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Since the travel restrictions to Cuba have been eased, people have traveled to and from Cuba by different routes. But just how long would it take from Miami?

If you've ever wanted to travel to Cuba, you might be wondering how much is the distance between Cuba and Miami. Let's say you are in Havana and you want to go back to Miami by boat, how long will it take?

The total distance between Cuba and Miami is about 250 nautical miles. From Havana to Miami, it will take you about 8 to 10 hours on a high-speed boat. But, the time will vary according to the boat you're traveling on, and the sea and weather conditions.

If you are planning a trip from Florida to Cuba, you must consider what you want to get out of your holiday. A direct flight will be the best option if all you want to do is get there quickly. It will take you less than an hour to travel between Havana and Florida by plane.

But, if you are a sea lover like us, you may want to travel by boat. In such a case, let us help you learn more about traveling from Miami to Cuba or vice versa by boat. In order to ease your estimation, we've considered all the factors that may cost you more time for this trip.

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Location of Cuba

Cuba is a country of islands and archipelagos and is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by South America in the Southeast.

Cuba is located in the North of Jamaica, South of Florida, and West of Haiti. It is the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Its capital city is Havana. It is where the largest seaport in Cuba is located.

Location of Miami

The City of Miami is located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. This coastal metropolis is situated in the Southeastern part of Florida state. The city is famous for its beaches, warm weather, and vast skyline. Miami Beach is the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Distance from Cuba to Miami

Despite the fact that the distance between Havana and Miami is only 93 miles in a straight line, you cannot sail directly between the two cities. Instead, you'll have to circumnavigate Cuba and travel via the Florida Straits.

When compared to sailing in a straight path, it will actually add some more nautical miles to your sea route. After adding up this extra distance, the total distance between Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida is about 250 nautical miles.

Time to travel from Cuba to Miami by boat

Although the distance from Cuba to Miami remains the same, the time it takes to travel between Cuba and Miami may change. The time is actually determined by how fast your boat is moving. We all have learned in our schools that: Speed=Distance÷Time

Using this formula here, let's do some calculations of the time required by different boats to travel from Cuba to Miami.

The average speed of most boats is 10-20 knots per hour. If the total distance between Cuba and Miami is 250 nautical miles, then the time required for this journey will be approximately 25 to 13 hours. In the same way, the time for ski boats having 16 knots/hour speed will be 15 hours. Runabout boats move at 25 knots per hour, which means that they will take 10 hours to reach Miami. However, a high-speed deck boat will take only 8 hours to travel from Cuba to Miami. It shows that different boats will take different times to reach the final destination.

Factors affecting the duration of travel

There are no exact numbers to describe the time to travel from Cuba to Miami by boat. It depends on the boat you're traveling on, the condition of the weather, and some other factors as well. Let's have a look at a few of these.

Size of the boat

The larger boats are generally faster than the smaller boats. The reason behind this is the stability of larger boats. Generally, a large-sized boat is made stable so that it can be steered at high speeds. On the contrary, small boats are not designed for higher speeds.

A smaller-sized boat is unstable and may lose its balance when operated at higher speeds. This is why small boats take more time to travel from Cuba to Miami.

Speed of the boat

The time of traveling by sea is inversely proportional to the speed of the boat. The greater the speed, the smaller the duration of your journey. The speed of your boat is determined on the basis of various features like the mode of propelling, the power of its engine, and the design of your boat (how streamlined your boat is).

The average speeds of different boats have different values. For example, a fishing boat or a trawler has an average speed of 10 knots per hour. A sailboat has an average speed of 7 knots per hour and a ferry boat has an average speed of 17 nautical miles per hour.

There are other boats that operate at quite higher speeds like deck boats which have an average speed of 30 knots per hour. A center console boat also operates at the speed of a deck boat.

Condition of the weather

The weather condition also determines the time you’ll take to reach Miami from Cuba by boat. For example, fog decreases visibility making it harder to navigate in the sea. If you are not equipped properly with electric navigation tools, you may end up losing your way. Similarly, the direction of the wind also affects the time of travel.

Although a stern wind accelerates a boat, the wind blowing in the opposite direction to the boat will reduce the speed of the boat increasing the total time of travel. Similarly, rain can also affect your boating time from Cuba to Miami.

Condition of the sea

Rough conditions of the sea also affect the duration of travel from Cuba to Miami. High-speed winds cause a change in the depth of seawater and pose some negative impacts on the speed of the boat. Similarly, the opposite direction of the waves or a hurricane can affect the time a boat takes to travel from Cuba to Miami.

It is always recommended to confirm the sea conditions with the National Hurricane Center before setting out on your trip.