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Key Takeaways

  • Hidden lakes offer unmatched tranquility and solitude.
  • They require an adventurous spirit to access.
  • Nature's grandeur awaits in these secluded locations.

Ever dreamt of escaping to a place where the crisp air fills your lungs, and not a soul disturbs your peace?

Imagine a serene lake, tucked away in the most secluded corner of the world.

In search of tranquility, adventurers often seek out hidden lakes where they can experience solitude at its finest.

You might be wondering, "What are the secrets to finding these isolated gems?" Well, strap on your hiking boots, because we're embarking on a journey to reveal lakes so remote, they promise an escape from the constant buzz of civilization.

With diverse landscapes from Wyoming's Island Lake to the pristine waters of Lake Isabel in Glacier National Park, you'll find each destination has its own unique allure.

By venturing into areas like Sawtooth Wilderness or paddling through Minnesota's Boundary Waters, you encounter nature in its most undisturbed form.

Did you know that accessing these lakes often involves an adventurous spirit and a willingness to hike, paddle, or even climb?

Worry not, for these extraordinary places are well within reach for those who yearn for solitude and are prepared to embrace the wild.

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Island Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Ever dreamed of finding yourself surrounded by pure wilderness?

Let's talk about Island Lake in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

It's a spot where the mountains whisper tales of adventure.

Imagine crystal-clear waters cradled by the rugged peaks of the Bridger Wilderness—isn't that a sight to behold?

Getting There: You’re looking at a hearty hike to reach this isolated gem.

Starting at the Elkhart Park Trailhead, you'll trek approximately 10 miles to this alpine wonder.

Remember, the journey is as rewarding as the destination!

Hike Details:

  • Start Point: Elkhart Park Trailhead
  • Distance: Roughly 10 miles one-way
  • Experience: Challenging—bring your best boots!

Why should you put Island Lake on your list?

Well, aside from its dazzling beauty and the chance to breathe in that crisp mountain air, it's a hiker's paradise.

With no easy access, you're unlikely to bump into a crowd.

And let’s be honest, isn't a bit of solitude exactly what we need to disconnect from the buzz of daily life?

What can you do at Island Lake?

A lot:

  • Hike around the basin and take in the views that few get to see.
  • Fish for trout in the tranquil waters.
  • Camp under the stars and wake up to a surreal sunrise.

Let’s pack those bags—your serene escape to Island Lake awaits.

Remember, respect nature and leave no trace, so this pristine lake remains isolated and beautiful for years to come.

Ready for a real adventure?

Island Lake is calling your name!

Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming - Brewster Lake

Ever daydream about escaping to a place so secluded that you can hear your own thoughts echo off the trees?

Then you, my friend, may need to trek to Brewster Lake in the Gros Ventre Wilderness of Wyoming.

Imagine the unfettered bond with nature you'd form as you venture through acres upon acres of untouched woodlands.

Getting There:

  • Accessibility: Let's be real—getting to Brewster Lake is no small feat. It's a hidden nook in Wyoming's vast wilderness, quite the trek for those yearning for quietude.
  • Trails: Many miles of trails crisscross the area, but the journey is as wild as the destination itself.

Why Brewster Lake?

  • Solitude: This lake is a haven for souls seeking serenity away from the hustle of everyday life. It's so rarely visited, you'll probably have the tranquil waters to yourself!
  • Wildlife: Oh, and the animals! Keep your eyes peeled for a wide array of wildlife that roams freely here—safely, of course.


  • Brewster Lake sits like a jewel amidst the Gros Ventre Wilderness, offering pristine vistas and that sweet, sweet isolation.
  • With challenging access points, it's the ultimate hideaway for those who don't mind a bit of adventure with their peace and quiet.

Nature's Bounty:

  • Flora and Fauna: Prepare to be wowed by the lush flora and perhaps even spot some four-legged locals from a respectful distance.
  • Starry Nights: Without a shred of light pollution, the night sky is an astral spectacle you won't forget.

Before You Go:

  • Preparation is Key: This isn't a stroll in the park, so pack wisely and plan ahead.
  • Respect the Wilderness: Remember to leave no trace and protect the beauty for fellow wanderers.

So, are you ready to lace up your boots and immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Brewster Lake?

It's not just an escape; it's a conversation with nature that you'll carry in your heart long after you return to civilization.

Enchanted Valley, Olympic National Park, Washington - Enchanted Valley Lake

Ever dreamed of getting away from it all at a lake so isolated you can hear your own heartbeat?

Well, let me guide you to a hidden gem: Enchanted Valley Lake in Olympic National Park.

Imagine a serene lake, accessible only by an adventurous hike through ancient, whispering forests.

Those tall green towers of cedar and fir are your silent guardians as you trek to tranquility.

  • Accessibility: Don't forget your hiking boots! This secluded spot can only be reached by foot.
  • Surroundings: Cliffs stand guard around you, and the soundtrack? Cascading waterfalls!

Feeling like a bit of an explorer yet?

This valley's nickname, "Valley of 10,000 Waterfalls," is a clue to the epic sights awaiting you.

Here's the scoop on what to expect:

  1. The Journey: No stroll in the park, your path to Enchanted Valley Lake weaves through 13.5 miles of lush landscape.
  2. The Rewards: Complete solitude surrounded by nature's awe-inspiring handiwork.

But wait, there's more than just tranquility.

If you visit in spring, be prepared for a surprise as snowmelt breathes life into myriad streams and waterfalls—nature's very own water feature show!

So, pack your essentials, and don't forget that camera.

Enchanted Valley Lake is your off-the-grid paradise waiting to be discovered.

Will you answer the call of the wild?

Great Basin National Park, Nevada - Stella Lake

Have you been craving some serious me-time, surrounded by nature?

Look no further than Stella Lake in Great Basin National Park, Nevada.

This gem is more than just a body of water; it's your ticket to tranquility and breathtaking scenery.

Getting There:

To kick off your adventure, lace up your hiking boots and tackle a moderate trail peppered with alpine beauty.

Imagine the crisp air filling your lungs as you meander through picturesque landscapes on your way to the lake.

Why Stella?

  • Solitude: It's all about peace and quiet.
  • Scenery: You're under the watchful gaze of the majestic Wheeler Peak.
  • Accessibility: A manageable hike means you get the payoffs without the exhaustion.

On the hike itself, don't forget to snap some photos!

The contrast between the serene lake and the rugged peak in the background is nothing short of Instagram gold.

Now, remember you're not just chasing solitude – you're on a mission for that postcard-worthy view.

Imagine setting up a picnic by the water's edge, with the soothing sounds of nature as your playlist.

Isn't that the perfect way to disconnect and recharge?

Here are the quick facts to get you pumped for the trip:

  • Distance: A 2.1-mile trail awaits.
  • Elevation Gain: 442 feet—just enough to feel like a conqueror without needing a hero's welcome.
  • Expected Time: Give yourself about an hour to soak it all in, or more if you're a nature enthusiast; you set the pace!

Always wanted to dabble in landscape photography or fancy some quiet reflection?

Stella Lake is your spot.

So why wait?

Let's start planning your next retreat to solitude at Great Basin National Park's very own Stella Lake!

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho - Alpine Lake

Ever wanted to escape to a place where the chatter of the city is replaced by the whisper of the wind?

Let me paint a picture of Alpine Lake, nestled in the heart of Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness, just for you.

Imagine embarking on a path less traveled, where each step brings you closer to an alpine oasis.

Think you've got what it takes to hike your way to solitude?

Alpine Lake is only reachable through some serious legwork, but boy, is it worth it!

Surrounded by sharp mountain spires that jut into the sky, you'll find your slice of serenity.

Now, don't expect a leisurely stroll.

You're looking at about a 6-hour hike to the lake, plus or minus depending on your pace and if you're charmed by the idea of a detour to the equally stunning, but a tad easier-to-reach, Sawtooth Lake.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Total hike time: 5.5 - 6.5 hours (breaks included)
  • Detour: Add 1 hour for Alpine Lake
  • Trail surprises: Flat most of the way, then some switchbacks!

Alpine Lake isn't just another body of water, it's an experience.

You'll be in good company with the local wildlife, and the water?

It's a tad warmer than neighboring lakes, perfect for a dip if you're feeling brave.

So, pack your bag, lace up your boots, and say 'yes' to a rugged trek.

When you get there, take a moment—no, take many.

Sit back, eavesdrop on nature, and let that mountain air fill your lungs.

You've earned it!

Remember, with a spot like Alpine Lake, it's all about the journey and, of course, that sweet, sweet solitude at the end.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Montana - Big Salmon Lake

Fancy a hike with a splash of adventure?

Let's talk about a hidden gem tucked away deep in Montana's rugged backcountry—Big Salmon Lake.

Nestled in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, this secluded lake provides an idyllic setting for those seeking solitude and untouched natural beauty.

Getting there is quite the trek!

You'd have to lace up your boots for a 20.7-mile hike or saddle up for a horseback ride along the Big Salmon Creek Trail #110.

Are you up for the challenge?

Trust me, the journey through majestic evergreens and open meadows brimming with wildflowers is nothing short of magical.

Here's what's in store for you:

  • Pristine Wilderness: The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is famously known for its expansive terrain, covering more than 1.5 million acres.
  • Rich Wildlife: Keep an eye out! You might spot elk, deer, or a chatty woodpecker along the way.
  • The Reward: Big Salmon Lake itself is a spot where tranquility reigns. You can sit back, cast your line (don't forget your Montana fishing license if you're over 12!), and maybe even catch dinner.

And if you're wondering, "Is it really worth it?" Picture this: a serene lake surface with only the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline, a peaceful respite from the bustling world beyond these woods.

Trust me, the sense of accomplishment mixed with the calming embrace of nature is the ultimate reward.

Remember, nature’s calling!

Whether it’s hiking or horseback riding, Big Salmon Lake in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is waiting to give you the most serene escape you’ve been craving.

Are you ready to answer?

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota - Knife Lake

Ever dreamed of escaping to a place where the water is as clear as crystal and the only sounds you hear are the gentle laps of waves against your canoe?

Well, my friend, get ready to tickle your adventure bone because Knife Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) is your dream destination!

Imagine paddling through serene waters, surrounded by the lush boreal forest, with only wildlife as your nearest neighbors.

Knife Lake, with its secluded campsites, is a haven of solitude just waiting for you to discover.

No roads, no motorboats – just pure, untouched nature.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Here's what you're in for:

  • Location: Deep in the heart of BWCAW, Minnesota.
  • Accessibility: Canoe and portage only (pack those arm muscles).
  • Size and Scope: Over 1 million acres of wilderness to explore, and Knife Lake is one of its gems!

Did you know that BWCAW extends nearly 150 miles along the U.S.-Canada border?

And within this vast wilderness is Knife Lake, offering more than a paddle's worth of peace and quiet.

Just picture setting up camp on a secluded shore after a fulfilling day of canoeing – that's the kind of story you'll be bragging about for years!

But hey, don't just take my word for it – the over 150,000 visitors annually can't be wrong!

BWCAW is a bucket-list destination for those seeking a true wilderness experience.

And remember, with over 1,100 lakes and 1,500 miles of canoe routes, planning is your best friend.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your perfect slice of solitude at Knife Lake is just a paddle away!

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska - Tanada Lake

Have you ever imagined what true solitude feels like?

Picture yourself at Tanada Lake, nestled in the colossal Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

This remote gem is tucked away in a park that's an eye-popping 13.2 million acres—you could fit Yellowstone, Yosemite, and all of Switzerland in it and still have room to roam!

Accessing Tanada Lake is an adventure in itself.

You can only reach this untouched paradise by a bush plane—imagine swooping over the endless green expanse below—or if you're up for the challenge, a strenuous hike that only the most intrepid spirits dare undertake.

It's the kind of escapade that'll give you bragging rights for years!

Features of Tanada Lake:

  • Isolation: A splendid spot for when you want to unplug completely.
  • Accessibility: Arrive thrillingly via bush plane or embrace a tough hike.
  • Views: Be dazzled by the raw beauty of Alaskan wilderness.

Once you're there, it's just you, the mirror-like waters, and the majestic drama of nature's peaks and valleys.

Fancy a dip in glacial waters?

Or how about fishing in tranquility where the hustle and bustle of the world couldn't be further away?

This is the spot where your solo adventure tales begin.

With no hyperbole needed, the views from Tanada Lake are simply breathtaking.

The panoramas are as grand as the park's size suggests.

You're not just visiting a lake; you're immersing yourself in one of the most isolated and picturesque landscapes on Earth.

Ready for an adventure that's both serene and wild?

Pack your gear; Tanada Lake is calling!

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana - Fossil Lake

Ever imagined a serene escape where the only sounds are the gentle lapping of crystal-clear waters and the distant call of an eagle?

Picture yourself at Fossil Lake in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana.

Want to take a wild guess about the kind of adventure you need to embark on to get there?

That's right—a challenging hike that will test your resilience and reward your spirit!

Getting There:

  • Trailhead: Your journey begins at a remote trailhead accessible by a well-equipped vehicle.
  • Hike: Expect a non-trivial hike through the wild, featuring bold ascents and the grandeur of unspoiled nature.
  • Terrain: Rugged trails spice up your trek—some leg and lung work involved!

Lake Features:

  • Elevation: High-altitude gem, your efforts reaching the skies.
  • Surroundings: Alpine meadows wrap Fossil Lake like a lush green blanket.
  • Solitude: Yes, it’s the spot for solace you've been yearning for.

Why Fossil Lake?

  • Stunning scenery? Check.
  • A chance to disconnect? Absolutely.
  • Bragging rights for conquering the arduous trek? You bet!

As you're planning your trip, reflection upon the fact that such locations are rare jewels — certainly not for the faint-hearted, but oh so rewarding.

Ready for a demanding hike?

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness won't disappoint.

Tie those boots, pack your essentials, and remember: at Fossil Lake, the journey is indeed just as magnificent as the destination.

Glacier National Park, Montana - Lake Isabel

Have you ever fantasized about a lake so secluded it feels like your own personal paradise?

Lake Isabel in Glacier National Park might just be your dream destination.

Imagine a lake cradled by the protective arms of rugged peaks, a hidden jewel that requires dedication to reach.

Have you got what it takes for a 35.1-mile trek?

Here's a snapshot of what awaits you:

  • Trail Length: 35.1 miles out-and-back
  • Time to Complete: Around 14 hours and 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Challenging

This isn't just a walk in the park.

You'll be embarking on a journey that tests your endurance, but the payoff?

Utter solitude.

Your reward for persevering is a subalpine wonder, with its still waters reflecting Capers Peak, Battlement Mountain, and Vigil Peak.

The lake sits at 5,715 feet, and yes, it's teeming with trout!

Are you thinking of packing your fishing rod yet?

Here's what else you should know:

  • Access: The lake is only accessible by foot.
  • Ideal for: Hikers looking for a challenging, remote experience.
  • Wildlife: Besides fish, keep an eye out for a variety of birds and maybe even some larger furry locals!

So pack your backpack, bring your sense of adventure, and make sure your camera is charged—you won't want to forget the serene beauty of Lake Isabel.

Ready to claim your slice of serenity?