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Are you looking for a boat for a New York-Miami trip? Look no further. In this article, we’ll review the 5 best boats for traveling from New York to Miami.

Which is the best boat for traveling from New York to Miami? Which type of boat should you buy for a sailing trip from New York to Miami? What should you consider when buying a boat for traveling from New York to Miami?

The best boats for traveling from New York to Miami are Corbin 39, Hallberg-Rassy 42F, Tayana Vancouver 42, Nordic 40 and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49. All these boats are adequately provisioned, spacious and sturdy enough to handle the long-distance trip from New York to Miami.

In this guide, we will take you through the best boats for traveling from New York to Miami. We will also walk you through some factors to consider when buying a boat for long-distance trips. So, if you are planning a boating trip from New York to Miami and you are confused as to which boat you should buy, then the answers are right here.

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Traveling from New York to Miami via sea is approximately 1,100 miles. And when it comes to sailing on the sea, especially over such long distances, you just can’t use any boat. You will need a water vessel that’s properly equipped and large enough, to navigate such conditions safely.

And this begs the question, which is the best boat for traveling from New York to Miami? Well, there are several options to consider, if you are planning to go from New York to Miami via boat.

The Best Boats for Traveling from New York to Miami

As mentioned above, there are several boat options to consider, if you are looking for one that you can use to travel from New York to Miami. The choice will vary from one person to the next, since people have different preferences. With that said, here are some of the best boats for traveling from New York to Miami.

Corbin 39

The Corbin 39 is a stylish but yet highly functional boat. Also, it’s also a highly rare boat. Only a few of these boats were completely finished at the factory. Most of the others were sold as kits and then rebuilt by their owners. And this may explain why you will come across different interiors of these boats.

As you may expect, each interior is a reflection of the owner’s preferences, craftsmanship and creativity. So, if you decide to purchase this boat for your sailing trip, you should ensure you take a proper look throughout its interior to determine whether it aligns with your preferences. However, there are not many differences for the exterior, since the hull was sold as one piece.

With that said, the Corbin 39 is quite a spacious boat, making it ideal for long distance voyages. It can comfortably accommodate several passengers, making it a great choice for someone looking to sail with their friends and family.

It’s also one of the safest boats especially for sailing open waters.  Even if you happen to encounter rough sea conditions during your trip, you can expect this boat to keep you dry and comfortable. And while this boat is quite old, it remains highly dependable. It’s without a doubt, one of the best boats for traveling to Miami from New York.

Hallberg-Rassy 42F

The Hallberg-Rassy 42F is renowned for its outstanding sturdiness and top-notch build quality. Its design is highly efficient, meaning there’s almost no wasted space. And this means that this boat is specifically built with functionality in mind. Its exterior design is simple and efficient.

Its below-deck layout also follows the same efficient design. Everything has been positioned conveniently and strategically, making this boat easy to use. Also, its interior features high-quality materials. It also comes with several luxuries and provisions, designed to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Also, this boat tracks extremely well. It’s highly stable and has a comfortable motion. It will make you safe and secure, regardless of where you are or the weather conditions that you will encounter during your voyage. Hence, it’s a great boat for those long distance trips in the sea, such as cruising from New York to Miami.

If you are looking for a no-frills but highly dependable boat for traveling from New York to Miami, then you should check out the Hallberg-Rassy 42F. While it may not be as stylish as some of the other boats out there, it’s built to get the job done. And, it doesn’t disappoint in this aspect.

Tayana Vancouver 42

The Tayana Vancouver 42 was birthed out of a collaboration between the renowned designed Robert Harris and Taiwanese boat making experts Ta Yang. It was one of the Vancouver series boats, with the others being Vancouver 27 and Vancouver 36. It features solid teak joinery and a canoe stern. The boat is 42 feet long, making it a practical, off-shore cruising boat.

The Tayana Vancouver 42 is available in three deck configurations. There’s a center cockpit version, a conventional aft cockpit as well as a pilothouse aft cockpit. Most of the boats that have been sold feature an aft cockpit followed by those with a center cockpit. Regardless of the configuration you choose, the Vancouver 42’s interior is exceptionally refined.

Most versions feature teat decks while its hull is made of solid fiberglass. Therefore, you can expect it to withstand almost anything that you come across during your cruising expedition. It can comfortably handle heavy weather, rough waters, and serious winds, thus keeping you on track. Also, you can expect this boat to keep you dry and comfortable.

As for the cost, you can expect to spend between $80,000 and $100,000 to get yourself this boat, depending on the age. But, you can get one at a much cheaper cost, especially the older ones. However, you must be ready to do some repairs if you decide to purchase one of the much older ones.

Nordic 40

If you are in the market for a stable, dependable and highly versatile boat that you can use for traveling from New York to Miami, then you should check out the Nordic 40. As its name suggests, the Nordic 40 is a 40-foot boat, built for long distance trips and water adventures.

Considering its size versus its price, you can clearly see that you are getting value for your money. It’s not easy to come across a sailing boat this big at this price range. So, if you will be traveling with a large group, then the Nordic 40 will be the ideal choice for your expedition.

As highlighted earlier, when you are buying a boat for long distance trips, you need to ensure you get one that’s strong and sturdy. Fortunately, this is the case with the Nordic 40. It’s strong and sturdy. But at the same time, it’s nimble and lightweight. Hence, it’s capable of sailing fast and agilely when the conditions are friendly. On the other hand, it can also tough it out comfortably, if you happen to encounter severe conditions out there.

Besides its high reliability, this boat is also quite comfortable. It comes with adequate living and storage spaces. It also features a spacious shower, plenty of counter space, a huge refrigerator as well as spacious sleeping quarters. With the Nordic 40, you are getting a boat that’s not only good for sailing but also great for living in.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49

If your budget can allow, then you should consider buying this boat. It’s a bit more expensive than most of the others in this list. But, you will get value for every dollar you spend on this boat. It’s large, luxurious and highly functional. It’s an extremely great boat for long distance cruises.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 features a large cockpit with great, all-round performance. It’s one of those sailboats that can accomplish almost anything. One of its standout features is the dedicated sail lock, positioned in the bow. This dedicated sail lock is designed to provide a convenient and easy means of adjusting the height of the sale.

This boat also offers several options below deck. Its cabin features a twin aft design. However, you have the option of removing the bulkhead, thus transforming it into one large cabin. It also comes with a great navigation station below deck, which is a great feature. Its interior has several luxurious features and the space is more than adequate.

Considerations When Choosing a Boat for Traveling from New York to Miami

As mentioned earlier, sailing from New York to Miami is approximately 1,100 miles. So, when it comes to choosing a boat for this trip, you will need one that can comfortably handle long distances. Also, such a boat will need to meet various other key factors, to be considered a good fit for this trip. With that said, here are some factors to consider when choosing a boat for traveling from New York to Miami.


As you may expect, you are likely going to encounter dangerous waters and rough seas when you are sailing for several days in the open waters. And if your boat is not stable enough, then your safety will be at risk. With that in mind, you need to make sure you choose a boat that’s stable enough, to handle choppy waters.

A reliable method of assessing a boat’s stability is checking its hull type and width. If a particular boat has multiple hulls or has a wide hull, then it’s highly likely that it will be stable, and it can handle rough waters.


You can expect to be out there in the sea for a couple of days during your trip from New York to Miami. Consequently, you will need a boat large enough to accommodate all the supplies that you will need for all the days you will be out there. Ideally, the boat should be spacious both on the deck and in the cabin. The size you choose will also depend on the number of people you intend to bring along during your trip.

Besides having enough sleeping quarters for everyone, the boat should also be spacious enough for everyone to move around. You may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you will be forced to spend several days inside the boat due to bad weather. And if the boat is cramped, then the experience will be an unpleasant one.


Strength is also an important factor to consider when choosing a boat for your long distance trip. A boat with a strong, sturdy hull will endure rough conditions better, compared to one with a weaker hull.

Also, you will be much safer riding in a boat with a stronger hull. If possible, you should opt for a boat with metal reinforcing around the hull. While it may cost you more, the chances of returning home in one piece are much higher, compared to going on a trip with one that’s not reinforced.

Besides the hull, you should also pay close attention to other components of the boat such as the hull. The boat you choose for your trip should also have a sturdy mast. If the mast is weak, then there’s a possibility of the sail coming down. And once the sail comes down, there’s a possibility the boat will capsize, putting everyone at risk.


When it choosing a boat for your trip from New York to Miami, you need to choose one that you can comfortably navigate. When you are out there in the water, everything can possibly go wrong.

And if you are not well versed with the boat you are cruising with, the chances of making out alive will be slim. So, make sure you choose a boat that you can handle without issues. It will also be advisable to have someone extra on board who has voyaging experience.

Wrapping It Up

With the tips and recommendations we’ve provided in this guide, we hope that you will find the right boat, which you can use for your sailing trip from New York to Miami. Ultimately, the one that you choose will depend on your budget, your sailing experience as well as your preferences.