’s got you covered with kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals from April to October.

But wait, there’s more!

Ride LKN Wake & Surf Co, with their stellar reputation, offers an impressive experience.

With over 550 five-star reviews, you’re assured quality time on the water.

They specialize in wake surfing and wakeboarding.

Plus, tubing and cruising charters are part of the package.

Ready to level up your wakeboarding game?

Whether you're a newbie or looking to hone those slick moves, Ride LKN Wake & Surf Co provides lessons and has created ripples since 2018.

They also run kids’ summer camps, so the little ones aren’t left out.

  • Did you know? Lake Norman’s boat rentals aren’t your run-of-the-mill. They come with new 2023 MasterCraft boats, led by US Coast Guard Master Captains. Top-notch wake gear? Check. Liquid Force and SoulCraft have you sorted.

So there you have it, your next wakeboarding destination with a mix of tranquility and thrill.

Lake Norman is calling – will you answer the splash?

Lake Sammamish (Washington)

Ever been to Lake Sammamish for wakeboarding?

Let me paint you a picture: Just 15 miles from Seattle sits this stunning 4,853-acre haven of water sports.

Whether you're a newbie or basically a dolphin with a board, this place is your aquatic playground.

  • Where? Just a 20-minute drive east of Seattle.
  • Activities? Get stoked because you've got everything from wakeboarding to jet skiing on this lake.

Did I mention the state park wrapping around it?

Yep, Lake Sammamish State Park is a hot spot with two popular beaches: Sunset and Tibbetts.

Excellent for warming up pre-comp or chilling out after a day of shredding waves.

But wait, it's not just sand and sun:

  • Sunset Beach and Tibbetts Beach: Prime spots for some pre-competition relaxation.

Hey, wakeboarders - want to catch that perfect wave without the oops-I-crashed-into-a-fisherman scenario?

This is your lake.

The vast area and minimal activity restrictions mean you're free to carve that water to your heart’s delight.

  • Watersports: Beyond wakeboarding, try jet skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Lake Sammamish, with its alluring calm waters and scenic views, offers a spectacular experience and is an ideal location for wakeboarding competitions.

Plus, when you need a break from the adrenaline rush, remember the biking, hiking, and picnicking spots waiting for you onshore.

Now, isn't that the perfect combo for a summer day?

Lake Oroville (California)

Have you ever glided across a lake with the sun warming your skin and the breeze gently ruffling your hair?

Lake Oroville offers that and more for wakeboard enthusiasts like you.

Created in the 1960s and nestled in Northern California, this reservoir isn't just a body of water—it's a wakeboarder's paradise.

  • Built: 1960s
  • Filled: 1968
  • Maximum Depth: 690 feet
  • Shoreline: 167 miles

Imagine the thrill of wakeboarding over its vast surface, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

With a water volume that once reached 3,537,577 acre-feet, you’ll find the space you need to nail those jumps and flips without bumping into others.

Are you looking for a smooth surface for your next competition?

Look no further!

Lake Oroville's expansive waters promise minimal chop, courtesy of the Oroville Dam's design.

Plus, the Feather River forks provide additional nooks for perfecting your moves.

Remember, though, while the numbers are impressive, it’s the community and the shared passion for wakeboarding that make Lake Oroville genuinely exceptional.

So, pack your gear, rally your friends, and see for yourself why Lake Oroville is more than just statistics—it's a wakeboarding community's dream.

Lake Hartwell (Georgia/South Carolina)

Have you heard about Lake Hartwell?

It's that sparkling gem that sits right on the edge where Georgia meets South Carolina!

Whether you're gunning for a thrilling ride on a wakeboard or just looking to cheer at the next big competition, Lake Hartwell is the place to be.

Why Lake Hartwell for Wakeboarding?

  • Almost 1,000 miles of shoreline: Imagine all the perfect spots to catch some waves!
  • Spacious and serene waters: With a generous spread across two states, there's enough room for everyone to have their slice of wakeboarding paradise.
  • Host to several competitions: The lake's reputation for hosting wakeboarding events means you'll be treading (or should we say riding) where the experts do!

Facilities and Access Points:

  • Multiple marinas like Clemson Marina and Harbor Light Marina dot the shoreline.
  • With over 15 day-use areas, there's no shortage of spots to set up for a day of splashing fun.

Fishing and Recreation:

  • When you're taking a break from wakeboarding, why not cast a line? With largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish, it's an angler's dream.
  • Boating, swimming, or just lounging on the shore, Lake Hartwell has a little something for your every mood.

Remember, you're sharing these waters with other nature aficionados, so while exploring or competing, let's keep those waterways pristine for the next round of adventurers!

Ready to strap on that wakeboard and hit Lake Hartwell?

We'll see you there, making waves and maybe even setting new records!