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Key Takeaways

  • The three best salt remover products to use for boats are the Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate, Salt-Away Saltwater Remover, and Seaworks Boat Salt Remover.
  • We recommend using this solution on a boat once or twice a month if it gets exposed to saltwater often. If not, every 3-6 months should be fine.
  • To apply salt remover, use a hose attachment or spray bottle, or use it as a mixing unit with a traditional boat cleaner.

Owning a boat requires regular maintenance. And when salt residue builds up, we need a salt remover for boats to protect the hull and engine.

The best salt remover for boats includes the following products.

  1. Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate
  2. Salt-Away Saltwater Remover
  3. Seaworks Boat Salt Wash
  4. West Marine Pure Oceans Salt-Off Salt Wash
  5. 303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost
  6. Better Boat De-Salt Concentrate Salt Wash

If you're responsible for keeping a boat in top condition, one of the top priorities is inevitably tackling salt build-up. Without regular maintenance, the salty residue from seawater can quickly damage your vessel and significantly reduce its lifespan. This guide will review some of the most recommended salt removers available.

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6 Best Salt Remover For Boats

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing our boat for another season of fun in the sun. One of the most critical steps in preparing our boat is ensuring it is free of salt build-up, which can cause corrosion and damage over time.

A build-up of salt deposits on a boat can present long-term damage. That’s why it’s essential to familiarize yourself with what makes a good salt remover before buying one.

This guide does just that. We have found, tested, and ranked the six best products for boats and listed them below.

1. Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate

Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate
Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate

Boat owners looking for a way to remove salt from the boat's engine and exterior should consider the Star Brite Salt Off Concentrate. This amazing product is perfect for taking the best care of any boat while keeping it corrosion-free. Plus, it’s so easy to use.

This product works in two ways: by using phosphates to loosen up and dissolve calcium deposits that form on boat surfaces and through its rapid degreasing abilities. These features help ensure that dirt and stains caused by salty water are eliminated quickly and effectively without ruining your boat’s texture or finish.

What Sets This Product Apart

This product is unique because of the solution. Boats exposed to the harsh ocean air often suffer accelerated wear due to its high chloride content. It won’t damage the boat’s surface by removing wax or polish. It also works as a solid motor flush option to clean the outboard or inboard engine.

Not only does it remove salt, but it leaves a protective PTEF coating. This will prevent future salt buildup. It also comes with a portable applicator to make applying it much more manageable.


  • Long lasting application
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an applicator attachment
  • PTEF coating


  • One of the most expensive options with mixer & applicator included

2. Salt-Away Saltwater Remover

Salt-Away Saltwater Remover
Salt-Away Saltwater Remover

For those looking for an efficient way to get rid of saltwater on their boat, Salt-Away Saltwater Remover is the perfect solution. The non-toxic formula contains special corrosion inhibitors that help remove any existing rust or corrosion from surfaces exposed to salt water.

The powerful yet gentle cleaning action quickly loosens and breaks down stubborn salts and other organic deposits, allowing them to be easily rinsed away with fresh water.

What Sets This Product Apart

This is an easy-to-use product, which makes it such a great choice. It comes with a quick spray bottle function. Spray the surface and allow the formula to work magic.

No scrubbing or deep cleaning is required. It will remove heavy salt build-up on the boat’s exterior. The selling point is the quick application, so don’t expect the most durable protective coating. But it’s still a valuable product that does well to remove salt quickly from the exterior of a boat.


  • Spray application method
  • Cheap
  • No scrubbing necessary
  • Removes stains in just a few minutes


  • No protective coating

3. Seaworks Boat Salt Remover

Seaworks Boat Salt Remover
Seaworks Boat Salt Remover

Not only can unsightly build-up reduce the pleasure of our cruising experience, but it can also lead to permanent damage to the vessel's equipment and systems. That’s why Seaworks Boat Salt Remover is the best solution for removing that annoying salt residue that accumulates.

This solution is designed to tackle even the most stubborn salt deposits easily. It works quickly and effectively to ensure that all traces of salt are gone in no time. Expect it to leave only a pristine finish behind.

What Sets This Product Apart

This product is versatile and does well to shine and protect boat hulls. It can also clean a boat full of brine, grime, and corrosion.

The pH-neutral formula means that not only does it remove tough salts without doing any harm, but it will also clean away algae stains from hulls with minimal scrubbing required.

This is a high-strength product too. A single application can even protect against future build-up. There is no need to apply multiple coats every few weeks or worry about spending extra money on expensive treatments over time.


  • Versatile to use on other surfaces like RVs, campers, cars, ATVs, etc.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous solution
  • Provides a deep cleaning to remove salt, brine, grime, and corrosion


  • High pricing
  • No PTEF coating

4. West Marine Pure Oceans Salt-Off Salt Remover

West Marine Pure Oceans Salt-Off Salt Remover
West Marine Pure Oceans Salt-Off Salt Remover

West Marine's Pure Oceans Salt-Off Salt Remover is ideal for boat cleaning and maintenance. In mere minutes, it rapidly removes salt deposits from fiberglass boats, metal parts, sails, and other objects.

Whether dealing with white powdery residue on decks or hard crusts of rust around metal fixtures, this product will tackle it all without damaging your surfaces. It works faster and we won't have to spend too much time or energy getting rid of undesired deposits.

What Sets This Product Apart

In addition to eliminating existing salt deposits, this product protects boats against future damage by forming a PTEF barrier against further corrosion.

This is one of the key selling points and why we recommend it so highly. It does this via rust inhibitors that actually neutralize these corrosive agents before they can cause major harm.

This is another option to use for motor flushes too. It can add more protection to saltwater outboard motors and works well on fishing tackle and dive gear. It comes with an attachable hose to make application easier as well.


  • Includes an attachable applicator
  • Passes Humidity Cabinet Test at 100%
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Leaves a protective PTEF
  • Recommended for motor flush


  • Expensive
  • Not as widely available

5. 303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost

303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost
303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost

Next up, we have the 303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost. This solution uses a corrosion-inhibiting wash additive to clean deeper stains and give the boat’s hull a nice shine and a clean new look.

When used regularly, this product will help prevent future salt damage caused by prolonged contact with salty waters. This also adds an extra level of protection from future staining or discoloration. This product is best used to protect boats from the damaging effects of saltwater.

What Sets This Product Apart

The best thing about this product is its safety for boat surfaces. Using it won’t impact the paint or wax. This product works well and is commonly used to protect cars and trucks.

It also works on metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass, and stainless steel surfaces. Application is easy. Simply mix one ounce with a wash solution and apply it to the boat like normal.

It will target salt deposits while cleaning, allowing users to complete multiple steps simultaneously. Avoid using this product in cold conditions. It won’t hold up well in freezing temperatures.


  • Mixes with traditional soap or cleaner for easy application
  • Extremely low cost
  • Provides best clean for the boat


  • Only works when we mix it with other cleaning solution. Not a standalone product

6. Better Boat De-Salt Concentrate Salt Remover

Better Boat De-Salt Concentrate Salt Remover
Better Boat De-Salt Concentrate Salt Remover

The Better Boat De-Salt Concentrate is another highly effective option for boat owners. Unlike many harsh chemical solutions on the market, it contains no ingredients that could corrode metal parts or paintwork on our boat.

This is a preferred option to flush I/O and outboard engines because it’s extremely potent. The powerful concentrate formula gets a deep clean and disposes of salt stains in and around the boat.

What Sets This Product Apart

This multi-use salt removal product will not strip away any paint, wax, or polish on the boat’s surface either. It can be purchased in a one-gallon or 32-ounce jug which is plenty of solution for multiple uses.

Better Boat also makes one of the most eco-friendly products we’ve found. It’s safe to use and presents no risk to anybody applying it to their boat's surface. It’s made in the USA and we love using it on boat decks and trailers too.


  • Targets deeper salt residue
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable solution


  • No PTEF coating
  • Expensive

What To Look For: Best Salt Remover For Marine Boats

When shopping for a salt terminator for our boat, we will want to consider several criteria. The most important factor is that it effectively removes salts from surfaces like fiberglass and metal without damaging them.

It should also be easy to apply and remove to get back onto the water quickly. Let’s review each of these factors in more detail.

Application Method

The application method is the first factor most buyers should consider. It typically indicates how long the process takes and how effective the product is when removing salt and providing future boat protection.

This wash gives a deeper clean and removes heavy-duty salt stains. It is typically sold as liquid soap or bottle spray. The spray application is fast and easy but won’t work as well.


The most effective salt removers contain strong alkaline cleaners like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide to break down tough deposits on boats. These products work better than traditional household cleaners and are specially formulated for marine use.

They should also include corrosion inhibitors to protect surfaces from further damage due to oxidation or rusting. The key is to find something safe to use that won’t strip the boat’s paint, polish, or wax.


Price point factors heavily into the decision when purchasing a boat cleaner. Look at different brands' price offerings as well as sizes available.

However, most options range between $20-$50. Typically, the spray bottle solutions will be the cheapest because they provide the weakest coating. More expensive options add a PTEF coating for better boat protection.

Is Salt Remover Safe To Use On Boats?

It’s important to note that some salt removers contain harsh chemicals that can damage paint and surfaces on your boat if not used with caution. This means we should always read all labels carefully before using any cleaning product or chemical on our boat.

However, when used properly, most salt removers are usually safe for removing unwanted deposits from boats without causing any damage. It’s safe but best to avoid excessive exposure.

Most products also indicate they are non-hazardous and safe to use on all metals. This means they are safe for the person using the salt remover and the boat itself.

Does Salt Remover Also Work On Marine Engines?

The short answer to this question is yes. It can be effective for removing salt from boat engines. This product does not just remove the visible white residue from surfaces. It also helps to reduce corrosion by neutralizing acids left behind.

These products are engine friendly. Be sure to check the product details first, but all options listed above will work on outboard and inboard engines. This is a recommended maintenance step for any boats with excessive salt exposure.

This is known as motor or engine flushing. It’s a common step when winterizing a boat and a highly effective way to keep a boat free of rust and corrosion while protecting it for the long term. It can also be used to clean and protect the boat’s cooling system.

How To Apply Salt Remover On A Boat

Salt is one of the toughest elements to remove from a boat. For those owners living in coastal regions, salt deposits on the hull and parts can cause major damage that requires expensive repairs over time.

In order to prevent this problem, it’s important to regularly give your boat a proper cleaning with salt remover. Here’s how anybody can apply salt remover on a boat easily.

Use A Hose Attachment

This is probably the easiest way of applying salt remover. Simply attach an adjustable garden hose spray nozzle to the solution bottle before spraying it over surface areas. Many of the best options will even include a hose attachment.

This will spread the solution across the hull fast. Be sure to cover all areas. Depending on the strength of the hose, a simple scrub or wash is also required.

Spray Bottle Option

Another option is to buy a simple spray solution This product can spray directly on the boat’s surface with no scrubbing or application needed. But these tend to be the least reliable products.

They also aren't ideal to use for an outboard engine flush. If the objective is to clean and prepare the engine for the upcoming season, other options will provide longer-lasting results.

Mix-In With Traditional Cleaner Method

Another option is to buy a salt remover wash. These products will mix with traditional soap to provide a high-strength cleaning that better targets salt deposits, salt residue, and other stains.

This solution would be added to the soap and water and scrubbed on the surface. The solution works like a convenient mixing unit. This is a smart way to remove salt and do a good boat cleaning all at once.

How Often Do You Need To Use A Salt Remover For Boats?

One of the most important aspects of regularly maintaining a boat is using salt remover. It helps protect and preserve the boat's paint, metal parts, and other surfaces. It can even prevent damage caused by saltwater exposure to the engine. But how often should it be done?

Ultimately, it depends on the boat's frequency and weather conditions. Ideally, it would be best to do it after every boating trip in saltwater conditions. But this is not always possible.

Instead, aim to use it once or twice per month, assuming you use the boat at least once weekly. It can be done even less frequently if we are only boating in freshwater lakes because the salt buildup is less common.