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Key Takeaways

  • Lakeside zip lines combine thrills with stunning views.
  • These adventures cater to different skill levels and preferences.
  • They are meticulously designed for safety and unforgettable experiences.

Imagine soaring over crystal-clear waters, the wind rushing past you as you glide almost effortlessly through the air.

This image could very well be your next adventure—a lakeside zip line.

Zip lining over serene lakes offers not just a rush of adrenaline but also breathtaking views that will etch into your memory forever.

Trust us, as you embark on this journey through the top 10 epic lakeside zip lines, you're in for experiences that blend adventure with the majestic calm of nature’s landscapes.

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Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, Texas

Have you ever wanted to fly at speeds that make your heart race?

Well, at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, you can do just that!

Imagine zipping along the longest zip line in Texas, reaching exhilarating speeds of up to 50 mph.

You're not just racing the wind; you're soaking up breathtaking views of Lake Travis.

  1. What's in Store?
  1. A thrilling 3-hour adventure
  2. Glide 22 stories above the water
  3. Explore 5 unique zip lines
  4. The last one is the longest and fastest in Texas

Need a little more excitement in your life?

Check out the two dueling lines, where you can not only test your courage but race a friend!

You'll be suspended a jaw-dropping 200 feet above the lake, which is no small feat!

  1. Quick Facts
  1. Longest Zip Line: Over 2,600 ft
  2. Speed: Up to 50 mph
  3. Height: 22 stories high

It's a perfect blend of nature and adrenaline.

Before you know it, you'll be coasting above the water, feeling a mix of peace and thrill as the wind tousles your hair.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Your epic day also includes a boat ride and access to nature trails for when you want to keep the excitement going but stay a little closer to solid ground.

Grab your friends, take some crazy pictures, and make memories that will last well beyond your descent.

Ready to zip through the sky?

Navitat Canopy Adventures, North Carolina

Ever imagined yourself soaring over a serene lakeside, with the wind in your hair and a view that stretches for miles?

You can make that dream a reality at Navitat Canopy Adventures!

Situated just a stone's throw from bustling Asheville, North Carolina, Navitat offers you an adventure that combines the thrill of flight with the majesty of the mountains.

Why just walk by the lake when you can zip over it?

Picture this: lines over 1,000 feet long, high above the ground, giving you a bird's eye view of nature's splendor.

It's not just about the length; it's the breathtaking landscape that makes your heart beat a little faster.

What You'll Experience:

  • Zip lines that extend over 1,000 feet for maximum thrills
  • Stunning views of surrounding mountains and lakes
  • A unique perspective of Moody Cove's majestic trees

Getting There:

  • Location: A quick 30-minute journey north from downtown Asheville
  • Directions: Easy to follow, right to the heart of adventure

Navitat is not your run-of-the-mill zip line park.

Are you ready to channel your inner adventurer and take on one of the nation's top tree-based zip line experiences?

Remember, with Navitat, it's all about embracing nature and the excitement of discovery.

So, have you booked your adventure yet?

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, California

Ever fancied soaring through the trees with the majestic Lake Tahoe in sight?

Well, at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, that's exactly what you're in for.

Imagine zipping across the lake with the wind in your hair and a thrilling sense of freedom in your heart.

What's on offer?

You've got a choice between two courses that feature a total of 6 zip lines and 10 bridges—or "events" as they're known.

Feel like taking a leap of faith?

They've got an event just for that too, adding a dose of adrenaline to your adventure.

If you're into a full body workout with a side of excitement, this isn't just any zip line experience.

An Aerial Adventure Park elevates your traditional zip lining to an interactive journey through the treetops.

Your adventure spans over 2 hours of engaging, unique challenges that'll have you balancing on shaky bridges and grinning from ear to ear.

  • Zip lines: 6
  • Bridges/Events: 10
  • Courses available: 2
  • Extra thrill: Leap of Faith

The park is located in various spots around Lake Tahoe, with stellar reviews from thrill-seekers just like you.

Put on your adventure hat, reach out to the Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, and prepare for an exhilarating escapade amidst nature's best.

Don't forget to give them a call at 530-807-1004 or shoot an email for any inquiries before you plan your day packed with thrills!

Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, New York

Ever thought of soaring over treetops with a view of a shimmering lake as your backdrop?

Well, Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, just north of Lake George in Bolton Landing, New York, has you covered with a variety of zip line adventures snaking through an idyllic forest setting.

Feeling Adventurous?

  • Tarzan swings: Swing from the treetops like the king of the jungle!
  • Punching bags, rib cage, chop-stix: Challenge yourself on creatively designed obstacles.
  • Long zip line over Alder Brook: Glide over natural beauty, feeling the rush.

Here's What You Need to Know:

  • Ages: Adventure starts at 9+ years.
  • Courses: Six aerial courses—pick your challenge level.
  • Kids Courses: Special areas designed for the young adventurers aged 6+.
  • Zip Tour: For those new to ziplining, 'Low Rider' offers a less intense thrill.

Schedule and Pricing:

  • Open: April through November—a perfect escape any season.
  • Adventure Courses 1-4:
  1. Ages: 9+
  2. Price: $55 for the first four courses with 60 obstacles and 14 zip lines.
  • Groups: More than 10? Give them a ring for a custom deal. Dial 518.494.7200 and talk to a Tree-Top Specialist!

Remember to customize your intensity by choosing additional elements if you're feeling extra brave.

Whether you're planning a field trip or a corporate excursion, Adirondack Extreme offers an adrenaline-fueled escape that fits the bill for both team-building and personal triumphs.

Have you ever considered an aerial obstacle course for a family reunion or a birthday bash?

Picture the stories you'll tell after a day at Adirondack Extreme, battling obstacles and zipping along with the wind in your hair.

Doesn't that sound like a blast?

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain, Missouri

Have you ever imagined soaring over the stunning Ozark Mountains?

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain offers just that thrilling experience—and it’s not just your average zip line adventure.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Location: Nestled in Wolfe Mountain, you’ll find yourself in Walnut Shade, MO, just a short drive from Branson.
  • Adventure: A mix of excitement awaits with 7 epic zip lines and 10 awe-inspiring suspension bridges.
  • The Plunge: Ready for a heart-pumping drop? Experience a 100-foot free fall that will take your breath away.
  • Snowflex Tubing: Yes, you read that right! This zipline destination has a unique twist with a year-round 400-foot "snow" hill—a blast for tubing enthusiasts.
  • Hours: Open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm, which means you've got all day to embark on your adventure.

Dare to Dive In?

Why just dip your toes when you can dive right into the adventure?

With a variety of zipline packages to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your thrill level.

Whether it’s gliding down ziplines or embracing the rush of freefalling, rest assured that your inner adventurer will be fully satisfied.

Hey, don’t forget the essentials!

Safety is key, so there are some eligibility requirements to check before you clip on that harness.

Make sure to visit their website or call ahead for the nitty-gritty details.

Now, are you ready to zip, zoom, and swoop through the heart of Missouri?

Let the adventures at Wolfe Mountain fuel your adrenaline-pumped dreams!

Arkansas Zipline Adventures, Arkansas

Ever imagined soaring over a sparkling lake surrounded by the beauty of the Ouachita Mountains?

You can turn that dream into a reality with Arkansas Zipline Adventures!

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride over Lake Catherine, where you'll feel the rush of the wind and gaze down at the glimmering waters below.

Hot Springs Adventure Park at Catherine's Landing has got you covered when it comes to heart-pumping aerial escapades.

They're open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, so there’s plenty of time to fit an adventure into your busy schedule.

Though, a little local's tip – double-check your GPS as it might get confused.

Use the address at 1700 Shady Grove Rd, Hot Springs, AR, 71901 and let the signs guide your way.

If you're up for it, here's what you can expect:

  • Friendly and Experienced Staff: The team is there to ensure your zipline adventure is safe and thrilling.
  • Convenient Location: Close to RV resorts, combining adventure with comfort.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Open every day to work with your travel plans.
  • Stunning Vistas: Witness the beauty of Arkansas from an eagle's perspective.

While zipping around, the numbers you might be interested in are the speeds up to 40 mph and lengths stretching to 1,175-foot long for a truly epic experience.

To get your heart racing, you start on a 24-foot tower, which is just the beginning of the adrenaline-filled journey.

Do you remember how fun it was to swing as a child?

Well, multiply that by a hundred!

Don't miss your chance to add this adventure to your bucket list.

Give them a ring at (501) 262-9182 to book your next exciting outing.

Remember, anticipation is half the fun!

So, are you ready to zip, glide, and embrace the great Arkansas outdoors?

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, Ohio

Have you ever felt the rush of air past your ears as you glide across beautiful landscapes?

At ZipZone Outdoor Adventures in Columbus, Ohio, you're in for that thrill!

Whether you're flying solo or bringing the family along, there's a zip line tour waiting for you.

Family Fun or Solo Excitement:

  • Participants aged 12 and under need an adult buddy to join in.
  • No worries if you've got a big group — although tours are typically capped at 8 participants, you can give them a ring at (614) 847-9477 to sort out arrangements for more.

Zip Line Tours Galore:

  • Canopy Tours – Immerse yourself in a two-hour tree-top adventure.
  • Night Flight Tours – Experience the forest in an entirely new light...or, actually, in the intriguing darkness of the night!
  • Adventure Park – A self-guided challenge amidst the treetops.
  • Kids Park – Specifically designed for the little adventurers aged 4-7.

Here's the kicker — if you can't get enough of the tree-line escapades, they offer memberships for unlimited climbing all season long.

That's right, go wild!

Setting & Accessibility:

ZipZone isn't just any outdoor spot; it's nestled right within the heart of Columbus, at the serene Camp Mary Orton.

Easy to get to, hard to forget.

And the convenience?

They've got you covered from the ground up, especially if you're keen on climbing, zipping, and even nighttime touring.

Thinking about a work retreat or a school outing?

You bet ZipZone has got your group activity itch scratched!

Just remember to check out their Participant Requirements before you book, so you’re all set for a day of thrills without any hiccups.

Ready to experience the best outdoor destination in Central Ohio?

ZipZone is a call away from becoming your next great adventure in the trees!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, Ohio

Ever craved an adventure that combines the tranquility of lakeside scenery with the adrenaline rush of soaring through the air?

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Ohio might just satisfy that yearning.

Picture yourself zipping over the serenity of Lake Logan, gliding above the flowing Hocking River, and basking in the awe-inspiring sights of natural rock cliffs and lush green canopies.

What's the Hype?

  • 10 zip lines: Thrill to variety!
  • 4 adventure sky bridges: Who doesn't like a challenge?
  • Exciting rappels: End with a flourish!

The Experience

  • Location: Near Lake Logan
  • Scenery: Rock formations, forests
  • Tour Length: 2.5 - 3 hours of pure joy
  • Height: 10-70 feet - Feel the breeze!
  • Speed: Up to a swift 50 mph

Age and Weight: Ready for those over 10 years old, subject to safety weight restrictions, making it fun for both young adventurers and seasoned thrill-seekers alike.

Did You Know?

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours started the zipline craze in Ohio back in 2007.

They've not just set the standard but keep raising the bar.

Feeling the itch for an adventure?

Get ready to tickle your thrill-seeking taste buds with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours.

Just imagine yourself telling stories of the time you flew like an eagle through one of the most beautiful woodland areas Ohio has to offer.

Ready to zip into action?

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, Wisconsin

Have you ever imagined zipping across the treetops with a clear view of a sparkling lake?

At Lake Geneva Canopy Tours in Wisconsin, your adventure dreams become very much a reality.

Imagine gliding through the tree line, a chill breeze across your face—you, the sky, and a thrilling rush!

Ready to be thrilled?

Here's what awaits you:

  • 9-Line Full Zipline Tour: Kick your adrenaline into high gear on this premier tour featuring the biggest thrills.
Adult Price Youth Price
From $120 From $110
  • Epic Sky Trekking: You won’t just be zipping—bridges and staircases high above the ground await! Think you can handle it?
Sky Bridges Spiral Staircases
5 4
  • Longest Dual Racing Line: Fly side-by-side on the 1,200’ zipline and race to the finish. May the best adventurer win!

These experiences aren't just for the warm months.

Don your winter gear because when the snow falls, ziplining turns into an enchanting winter wonderland journey.

The chill doesn't dull the thrill; it amplifies it!

Worried about your belongings while you're enjoying the view from above?

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours has your back, but remember to secure your items before taking off.

And hey, don't just take my word for it—this place is the outdoor activity in Lake Geneva according to thrilled guests on TripAdvisor.

So, grab your adventure boots, maybe a buddy or two, and make sure your phone is charged for that victorious selfie at the end of the line.

Ready to zip?

Guntersville Zipline, Alabama

Have you ever wanted to soar like an eagle over a stunning Alabama lake?

Cue in the Screaming Eagle at Lake Guntersville State Park, a lakeside zipline adventure that's a must-try for thrill-seekers like you.

Imagine speeding through the air with the wind in your face.

You're not dreaming – you're zip lining at Lake Guntersville State Park.

This thrilling ride gives you more than just a quick thrill; it offers expansive views of Alabama's largest lake and the lush state park.

  • Location: Lake Guntersville State Park, 1155 Lodge Drive, Guntersville, Alabama.
  • Attractions: Beach complex, championship golf course, nature center, trails, and more.

Worried about getting bored?

No chance!

Beyond the zipline:

  • Take a dip at the beach complex.
  • Hit a round at the 18-hole golf course.
  • Explore nature at the outdoor center or hike the trails.

Whether you're a seasoned zipline aficionado or a first-timer looking to check an item off your bucket list, the Screaming Eagle Zipline won't disappoint.

Ready to sprinkle some excitement on your leisurely lake visit?

Why not add a ziplining adventure to your itinerary and see Lake Guntersville from a thrilling new perspective!

Remember, experience isn't required – just the desire for a bit of adventure.

And hey, who doesn't want to boast about flying across a lake?

So strap in and get ready to zip, glide, and whoosh your way across the stunning vistas of Lake Guntersville.

See you in the sky!