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Key Takeaways

  • Lakeside resorts are combining luxury with adventure by offering mini-submarine rides.
  • Private underwater experiences provide unique perspectives of aquatic environments.
  • Selected destinations offer a mix of scenic beauty and exclusive aquatic excursions.

Imagine this: You're submerging into the serene waters of a pristine lake, cocooned within a private mini-submarine.

A world of aquatic splendor unfurls before your eyes—a truly unique way to experience lakeside luxury.

Embark on an exclusive journey at the world's most scenic lakeside resorts, where private mini-submarine rides elevate your vacation to extraordinary depths.

As you plan your next escapade, trust in the curated selection of destinations that not only promise breathtaking vistas but also an intimate underwater encounter.

These hand-picked resorts blend the thrill of adventure with the comfort of luxury, offering a rare glimpse into the underwater world reserved for a select few.

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Billy Ocean Underwater Adventures, Key West, Florida

Are you ready to dive beneath the waves of Key West, Florida, and pilot your own personal mini-submarine?

If so, Billy Ocean Underwater Adventures will make your dream a reality!

This exceptional lakeside resort turns the ocean into your playground with its HydroBob underwater scooters.

  • HydroBob Tours: Take control and navigate through Florida's only living coral reef.
  • Price: Reasonable at $55 for a novel experience.
  • Ease of Access: Located close to cruise ship terminals and most Key West hotels.

For those of you staying on land but yearning for adventure, Billy Ocean's has tailored experiences for novices and pros alike.

Here's what to expect:

  1. Guidance from Pros: Expert divers are there to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.
  2. Wildlife Galore: Keep your eyes peeled for the vibrant Blue Tangs during your exploration!
  3. Convenience: Operates tours twice daily at 9 AM and 1 PM.
  4. Commuting Made Easy: They've partnered with Uber for discounted rides to customers.

Worried about getting the perfect shot for your memories?

Don't be!

They've got it covered with photos sent to you after your tour.

Imagine the cool ocean on your skin and the sun overhead while you effortlessly glide among the waves.

With each minute of your half-hour adventure, you'll uncover more of the underwater majesty that Key West offers.

Don't just think about it; slip into the HydroBob and experience it first-hand.

Who knew being a submariner could be this fun and straightforward?

Plunge into the action at Billy Ocean—it's an escapade you'll cherish forever!

Tahoe Beach & Ski Club, Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Have you ever imagined gliding under the sparkling surface of Lake Tahoe?

Tahoe Beach & Ski Club offers that exact adventure with their semi-submersible rides.

Would you like to take a peek at the mysteries of the lake's depths?

These rides let you explore the unseen with a unique perspective on the underwater rock formations that most travelers never get to witness.

A Closer Look:

  • What's Offered: Semi-submersible mini-submarine rides
  • Key Features: Visibility of aquatic life and geological wonders
  • Location: Straddling the borders of California and Nevada

You can expect more than just underwater explorations at Tahoe Beach & Ski Club.

This resort delights with its array of luxurious amenities such as:

  • Heated outdoor pool and spa year-round
  • Gourmet lakeside restaurant
  • Full-service spa to unwind after your aquatic adventure
  • Dedicated Kid’s Zone for our younger explorers
  • Private lakefront beach and Clubhouse

Accommodations Feature:

  • Spacious suites
  • Options with living room and dining area
  • Full or partial kitchens
  • Comfort of private bedrooms

Imagine returning from your sub-aquatic journey to a comfy suite with all the facilities you need.

Stay connected with the 3601 Lake Tahoe Boulevard address in South Lake Tahoe, California, and contact number 1.800.438.2929 for bookings.

Don't just take our word for it, with a stellar rank of #2 of 25 specialty lodging in South Lake Tahoe by Tripadvisor, the Tahoe Beach and Ski Club is where your lake escapade dreams turn into reality.

Ready to dip into something extraordinary?

Catalina Island Inn, California

Have you ever dreamt of gliding through the ocean, catching glimpses of marine life right from your comfy seat?

At Catalina Island Inn, located in the charming town of Avalon, that dream isn't far from reality.

Semi-Submersible Tours

  • What's the scoop? Picture this: you're sitting in a climate-controlled cabin, five feet under the surface, with Catalina Island's underwater world unfolding before your eyes.
  • A Unique View: Every seat has its own port hole, ensuring you don't miss any action.
  • Exploration Freedom: Feel free to walk around the cabin, each corner offering a new fascinating view.
  • Marine Encounters: The island's waters are teeming with life you'll get to see up close.

Details at a Glance

Feature Description
Location Avalon, Catalina Island
Tour Name Sea Wolf Semi-Submersible
Booking Recommended to book in advance
Arrival Tip Arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any last-minute rush.


  • Comfort Meets Convenience: Catalina Island Inn offers comfortable stays just a stone's throw away from your submarine adventure.
  • Rate Information: While we can't spill the beans on the exact rates here, it's noted that there are great deals to be snapped up.

Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure?

Don't forget to charge your camera; you'll have a boatload of memories to capture at Catalina Island Inn!

Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center, Table Rock Lake, Missouri

Hey there, water enthusiast!

Have you ever dreamed of seeing what lies beneath the waves of Table Rock Lake?

Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center offers an experience that’s not just about relaxation; it’s an underwater adventure too!

Picture this: gliding through the clear waters in your very own mini-submarine.

Yep, that’s right, you can enjoy private mini-submarine tours!

What's waiting for you underwater?

  • A close-up look at vibrant local fish species
  • The chance to see stunning underwater landscapes

Isn't it thrilling?

You'll be talking about this for months!

Accommodation Highlights:

  • Rooms: Your stay will be in a room with a 32-inch flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and charming French-country furnishings. Expect either a serene lake or majestic mountain view to greet you every morning.
  • Location: Just a stone’s throw away from Table Rock State Park, this resort promises both convenience and escapism.
  • Amenities: Fancy a bite? There are 3 restaurants waiting to delight your taste buds. And remember, a fully equipped spa is there to pamper you after your aquatic explorations.

Submarine Tour Details:

  • Private Access: Only guests have this unique opportunity, keeping your experience exclusive.
  • Safety: All rides adhere to the highest safety standards, so you can explore with peace of mind.

Quick Facts:

  • Price for a Night: Stays can start at $141, saving a dive into your wallet for the lake!
  • Traveler Rating: Other adventurers have rated their experience 4 out of 5.

Buckle up for a resort stay that dives beyond the usual amenities into the depths of Table Rock Lake.

You’re not just booking a room, but also a journey to the underwater world!

So, are you ready to explore the unexplored?

Grand Beach Resort, Lake Michigan, Illinois

Have you ever imagined exploring the underwater world of Lake Michigan from the comfort of a mini-submarine?

Well, the Grand Beach Resort offers you just that—a private submarine ride that glides you beneath the sparkling waves.

It's like having your personal aquatic chariot!

What can you expect?

  • Private underwater tours: Slip below the surface to feast your eyes on Lake Michigan’s aquatic life.
  • State-of-the-art vessels: These mini-subs are the latest thing in underwater tech, providing a safe and comfortable ride.

Highlights of the Submarine Experience

  • Spectacular Views: Watch the lake's underwater environment unravel its hidden marvels.
  • Comfort: The subs are cozy, perfect for intimate explorations or small family adventures.

Booking & Guidelines:

  • Advance reservation required: Be sure to book early as spots fill up fast.
  • Safety first: You’ll get a full run-down on sub safety to ensure your underwater jaunt is hitch-free.

So, curious adventurer, are you ready to add a dash of James Bond to your lakeside getaway?

Grand Beach Resort waits to take you on a watery journey you won't forget.

Ready to dive in?

Antelope Point Marina, Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

Have you ever imagined gliding through water in a private mini-submarine while exploring the mystique of underwater canyons?

At Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell, this dream turns into an exhilarating reality.

Not only does this marina offer houseboat and powerboat rentals, but it also provides unique underwater adventures.

The marina is conveniently located just 12 miles from Page, Arizona, and it serves as a gateway to explore the awe-inspiring rock formations that Lake Powell is famous for.

Unique Features:

  • Exclusive Submarine Tours: Take a plunge and discover the sunken wonders with private mini-submarine rides, offering a whole new perspective of the lake's deep-water treasures.
  • Scenic Location: Nestled on the main channel of Lake Powell, positioned at mile marker five, Antelope Point Marina serves up some of the best panoramic views and direct access to the lake's expansive waterways.

Amenities at a Glance:

  • Comprehensive marina services
  • Houseboat & small boat rentals
  • Dining options with a view
  • Nearby RV Park

Ever thought about fishing, touring, or dining beside a lake so magnificent it straddles two states?

You can do all that and more as your adventure awaits you at Antelope Point Marina.

Quick Info:

  • Contact: Call 928-645-5900 ext 5070 or 5033
  • Accessibility: Main channel of Lake Powell, Arizona side
  • Distance from Page, AZ: 12 miles

So grab your captain's hat and put on your explorer's spirit; it's time to embark on a nautical adventure that's both rich in scenery and abundant in hidden aquatic marvels.

And hey, who knew being submerged in luxury could be so literal?

Lake House at Ferry Point, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Ever imagined exploring underwater worlds in your very own mini-submarine?

Imagine no more!

Lake House at Ferry Point offers you that one-of-a-kind experience.

Nestled on the tranquil shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, it combines cozy bed and breakfast charm with exhilarating lake activities.

What's in store for you?

  1. Private Mini-Submarine Tours: Dive with ease into the depths of Lake Winnipesaukee.
  1. Discover hidden ecosystems
  2. Uncover historic shipwrecks

Isn’t it thrilling to realize that beneath the serene surface of the lake lies a mysterious underwater territory just waiting for you to explore?

The Adventure:

  • Perfect for ocean enthusiasts and adventure seekers
  • Guided tours ensure your safety and entertainment
  • No previous diving experience required!

Comfort Meets Excitement:

  • Luxurious, yet cozy accommodations
  • Panoramic views of the lake from your room
  • Easy access to the B&B's private dock

Mini-sub excursions are more than just a plunge into the lake; they're a unique journey through time, bringing history and nature up close and personal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unwind at a picturesque lakeside retreat
  • Engage in an exclusive underwater adventure
  • Experience Lake Winnipesaukee like never before

Why just gaze at the water when you could be part of its hidden world?

Book your stay at Lake House at Ferry Point and prepare for an aquatic adventure that you'll treasure forever.

After all, how many people can boast they've piloted a mini-sub on their vacation?

The Sagamore Resort, Lake George, New York

Have you ever imagined gliding through the clear waters of Lake George in your very own mini-submarine?

At The Sagamore Resort, this aquatic adventure is just a reservation away!

Private Submarine Tours

Upon setting foot on Green Island where The Sagamore proudly stands, you'll tap into a luxurious escape:

  • Underwater Exploration: Dive below the surface with private mini-submarine rides.
  • Unique Views: Gaze at underwater landscapes usually reserved for fish and frogs!

A Glimpse of The Sagamore

As a beacon of luxury with over 140 years under its belt, The Sagamore presents:

  • Award-Winning Dining: Waterfront meals to savor.
  • Outdoor Activities: From golfing on an 18-hole course designed by Donald Ross to lakeside relaxation, your days will be packed with joy.


What's your style?

Whether you're after historic elegance or modern comfort, The Sagamore's accommodations promise a stay that’s both memorable and cozy.

A Jewel in the Adirondacks

Picture this: historic charm blending with modern amenities, all nestled in the heart of breathtaking mountain scenery—sounds like perfection, doesn't it?

So, what's holding you back?

Dive into The Sagamore experience; your underwater adventure awaits.

Basin Harbor, Lake Champlain, Vermont/New York

Ever imagined exploring underwater wonders aboard a mini-submarine?

Well, pack your bags because Basin Harbor on Lake Champlain is here to turn that dream into a splashy reality!

With an offer like submarine rides, this isn't just any lakeside retreat—it’s an adventurous escape between Vermont and New York.

Exciting Features at Basin Harbor:

  • Private Mini-Submarine Rides: Dive into the depths of Lake Champlain and tick submarine piloting off your bucket list.
Submarine Adventures Details
Shipwreck Exploration Witness sunken history up close
Geological Formations Marvel at underwater landscapes
  1. Location Perks:
  1. Nestled on the serene shores of one of the largest lakes in the USA.
  2. Tranquil setting with the unique charm of 74 cottages and guest rooms in four lodges.

Have you ever seen a shipwreck up-close or sailed past geological formations that date back ages?

These one-of-a-kind underwater tours will get you up close and personal with Lake Champlain's secrets.

What a story to tell!

Basin Harbor goes beyond the usual lakeside activities with submarine rides.

The resort itself boasts a distinctive style, firmly rooted in family tradition, providing a personal touch that makes the experience all the more special.

Remember to snap some pics!

After all, how often do you get to be the captain of a mini-submarine?

Whether it’s for the 'gram or to make your friends jealous, you’re in for an experience that will have you waving from below sea level with a huge grin.

Get ready for a splash-tastic adventure at Basin Harbor!

Lakeway Resort and Spa, Lake Travis, Texas

Have you ever imagined gliding through the waters in your own mini-submarine?

At Lakeway Resort and Spa, located by the beautiful Lake Travis in Texas, this fantasy becomes a reality.

Imagine the thrill as you dive beneath the lake's surface to explore the vibrant aquatic life and mysterious submerged landscapes.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Private Mini-Submarine Tours: Dive deep and get up close with the local underwater world without getting wet.
  • Lake Travis Views: Unparalleled vistas from above and below the water, truly the best of both worlds.

Accommodation Highlights:

  • Room with a View: Each room offers a picturesque view of Lake Travis, promising a serene stay.
  • Amenities to Pamper Yourself: From a soothing spa to a fitness center, it's all here.

Mini-Submarine Experience:

  • Safe and Easy: No previous training needed, and you’ll always feel secure.
  • Educational Fun: Learn about the lake's ecosystem in the most engaging way possible.

Ready for some dining after your underwater adventure?

Savor the flavors of Texas at the on-site restaurants, or relax at the swim-up bar.

Get energized in the boutique spa or just lounge by the pool.

Here’s a quick glance at what awaits you:

  • Address: 101 Lakeway Drive, Austin, TX 78734
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: Find them online for those stunning lake pics!

Your next adventure is just a mini-submarine ride away.

Are you ready to take the plunge?