7 Popular Lake Boating Toys for Kids to Maximize Fun All Summer | LakeWizard

Key Takeaways

  • Selection of lake toys can enhance summer fun.
  • Water trampolines and towable tubes are favorites.
  • Safety and excitement are priorities with lake toys.

Summer by the lake just isn't complete without the right toys for kids to enjoy.

Imagine the laughter and joy as youngsters zip across the water or bounce high on a water trampoline.

Summer is the perfect time for kids to try new aquatic adventures.

From towable tubes to water trampolines and trainer water skis, there's something to make every day on the lake memorable for the little ones.

With years of experience in water fun, trust us to know what brings the biggest smiles.

These toys are designed for safety and excitement, ensuring your kids have a fantastic time while building their confidence on the water.

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O'Brien Super Screamer Towable Tube

Have you ever soared across the lake, feeling the splash of water against your face as you laugh uncontrollably with a friend?

If that sounds like a blast to you, then the O'Brien Super Screamer Towable Tube is your ticket to summer fun.

This towable tube is designed for two riders, allowing you and a buddy to experience the thrill of the waves together.

Here's what makes it a must-have for your next lake adventure:

  • Capacity: Room for up to two riders, with a maximum weight limit of 340 lbs.
  • Build: A single chamber, 26 gauge bladder, fully encased in a tough 420 Denier Nylon cover. This rugged construction means durability isn't something you'll need to worry about.
  • Handling: With six strategically placed handles, you and your friend can hang on tight no matter how wild the ride.

The O'Brien Super Screamer isn't just about the thrills—it's also about the comfort.

And isn't that just as important when you're spending a day on the water?

  • Comfort: Opt for different positions—lie, sit, or kneel. Each stance offers a different experience, and none will let you down. Plus, it’s built from materials that are gentle on your skin, so say goodbye to irritations.

Whether you're taking sharp turns or gliding across a still lake, the O'Brien Super Screamer is built to amplify your summer fun.

Kids adore its simplicity and the excitement it brings, and it's easy to see why it's a hot favorite for lake trips.

Remember to always stay safe while you scream and laugh your way through the summer!

RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline

Ever imagined a bouncy castle on water?

Meet the RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline!

This isn't just a toy, it's like your own portable summer aqua park.

Here's why you and your family will love it:

  • Maximized Fun: With the 150 model, you're looking at a whopping 124 square feet of bounce space for you to jump to your heart’s content, or just lounge and soak up the sun.
  • Durable Material: Each trampoline features 28 oz. reinforced PVC with heat-welded seams and UV-treated, anti-mold/mildew protection. This means you can expect long-lasting fun under the sun.
  • Easy Setup: Are you thinking it's a hassle to set up? Not at all! In four simple steps, you'll have your water trampoline ready to go. Plus, no tools are required - isn't that sweet?
  • Depth & Safety: Just ensure you have a minimum water depth of 10 feet, and you're all good to make waves! Safety is as important as fun, after all.
  • Travel-Friendly: Got a lake trip planned? Take the fun with you! It’s portable, with some models needing only a high-speed inflator and a small anchor.
  • Saltwater Safe: The trampoline is not afraid of a little salt and can be a blast at saltwater locations as well.

Ready for a summer of endless water fun?

You'll wonder how you ever managed to enjoy the lake without one!

Connelly Cadet Trainer Combo Water Skis

Ever watched a kid light up while skimming across the water for the first time?

The Connelly Cadet Trainer Combo Water Skis could be the spark to ignite a lifelong passion for water sports in your little ones!

They're just the right size and design to make those first glides safe and memorable.

Key Features:

  • Durability: Built from reinforced composite, these skis are tough enough to withstand the learning curve.
  • Design: The Connelly Tracking System (C.T.S) ensures a smooth ride with better control.
  • Safety: High gloss UV coat protects the skis and your kids from the sun.

When starting out, balance is key, and that's why the Cadet comes with a removable stabilizer bar to help keep those skis in line.

Plus, there's no need to worry about size — adjustable bindings make these suitable for a wide range of tiny feet, from child size 1-4.

  • Easy Learning: With their 45" length, these skis are perfect for future champions under 80 lbs.
  • Extra Control: A two-handle rope system lets you guide them from the boat, ensuring they stay safe. You can even drop the handle if they take a tumble!

Getting Started:

  1. Attach stabilizer bar.
  2. Fit the skis to your child’s feet.
  3. Take the boat slow, let them feel the water.
  4. Be ready to drop the handle if needed.

Remember, the joy of water skiing is exhilarating, and with the right tools, you're setting the stage for a summer packed with growth, laughter, and the magic of gliding on water.

Happy skiing!

HO Sports Castaway Island

Ever imagined your own private floating oasis where you can kick back with your pals?

Well, the HO Sports Castaway Island is like a VIP lounge—on the water!

This isn't just a float; it's the cool kid's hangout spot that anchors down in up to 30 feet of water.

Ready to up your lake game?

  • Size: Roomy enough for 5 people.
  • Design: A unique inside-outside seating arrangement.
  • Extra Perk: It even includes a loveseat!

Picture yourself lounging, with the sun kissing your cheeks, and the cool water just a tip-toe away.

  • Seats: Comfortable seating for your entire crew.
  • Sun Deck: Converts so you can tan on that loveseat.
  • Cup Holders: Yup, 10 of them to keep your drinks secure!

Guess what else?

There's an insulated cooler to keep those snacks chilled.

Talk about convenience!

  • Cooler: Insulated to keep your refreshments cold.

Connectivity is no issue!

Link lanyards let you tether any HO towables, expanding your water estate.

More room, more fun, right?

  • HO Link Lanyards: Effortlessly attach other inflatables.

Ready to make your summer memorable with the HO Sports Castaway Island?

Just inflate, invite your friends, and make a splash!

Subwing - Fly Under Water

Have you ever dreamed of soaring beneath the waves like a dolphin?

Subwing is an innovative water toy that turns that fantasy into a splashy reality.

Here's what makes this towable board a summer-must for your lake outings:

What's Subwing?

  • It's a water sport accessory towed by a boat.
  • While gripping the board, you can twist and tilt to dive, turn or resurface.

Designed for Safety & Ease

  • Towing Speed: Slower than typical water toys, making it suitable for kids and beginners.
  • Control: Maneuvering is straightforward - tilt down to dive, up to rise, and side-to-side to turn.

No Heavy Training Required

  • Minimal physical effort needed.
  • Intuitive use, so you'll be gliding under the waves in no time!

The Creator's Vision

  • Invented by Simon Sivertsen in 2010 during a Mediterranean sailing trip, inspired by the area's clear waters.

What Will You Need?

  • A Subwing board.
  • A tow rope connected to a boat.
  • A diving mask to see the underwater scenery.

Extra Features:

  • Attach a GoPro and capture your underwater adventures.
  • Comes with a bag for storage and protection.
  • Choose from six unique designs to reflect your style.

Remember, always prioritize safety – make certain you and your children are comfortable swimming and follow all recommended guidelines for a fun-filled and accident-free summer on the lake.

Ready to fly underwater?

Grab a Subwing and make a splash!

Jobe Parrot Trainer Inflatable Towable

Ever watched the little ones gaze longingly at the big kids whooshing across the lake on their towables?

Well, now they can join in with the Jobe Parrot Trainer Inflatable Towable, crafted just for them!

It's no secret that kids love adventures on the water, and this towable is designed to offer a thrilling yet safe experience.

Let me walk you through why it should be the next addition to your lake gear.

  1. Stability and Comfort: This isn't just any towable; it's a cozy nest for your young thrill-seekers. The Jobe Parrot Trainer lays the foundation for a smooth sailing with its design aimed at newbies.
  2. Safety Features: Safety comes first, right? That's why this towable comes with features to keep your munchkin secure.
  1. Full nylon cover and comfy handles
  2. A design that makes it tough for them to flip over unexpectedly

Remember, the key here is confidence-building.

As their smiles get wider, you'll know they're not only having a blast but are also tucked in safely.

Got a kid who's apprehensive about trying out lake toys?

The Jobe Parrot Trainer might just be the gentle nudge they need!

  • Ideal for Beginners: Trust me, it's as beginner-friendly as they come. Your kiddo doesn't have to be a mini daredevil to enjoy this ride.
  • Kid-Centric Design: Just knowing it's made for youngsters like them can make all the difference in getting them to try and enjoy it.

Just picture the giggles and the excited chatter as you tow them along.

Ready to make those lake days unforgettable for your little ones?

The Jobe Parrot Trainer Towable is a fantastic place to start!

ZUP YouGotThis 2.0 Board

Hey there, water enthusiast!

Looking for a toy that can ramp up your lake adventures with the kids?

Let's talk about the ZUP YouGotThis 2.0 Board.

This gem is the Swiss Army knife of lake toys that's bound to be a hit with both the kiddos and adults!

Variety of Rides?

You bet!

With the YouGotThis 2.0 Board, you can:

  • Lay back and soak up the sun
  • Kneel like a pro surfer
  • Stand up for a full-on wakeboard experience

Whether you're just starting out or you've got a few waves under your belt, this board is designed to keep up with you.

No one's left out!

What's the deal with the design?

It's all about stability and ease.

You'll find that hopping on is a breeze, and with each ride, confidence just keeps growing.

The fun facts?

  • Price: $329.99
  • Ages: Great for ages 5 and up
  • Accessories: Comes with the fabulous Double ZUP Handle for those smooth starts

It's not just a kneeboard—it's your ticket to transforming an average day on the water into a smorgasbord of activities.

And guess what?

It's super friendly for beginners.

No more watching from the sidelines!

Fancy a bit of friendly competition?

Who can come up with the most creative way to ride the YouGotThis 2.0? Trust me, with this board, your summer lake time will be anything but ordinary!