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Key Takeaways

  • Floating libraries and bookshops combine reading with idyllic lake settings.
  • They offer unique experiences on various lakes across the United States.
  • These initiatives provide a new way to enjoy literature on the water.

Imagine curling up with a good book—on the water.

Yes, you read that right!

Libraries and bookshops are taking to the waves in some of the most picturesque lakes across the U.S.

Ever fancied a literary adventure afloat?

Floating libraries and bookshops are where charming reads meet serene waters, providing book lovers with unique experiences on lakes from Washington to Texas.

You can trust that there's something magical about grabbing a book amidst gentle waves and lakeside views.

Let's embark on an exploratory cruise through the innovative world of floating libraries and bookshops.

Jump aboard and let your literary journey sail away on these tranquil waters.

Table of contents


Lake Union, Washington - Seattle Floating Library

Ever imagined curling up with a good book surrounded by gentle waves and a picturesque Seattle skyline?

Well, Lake Union, Washington, turns that dream into a reality with its charming Seattle Floating Library.

Think of it as your cozy book nook, but on the water!

This isn't your average library experience.

Picture this: You hop on a boat and find yourself amidst a unique collection of books, floating ever so peacefully!

The library offers a variety of genres, catering to your reading whims while you drift on the serene waters.

And yes, you can actually borrow these books!

Isn't that novel?

What's on offer?

  • A wide range of book genres
  • A tranquil reading environment
  • The scenic beauty of Seattle as your backdrop

Could there be a more perfect spot for book lovers and adventure seekers?

You enjoy the crisp, fresh air and perhaps spot a seaplane taking off as you leaf through the pages of your latest find.

Remember to wave to the friendly Seattleites enjoying their day around the park and the loop trail; they love seeing people engrossed in a good read.

So, whether you're a local or just visiting, don't miss out on this unique literary retreat.

Lake Union's Seattle Floating Library awaits to make your reading experience truly unforgettable, with not just stories to dive into, but also memories to create and cherish.

Grab a paddles or hitch a ride, but make sure to add this destination to your Seattle adventure.

See you there, bookworms!

Lake Champlain, Vermont/New York - The Floating Library of Burlington

Have you ever imagined combining the joy of reading with the gentle sway of a barge on water?

Well, folks, at Lake Champlain, this isn't just a dream!

The Floating Library of Burlington offers you a unique bookish experience aboard a charming barge.

Picture this: you're surrounded by shelves filled with books, the sound of waves lapping against the hull, and the majestic views of the Adirondacks and Green Mountains.

Doesn't it sound idyllic?

So, what can you find in this peculiar library?

  • A vast collection of books, with a special emphasis on local authors and environmental themes
  • Engaging community events that bring stories to life
  • Educational materials that highlight the importance of Lake Champlain’s ecosystem

Floating on one of the nation's "great" lakes, this library isn't just about the books.

It’s a community hub, where your love for literacy meets a deep appreciation for nature.

Here's a quick peek at what makes it so special:

  • Location: Anchored in the spirit of Vermont/New York
  • Access: Open to all those eager for knowledge or a tranquil place to unwind
  • Specialty: Focuses on the region's literary and ecological heritage

So, next time you're in Burlington, why not board this literary vessel?

It’s a chance to soak up some knowledge, delve into local literature, and maybe even snag a book that will teach you a thing or two about preserving our beautiful planet.

Just don't forget to check the weather – even libraries need a day off sometimes!

Lake Washington, Washington - The Floating Bookshop

Ever imagined combining your love for books with the gentle lap of water against a hull?

On Lake Washington, The Floating Bookshop awaits your discovery.

Picture this: a lazy afternoon surrounded by your favorite tales while floating on tranquil waters.

  1. What's on board?
  1. New releases
  2. Literary classics
  3. A treasure trove of fantastic tales
  4. Insightful art and science volumes
  5. Rich history books
  6. Overlooked gems

Whether you're a voracious reader or a curious mind, there's something for you.

Want a cozy spot to get lost in a novel?

You've got it.

Need a quirky conversation starter?

Find a book that's as unique as your chat.

Fun Fact: Did you know that browsing books on a boat could be this charming?

Well, add it to your list of must-tries.

Here’s a little nudge for you:

  • Accessibility: It's an experience that's just a dock away.
  • Ambiance: Picture serenity with a side of storytelling.

Don't worry about the specifics — this floatable haven has got all readers covered, both young and the young at heart.

No rush here, take your time to pick something that really speaks to you; each page turned is another gentle sway of the waves.

Remember, on Lake Washington, The Floating Bookshop isn't just about the stories within the pages; it's about the memorable narratives you'll be a part of as you revel in this unique literary setting.

So, why not set sail on your next reading adventure?

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota - The Floating Library

Ever imagined a library floating on a lake?

Lake Minnetonka, renowned for its scenic beauty, has its own unique twist on summer reading with The Floating Library.

This isn't your typical library setup — think more along the lines of a cozy, creative raft bobbing gently on the water, stocked to the brim with interesting reads.

It's not just books, but an eclectic collection of zines and art publications!

Here's the scoop on what you can expect:

  • Artistic Vibes: An artist-run endeavor, The Floating Library is as much about community and culture as it is about the written word.
  • Check-Out System: You're totally able to check out materials right there on the lake. Picture yourself paddling along, then taking a reading pit-stop — bliss, right?
  • Engagement: It's more than just borrowing books; it's engaging with art and literature in a setting that inspires.

Don't own a boat?

No worries!

You can access this floating trove of treasures from various types of boats.

Kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards — all are welcome.

So you're probably wondering, how does this all work out on the water?

It's surprisingly smooth!

Books and water don't usually mix, but The Floating Library has figured it out with waterproof protectors and a carefree system for aquatic bibliophiles.

Heading to Lake Minnetonka?

Make a note to visit this one-of-a-kind library.

It's an experience to remember, and definitely a story to tell your book club!

Lake Travis, Texas - The Book Boat

Have you ever fancied reading a thriller while floating peacefully on the water?

Lake Travis in Texas isn't just a haven for boaters and swimmers; it's also home to a one-of-a-kind experience for book lovers—The Book Boat.

With shelves lined with bestsellers and hidden gems, this floating library and bookshop lets you combine your love for literature with the serene beauty of the lake.

What's Onboard?

  • A variety of genres from fiction to travel guides
  • Cozy reading nooks
  • Regular literary events and book signings

Imagine lounging on a lily pad, your favorite novel in hand, and the sun gently warming your face—doesn't it sound like a dream?

The Book Boat offers just that, with added charm.

You can purchase books to take on your boating adventure or rent a title to enjoy while you're anchored in a tranquil cove.

Events to Look Out For:

  • Author Q&A sessions
  • Themed book club meetings on deck
  • Children's storytelling hours

Why Visit?

  • Unique blend of recreation and reading
  • Support for local authors and literature
  • Unforgettable backdrop for book enthusiasts

So, next time you're planning a trip to Lake Travis, don't forget to add a stop at The Book Boat to your itinerary.

It's not every day you get to swap bustling city libraries for the gentle sway of waves.

Plus, who knows which page-turner might catch your eye and become your next beloved read?

Happy reading and smooth sailing!

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada - Tahoe Floating Bookshop

Have you ever imagined drifting through pages while you quite literally drift on water?

At Lake Tahoe, straddling the border between California and Nevada, the unique Tahoe Floating Bookshop turns this dream into reality.

Imagine this: You're surrounded by crystal-clear waters and snow-capped peaks, and in your hands, a book that piques your curiosity.

Isn’t that a slice of heaven?

The Tahoe Floating Bookshop has an eclectic selection of reads that complement the serene vibe of the lake:

  • Local guides and nature books
  • Riveting mystery novels
  • Inspirational memoirs and biographies
  • Children's adventure stories

Floating gently on Lake Tahoe, this charming bookshop is a beloved nook for readers of all ages.

It’s an experience that combines the tranquility of a library with the gentle bobbing of a boat.

Pause to ponder: have you ever chosen a book with such a spectacular backdrop?

  • Accessibility: Accessible on rental boats or kayaks
  • Atmosphere: Cozy, intimate, with panoramic views
  • Selection: Curated titles for diverse tastes
  • Bonus Tip: Don't miss the sunset hours – reading by the golden light on the lake is truly magical.

The Tahoe Floating Bookshop isn't just about books; it’s about creating memories in one of the most picturesque settings you can imagine.

So, why not add a literary spin to your next Tahoe adventure?

Grab a paddle, find your float, and set off for a story-filled day on the lake.

Just remember, the only thing better than a good book is a good book with an unforgettable view!

Lake Superior, Minnesota/Wisconsin - North Shore Floating Library

Have you ever dreamt of combining a love for books with the gentle sway of waves?

Welcome to the North Shore Floating Library on Lake Superior!

This isn't your everyday library experience.

Picture yourself surrounded by the vast expanse of water, a book in hand, and the serene beauty of Minnesota's rugged shoreline as your backdrop—does it get any better?

What's Onboard?

  • A diverse collection of books across various genres
  • Space for literary events and author readings
  • Opportunities for community engagement

Imagine gliding over the cobblestone-sized rounded rocks and the clear waters as you meet fellow book lovers.

The North Shore Floating Library is more than just a repository of stories; it's a vessel of shared narratives and connections.

Facts for the Curious:

  • Situated along the North Shore Scenic Drive
  • Offers a unique view of 300-foot cliffs and the historic Split Rock Lighthouse

And guess what?

While you're there, you can catch sight of the stunning natural features the North Shore is known for.

This library undoubtedly turns the page to a new chapter in lake adventures.

Visiting Hours and Access:

  • Open during warm seasonal months
  • Accessible by boat with tours frequently available

Whether you're an avid reader, a casual page-turner, or simply looking for a novel way to enjoy the lake, you'll find your chapter here at the Lake Superior Floating Library.

Remember, this isn't just about the books—it's about the waves of community and storytelling that'll leave you anchored to this magical spot on the lake.

Happy reading, and even happier floating!

Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah - Powell Book Boat

Ever imagined cozying up with a good book surrounded by water and towering cliffs?

At Lake Powell, this dream becomes a reality aboard the Powell Book Boat!

It's more than just a bookstore; it's a floating haven for bibliophiles with a thirst for adventure.

Imagine the gentle waves rocking you as you flip through pages—pretty idyllic, right?

What sets the Powell Book Boat apart?

Well, where else can you chase horizon-spanning vistas and literary escapades at the same time?

Browse through an eclectic selection of titles with the stunning red rock landscapes as your backdrop.

Whether you’re a fan of heart-racing thrillers or sweeping romances, the ever-changing inventory promises something for every type of reader.

Here’s what you need to know to catch this unique bookshop on water:

  • Location: Bobbing along the serene waters of Lake Powell, which straddles the border between Arizona and Utah.
  • Access: Locate the Powell Book Boat via its schedule posted on local marinas' notice boards or social media channels.
  • Inventory: A curated range of genres ensuring that no matter your taste, you'll find a book to bury your nose in.
  • Experience: Not just a sale transaction—it's a chance for lake-goers to mingle with fellow book lovers.

Remember, getting there is half the fun!

Opt for a kayak rental for a quiet paddle out or rev the engines on a rented motorboat to speed your way to literary bliss.

And hey, you might just spot the boat by the telltale floating bookshelves from afar.

Keep a lookout!

So, ready to add a splash of literature to your lake day?

The Powell Book Boat awaits your visit, and trust me, it's an unmissable chapter in your Lake Powell adventure!

Lake Michigan, Michigan/Illinois/Wisconsin - Great Lakes Floating Library

Ever imagined getting cozy with a good book aboard a library that floats?

On the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, your dream can become a reality!

The Great Lakes Floating Library isn't your typical book nook; it's a buoyant bastion of knowledge cruising the gentle waves, anchored within the heart of America's Midwest.

Fancy a literary adventure?

Let's set the scene: You're nestled by the charming coasts of Michigan, Illinois, or Wisconsin, and up comes this marvel of maritime bookishness.

With its collection open to the public, this floating library offers a world of stories and learning opportunities—perfect for every age and interest.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Diverse Collection: Whether you're a fan of fiction or have the hankering for history, this library has a generous mix of genres and subjects.
  • Promoting Literacy: A commitment to literacy and a passion for reading are at the helm of its mission.
  • Environmental Awareness: Love the Great Lakes? Learn about their wonders and challenges through literature and programming tailored to inspire stewardship.

Experience the library's treasures amongst the vast beauty of Lake Michigan, boasting more than 1,600 miles of picturesque shoreline.

Dive into a book at the deepest point of 925 feet or contemplate environmental conservation while overlooking the sprawling 22,400 square miles of surface area.

Afloat on Lake Michigan's crystalline waters, the Great Lakes Floating Library offers more than just a novel escape—it's a place where community, ecology, and education are interwoven with the tranquility of the lakeside.

Don't just take our word for it, check it out and let the library buoy your spirit and your love of reading!

Lake Havasu, Arizona/California - Havasu Floating Bookshop

Ever imagined lounging on a cozy boat surrounded by books and the gentle lapping of water?

Welcome to Lake Havasu, where the unique Havasu Floating Bookshop invites book lovers to combine their passion for reading with the serene beauty of this vast reservoir.

Picture this: you're on the water, a breeze on your face, and in your hands?

A treasure trove of stories.

Havasu Floating Bookshop isn't your typical bookshop!

It's a place where you can:

  • Browse through a selection of genres.
  • Purchase your next great read.
  • Unwind amidst the natural backdrop of the lake.

The bookshop floats on Lake Havasu, which straddles the border between Arizona and California.

This body of water, known for the iconic London Bridge at Lake Havasu City and the creation of a reservoir due to the Parker Dam, is a blend of historical allure and natural wonder.

Curious about where to find this floating haven of literature?

Look for the Havasu Landing-Tecopa Ferry Boat Dock.

You'll find this charming shop is a delightful stop during your lake adventures.

Don't worry about rigid schedules; this floating bookshop navigates the waters with multiple departures every day.

Making plans to visit?

Here's what you need to know:

  • The Havasu Landing-Tecopa Ferry Boat Dock is at 70 London Bridge Road, Lake Havasu City, AZ, 86403.
  • To grab your spot, booking your visit online is a breeze.

So, why not make your next reading adventure a literal one?

Set sail for relaxation, grab a book, maybe even a cold drink, and let the Havasu Floating Bookshop be the best part of your day on the lake.

Happy reading and smooth sailing!