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Anyone who wants to use their boat at night may be interested in installing some drain plug LED lights, and there are several excellent ones to choose from.

Having LED lights installed in your boat’s drain plug can be great for a number of reasons, from being able to night fish to improving the aesthetics of your boat. But there are tons of options for lighting to choose from, and knowing which ones are best suited to your needs can be hard, unless you know what you’re looking for.

The 5 best boat drain plug LED lights are:

  • the HUSUKU RGB Exterior Boat Light
  • the Jiavill 60W LED Boat Light
  • the SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Kit
  • the T-H Marine-3002 Drain Plug Light
  • the HUSUKU SOOP3 Plus 180 Degree Light Kit

For the recreational boat owner, owning a boat is all about fun, sport, and knowing how to do both safely. Good lighting can make a big difference in how you feel about being out on a waterway at night, regardless of your reason for being out past dark. Knowing what type of drain plug LED lights you want to put on your boat will have a lot to do with what your needs are, what type of boat you have, and what you’ve budgeted for the installation.

I have spent most of my life on the water. I grew up living on the river, and later moved to a beach town, where boating is part of the culture. I love talking about anything boat-related, and recently had the need to install lights on my boat for night-time use. Let me share my lighting findings with you so your night-time boating enjoyment can be as rewarding as mine.

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What Are the Best Boat Drain Plug LED Lights?

For any avid boat lover, some of the best parts of boat ownership come with all the fun accessories that are available to enhance our boating experiences.

Whether you are into fishing equipment, water sport toys, or party-themed items, there are a ton of ways to make your boat more fun, more attractive, and more safe.

Boat drain plug LED lights have become a popular accessory for boaters and for a bunch of different reasons. Boat drain plug LED lights are installed in the drain plug (or sometimes plugs) underneath the hull of your boat. Most can be installed with relatively little effort and many boat owners are able to take on the project themselves.

For those who like to fish, a good LED boat drain plug light can make this experience particularly enjoyable in the evening, when schools of fish tend to be active. Being able to see where the fish are at is going to be much easier with a boat drain plug LED light.

Others of us like having underneath lights to help navigate the waters after the sun has set.

Using boat drain plug lights to dock our vessels safely is an ideal way to not harm our boats or docks in the process.

Nighttime swimming is much more fun (and safe!) when underwater lights are available. Knowing what types of waters you are swimming in can ease many people’s minds, and the array of LED light colors can give off different glows and set all sorts of ambiance moods for the evening swim experience.

Finally, some boaters just like the way the boat drain plug LED lights make their vessel look. There are few things more beautiful than a boat out in the dark waters, emitting a soft blue, purple, or reddish glow from underneath. Talk about ambiance!

Regardless of your reasons, having boat drain plug LED lights installed on the underside of your boat may be something you’ve been researching and are ready to purchase as your next big boating accessory. If so, I’ve put together a list of the best boat drain plug LED lights that are currently on the market. Keep reading to discover which brand is going to work best for you and your boating needs.

1. HUSUKU RGB Exterior Boat Light

HUSUKU RGB Exterior Boat Light
HUSUKU RGB Exterior Boat Light

The HUSUKU RGB underwater drain plug light is one of my favorites and – based on thousands of rave reviews – is a favorite amongst plenty of other boat owners as well.

This light is easy to install and fits nicely into any standard ½-inch boat drain plug.

The light itself is operated from remote control and can be turned on or off from anywhere on the boat, as well as up to 20 feet away. So, even if you want to use the light while your guests are disembarking, you can wait to turn it off until you’re back on shore or at the dock.

Another great thing about the HUSUKY light is that it has a variety of colors and settings to choose from. Whether you want your light to shine white, green, blue, or dark red, any of these options are available and can be controlled from the remote.

You can also adjust the brightness of the light, which is great for when you want to set a more relaxed ambiance or if you need more brightness in order to see, particularly for safety reasons.

It comes with a three-year money-back guarantee and the company’s customer service department is pleasant and helpful if you have questions or concerns.

The HUSUKU sells for around $180 per until, which makes it more costly than some of the others I will review, but if you have the budget for it, the HUSUKU will be a great addition to your nighttime boating adventures.

2. Jiawill 60W LED Boat Light

Jiawill 60W LED Boat Light
Jiawill 60W LED Boat Light

A great option for those who may have smaller boats and don’t want an overly bright light ruining the evening ambiance is the Jiawill 60W drain plug LED light.

Jia will is known for making reputable accessories and their boat drain plug lights are no exception.

Small in size, these LED lights come with all the necessary parts for an easy installation that almost anyone can do themselves. And since these accessories take up very little space, it’s easy to store them in the off-season or when you want to use the drain plug in its original state.

You can choose from four different colors that the Jiawill light comes in: white, blue, green, and red. The white light has six LED lights encased inside it, while the blue, green, and red ones have twelve.

The Jiawill is shock-resistant and made of a durable outer polycarbonate that is going to be able to withstand years of use. That said, the company also offers a three-year warranty on all parts and will replace the unit in that time frame if necessary.

The Jiawill sells for close to $200, but is again a great option if you are looking for something reliable, weather resistant, and ideal for vessels that may need slightly smaller drain plug lights.

3. SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Kit

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Kit
SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Kit

Though drain plug lights may seem as though they are made for fun, they also need to be functional as well. This is where upgrading to a high-quality model like the SeaBlaze X2 may be justified.

The SeaBlaze X2 is made from a bronze housing that is marine-quality and will give these LED lights a substantial feel. And, unlike many of the other drain plug lights, there are no reviews that complain about leakage with these lights, something that is relatively common with some of the other, less expensive brands.

If you want a bit of versatility in your nighttime lighting options, the SeaBlaze X2 can emit light in either a bright white or blue, both ideal for whatever activity you are engaging in.

The light output of these attractive accessories is 6,000 lumens, meaning that even the back of a larger boat will be well-lit when these lights are turned on.

The SeaBlaze comes with a remote control that will allow you to adjust the color, the output and dim or turn off the lights when necessary.

Perhaps one of the best things about this light is how effortless it is to install. Not only that but the customer service and tech support team are both super knowledgeable if and when something goes wrong.

The SeaBlaze X2 comes with a one-year guarantee on all parts and can be returned for a new light if replacement parts aren’t available.

At a price tag of over $350, the SeaBlaze X2 will probably not be an impulse purchase, but you won’t be disappointed if you save your dollars to buy this boat light.

4. T-H Marine-3002 Drain Plug Light

T-H Marine-3002 Drain Plug Light
T-H Marine-3002 Drain Plug Light

If your budget does not allow for one of these higher-priced models, there are plenty of other options that will still be great additions to your evening boat rides while also allowing you to spend some of your hard-earned money on other boating accessories!

One of the best examples of this is the T-H Marine-3002. This drain plug light packs quite the punch, without the price tag to go along with it.

Though not as versatile as some of the others on my list, the T-H Marine-3002 will emit a powerful white light to the underside of your boat and provide plenty of light for swimming, fishing or safety needs when docking or disembarking your vessel.

The light itself is made up of six LED bulbs, and the manufacturer claims it will last up to 100,000 hours total – more than most of us will probably spend on the water.

Backing up that claim is the generous five-year guarantee that the company provides on all parts. Some customers have noted that the company’s customer service call center is not as accommodating as they would like them to be, so keep that in mind if excellent customer service is a priority to you.

The T-H Marine - 3002 retails for around $40 and can usually be found in boating supply stores, as it is a popular drain plug light for many, probably in large part given its reasonable price tag.

You can find it in online boating supply stores as well, and it usually ships quickly and stays in stock.

5. HUSUKU SOOP3 Plus 180 Degree Light Kit

HUSUKU SOOP3 Plus 180 Degree Light Kit
HUSUKU SOOP3 Plus 180 Degree Light Kit

I’ve included another HUSUKU light product on this list since the company is known for producing high-quality products and is a favorite in the industry. This light, HUSUKU SOOP3 Pro is a great alternative to the one I listed earlier if you are looking for a drain plug light that is highly effective and easy to use but has a lower price tag than some of the other HUSUKU products.

The HUSUKU SOOP3 Pro has an extremely high light output, delivering more than 3500 lumens. This type of light is ideal for bigger boats or individuals who plan to spend a decent amount of time swimming in the evening or doing some nighttime fishing.

The light output will give an excellent range of visibility and ensure greater safety, no matter what your water activity is once the sun goes down.

One of the best parts about this light is its unique, 180-degree output. This gives the HUSUKU SOOP3 an added feature that some of the circular models can’t create because of their design.

Another perk to this HUSUKU product is the way in which the light is designed. Because it is rectangular in shape (versus circular like most models) the SOOP3 Pro can also be used inside the boat to provide ample light for you and your guests. This versatility may come in handy if evening boat rides are a big part of your boating pleasure.

The HUSUKU SOOP3 Pro sells for around $50 and can be bought wherever you find other HUSUKU products. The company stands by its three-year, money-back guarantee, regardless of which drain plug light you decide to purchase.

This means that those who may be just beginning to experiment with underwater drain plug lights (or with boating in general) may want to start with a model like the HUSUKU SOOP3 since it’s at a price point that won’t set you back too much and allow you to invest in other accessories for your boat as well.


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