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If you are planning on traveling from Denmark to Sweden, there is no doubt that the best option to do so is by boat. But how far is Denmark from Sweden by boat?

Though there are many options available for traveling between the two countries, including by plane and by car, Denmark and Sweden’s close proximity to each other allows for quick and easy access by boat. After all, why would you spend hours at the airport if you can simply hop on a ferry and be there in only a few minutes?

So how far is Denmark from Sweden by boat? Though there are a few different options when traveling by boat, the shortest journey between the two countries, from Helsingør, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden, is only about 2.5 miles long and takes just 22 minutes to complete.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get from Denmark to Sweden, but there are many other quick and easy options that you can choose when traveling between the two countries by boat. Depending on where exactly you want to go in Sweden or where you are coming from in Denmark, one of the other available ferry routes may be an even quicker and more convenient option for you.

Through all my time traveling around northern Europe, I’ve had plenty of experience moving from country to country, so I can guarantee that these are the quickest and easiest ways to travel from Denmark to Sweden by boat.

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How Far is Sweden From Denmark By Boat?

Denmark and Sweden are both Scandinavian countries in northern Europe. Though they are not connected by land, they are still incredibly close to each other, separated only by the Kattegat and the Øresund strait. Because of their close proximity by sea, the ferry lines that operate in the Kattegat and across the Øresund are often the quickest ways to travel between the two countries.

Traveling across the Øresund is by far the quickest way to get to Sweden by boat. The Øresund forms the border between Denmark and Sweden and, at its most narrow point, the strait is less than 3 miles in width, making for an extremely quick journey.

Though it might seem obvious that you would catch the Ferry to cross the Øresund from Copenhagen, the capital and largest city in Denmark, the quickest trip between the two countries doesn’t start here. Instead, if you want to get from Denmark to Sweden by boat in the quickest way possible, you will need to go to the city of Helsingør.

The small city of Helsingør is situated at the point where the Øresund is at its narrowest. Just about 30 miles north of Copenhagen and easily accessible from there by train, the ferry crossing here is undoubtedly the best option for moving between the two countries.

Known as the HH Ferry route, this route between Helsingør, Denmark, and Helsonborg, Sweden is one of the busiest ferry routes in the world, with over 70 departures in each direction every day. Because the Øresund is so narrow here, the journey across the 2.5 mile wide strait only takes 22 minutes, easily making this route the fastest way to travel from Denmark to Sweden.

Other Ways To Get From Denmark To Sweden By Boat

Now we know that, at its closest point, Denmark is only 2.5 miles and 22 minutes away by boat, but what if you are in some other part of Denmark, far away from Copenhagen and Helsingør? Is Traveling all the way back to Helsingør still the quickest way to get across? The answer largely depends on where exactly you are in the country and where you would like to travel to in Sweden.

Luckily, If you are in a different part of Denmark or are interested in traveling to a different destination in Sweden, there are two other cities from which you can take a ferry, both traveling across the much wider Kattegat.

Ferry Routes From Grenaa, DK

Grenaa, about 2 hours northeast of Aarhus by train, is another great place from which to travel to Sweden by boat. There are two ferries that leave from here, going to Varberg and Halmstad, Sweden. These crossings do take much longer than the HH ferry route, but if you are around Aarhus, it’s most likely much quicker to leave from Grenaa than it would be to travel all the way to the Helsingør ferry.

The ferry route from Grenaa to Varberg takes about 4 hours and 15 minutes, while the ferry to Halmstad takes 4 hours and 35 minutes, much longer than the short 22 minute ride you can expect on the HH ferry route. Another important thing to note is that these ferries run a lot less often than the HH ferry, only about 14 times a week, so it's important to make sure that you check the schedules and see what dates and times are available before going.

Ferry Route From Frederikshavn, DK To Gothenburg, SE

Another great place from which to travel to Sweden by boat, is Frederikshavn.  Frederikshavn is located in the northernmost part of Denmark close to the northern boundary of the Kattegat. This ferry route goes to Gothenburg, which is the second largest city in Sweden behind Stockholm, and is much more likely to be a destination you’ll want to visit than many of the other route destinations mentioned, especially if you are traveling to Sweden for the first time.

While still not quite as busy as the HH ferry route, the ferry from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg runs seven times daily, so there's bound to be a ferry available to you no matter what time you are able to make the crossing. The journey itself takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes, making this undoubtedly the best way to get to Sweden from northern Denmark.