10 Spectacular Lakes for Drone Photography Enthusiasts | LakeWizard

Key Takeaways

  • Lakes provide dynamic and varied settings for drone photography.
  • Specific lakes offer unique landscapes for stunning aerial views.
  • Safe and responsible flying enhances the drone photography experience.

Got a drone and a thirst for adventure?

Look skyward!

A whole new perspective of shimmering lakes awaits when you send your drone soaring above these spectacular waterscapes.

Lakes offer a canvas of mesmerizing patterns, an amalgamation of deep blues and greens, creating the most amazing aerial shots for drone photography enthusiasts.

Lakes from the crystal-clear Tahoe to the staggering depths of Crater Lake are out there ready to take your drone photography to new heights.

Exploring these natural wonders from above is not just about the shot; it's about the experience.

We’re talking about iconic locations like Lake Powell, where red rock formations collide with azure waters, and Mono Lake's otherworldly landscapes that seem plucked from another planet.

We understand the magnetic pull of these vistas and share your passion for capturing them.

With careful stewardship and adherence to drone regulations, these sites can provide an awe-inspiring tapestry that'll leave your followers spellbound.

Table of contents


Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Hey, have you ever witnessed the magic of Lake Tahoe from above?

If not, grab your drone and get ready for some truly epic footage!

Lake Tahoe straddles the border between California and Nevada, and let me tell you, it's a slice of paradise for drone photography enthusiasts like you.

Whether you're capturing its shimmering blue waters or the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains that hug the shoreline, each shot promises to be a masterpiece.

  • Crystal-Clear Waters: Tahoe's waters are famous for their clarity and deep blue color. Imagine the sun dancing over the surface—you can get that perfect sparkle in your videos.
  • Mountain Scenery: The Sierra Nevada mountains provide a dramatic backdrop, offering contrast and depth to your aerial photos.
  • Activities Galore: If you're thinking of spicing up your content, Lake Tahoe is bustling with activities. Boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding are just a few that can add action to your shots.

Remember the numbers—this alpine beauty lies at a large elevation, features a whopping 72 miles of shoreline, and delves to a depth of over 1,000 feet in places.

Are you already envisioning the breathtaking panoramas you can capture?

So, pack your batteries, check the weather, and make sure you're up to speed with local drone regulations.

Tahoe's diverse landscapes mean you can return with a diverse portfolio of shots.

From the serene morning light to the golden hues of sunset, every moment is an opportunity for that awe-inspiring click.

Ready to capture the allure of Lake Tahoe?

I bet your followers can't wait to see the results!

Crater Lake, Oregon

Ever wondered what the deepest lake in the United States looks like from above?

Crater Lake in Oregon is your mesmerizing answer!

With depths reaching 1,943 feet, you're in for quite a view.

Imagine piloting your drone over waters so blue, you'll question if your camera is playing tricks on you—it's not, by the way, the lake really is that stunning.

  • Depth: 1,943 feet
  • Notable Feature: Wizard Island

Got a drone?


The bird's eye view here is unparalleled.

The lake's clarity comes from rainfall and snowmelt, meaning no rivers run into it, keeping sediments out.

It's like nature's own filter system kicking up the vibrance.

You'll want to capture:

  1. Wizard Island: This cinder cone island adds a touch of magic.
  2. The Caldera Cliffs: Towering up to 2,000 feet, these cliffs make a jaw-dropping backdrop.

Pack extra batteries, because you won’t just stop at one photo—trust me.

And for a challenge, try to catch the shadow of Wizard Island on the lake during the golden hours; it's a photo contest winner waiting to happen.

Safety tip: Be mindful of park regulations.

We wouldn't want your drone taking an unplanned dip, right?

Before you go, double-check those battery levels and memory cards.

The shot of a lifetime awaits at Crater Lake.

Happy flying!

Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to capture a natural masterpiece from the sky?

Imagine your drone gliding over Lake Powell, with its crystal blue waters contrasted against dazzling red sandstone cliffs.

It's like an artist's dream palette, but this one's real and ready for your lens!

Located along the Utah-Arizona border, Lake Powell isn't your typical lake—it's the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States.

Boasting over 2,000 miles of shoreline, there's no shortage of angles or unique landforms for that aerial shot of a lifetime.

And let's not forget, this spot is tailor-made for drone photographers searching for a mix of aquatic and desert landscapes.

  • Marinas: Wahweap is your go-to for boat launches. Fancy a drone video starring the gleaming boats? Here's your chance!
  • Can't-miss Canyons: Don't miss the nearby gem, Glen Canyon, carved over millennia by the relentless Colorado River. Access it just north of Wahweap Marina.

Despite the lake's charm under sunny skies, remember that thunderstorms can pop up unexpectedly—perfect for dramatic sky footage, as long as your drone's at a safe distance.

Bringing the thrill of water sports into frame is another hit.

Capture wakeboarders carving the water or kayakers exploring hidden coves.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack up your drone, charge those batteries, and get ready to fly your way through one of the most photography-worthy spots in the West.

Just picture it: your drone, soaring high above this vast water labyrinth, while you control the narrative from below.

Pure magic!

Mono Lake, California

Hey there, fellow drone enthusiasts!

Have you ever captured the essence of Mono Lake from the skies?

This isn't just any old lake; it’s one of North America’s geological wonders, ripe for an aerial photoshoot.

Did you know?

Mono Lake is ancient — really ancient.

Picture your drone gliding over an aquatic expanse that's existed for over a million years!

With those fantastical tufa towers poking through the salty waters, it’s like you’ve flown into a sci-fi movie set.

It's salty.

Like, really salty.

And alkaline too, which means it's not the best spot for that post-flight swim, but it's perfect for those stark, contrasty photos you love.

The water's unique chemistry is also why those amazing tufa towers exist.

They create a landscape so mesmerizing that your drone's camera will beg for more flight time.

Here are a few pointers to get those epic shots:

  • Golden Hour Glow: Morning or sunset, the lighting is divine. Plus, it brings out the textures in the tufas.
  • Zoom in on Details: Those towers are teeming with shapes. Get close with your drone's zoom function.
  • Don't Forget the Filters: ND and polarizing filters are your best pals for cutting glare and capturing the water's true hues.

And hey, while you're flying, be extra cautious of the environment—Mono Lake is delicate.

Keep your gear free of dust and moisture from that salty air.

Remember, only you can prevent tech mishaps!

Lastly, fancy a bit of a walk?

Mono Lake has a boardwalk trail that’s a mere 0.5 miles, super easy and offers stunning views.

Plus, you get to adjust your flight plan while savoring the scenic backdrop.

So, ready to check out Mono Lake?

Pack those propellers, charge up those batteries, and prep for takeoff.

Your portfolio won’t know what hit it!

Lake Michigan, Michigan

Have you ever seen a body of water so vast it almost seems like an ocean?

That's Lake Michigan for you!

Its massive size, crystal clear water, and striking shorelines are a dream come true for drone enthusiasts like yourself.

Why is Lake Michigan perfect for your next drone adventure?

Imagine capturing the sunrise over calm waters, or the contrast of a bustling city skyline against the tranquil lake.

Speaking of cities, Chicago's impressive cityscape along Lake Michigan is a must-capture!

Dive into the specifics:

  • Diversity of landscapes: From the hustle of Chicago to serene beaches, the scenes are as varied as can be.
  • Accessibility: You're never too far from a great flying spot, thanks to the lake's extensive coastline in Michigan.

And get this:

  • The summer and fall seasons offer drastically different palettes and moods, each with its charm.
  • You might spot landmarks or events from above that make for unique stories in your footage.

But wait, there's more:

  • Mackinac Island: This gem, with historic charm and natural beauty, is just across in Lake Huron but is part of the Great Lakes experience.

Keep these tips in your back pocket:

  • Avoid crowded beaches: Safety first! Plus, you don't want your drone to photobomb a beach-goer's perfect sunset shot.
  • Check the weather: The Great Lakes region can have sudden changes. Always best to fly on clear days.
  • Respect privacy and regulations: Be mindful of local drone laws to ensure a hassle-free flight experience.

With these pointers, you're all set for a drone photographer's paradise.

Happy flying over Lake Michigan! 🚁

Lake Superior, Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota

Ever wondered what the view is like from up above the largest Great Lake?

With your drone in hand, dive into the captivating aerial landscape of Lake Superior straddling Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

This titan of a lake stretches impressively across three states, offering an expansive canvas for drone photographers like you.

The shoreline of Lake Superior is a patchwork quilt of geological wonders—cliffs, rock formations, and the sweep of the northern lights.

Can you picture the sunset casting a golden glow over these rugged landscapes?

They make for some breathtaking shots that could easily be the envy of any photography contest.

Here's a fun fact: Lake Superior is gargantuan!

It's approximately 1,300 miles (2,092 km) of shoreline that’s just waiting for you to explore.

Imagine the stories you could tell through your lens!

  • Minnesota's Shore: Capture the northern lights above Minnesota’s coast, a sight so stunning it could land you in a magazine cover.
  • Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Be the judge of panoramic views yourself, covering diverse terrain like volcanic shores and towering dunes.
  • Wisconsin's Coast: Discover dozens of waterfalls supported by hardened lava—a dramatic backdrop for your next photo.

And remember, the Lake Superior Circle Tour is a road trip you won’t forget.

With ceaseless opportunities for discovery, each shot you take could reveal a new secret of this Great Lake.

So, are you ready to unpack your drone and let Lake Superior's grandeur unfold before your camera?

Lake George, New York

Have you ever watched a drone soar over a glassy lake, capturing every contour of its splendor?

If you're a drone photography enthusiast, then Lake George in New York should be on your to-visit list.

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George isn't just another body of water—it's a masterpiece of nature dubbed the Queen of American Lakes.

Why is Lake George an exceptional choice for your drone?

It's all about the variety!

Picture this: your drone gliding above 32 miles of shimmering waters, framed by over 170 islands.

With its expansive views and intricate landscapes, you’ll find endless opportunities to snag that perfect shot.

  • Islands & Inlets: Every twist and turn reveals secluded bays and private hideaways ideal for capturing unique footage.
  • Mountains & Forests: The contrast between the Adirondack greens and the blues of Lake George creates stunning visuals.

Curious about what you might find beneath the surface?

Some drone operators have captured hidden treasures under the frozen lake in winter, revealing a mystical side to these waters.

And while you're flying, keep your eyes peeled for events like Winter's Dream at Fort William Henry, weaving a tale of nature's icy elegance through your lens.

Remember, while you're out there piloting your drone, safety comes first.

Ensure you comply with the local drone regulations and respect the privacy of others enjoying this beautiful retreat.

So gear up, charge those batteries, and prepare for some of the most rewarding drone flying of your life over the serene waters of Lake George.

Who knows, your next viral photo might just be a snapshot from the skies of this Adirondack jewel.

Flathead Lake, Montana

Have you ever seen Flathead Lake in Montana?

Picture this: the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi in the continental U.S., with its clear blue waters fringed by lush forests and the majestic Swan Crest mountain range.

It’s no wonder drone photography enthusiasts flock here!

  • Location: Northwest Montana
  • Size: Largest natural freshwater lake in the lower 48 states
  • Popular activities: Fishing, swimming, boating

With 13 public access sites, you've got an embarrassment of riches when it comes to launch points.

Volunteer Park is a gem, with its stunning views of the Swan Crest.

Imagine your drone soaring high above, with the sun casting golden hues on the range — pure magic!

And don't forget about West Shore State Park, just a scenic 10-minute jaunt from Volunteer Park.

Here, the landscapes are just begging to be captured from the air.

Need some professional shots done?

Flathead Drone Services around Bigfork can hook you up with some amazing aerial photography and videography — just think of those likes and shares!

  • Drone photography rates: Around $50/hr
  • Additional fees: $15 travel fee

Listen, whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot or just starting out, Flathead Lake has the scenic beauty that can elevate your portfolio to new heights.

Just remember to respect the area and follow all drone regulations, alright?

So, got your drone batteries charged?

Your memory cards cleared?

Off you go then!

Flathead Lake awaits your aerial acumen.

Capture its beauty and who knows, maybe your footage will be the next big hit online!

Lake Chelan, Washington

Have you ever watched the sun play hide and seek with the mountains while capturing it all through the lens of your trusty drone?

At Lake Chelan in Washington, you're in for a treat that will dazzle both you and your camera.

Stretching over 50 miles and nestled in the North Cascades, Lake Chelan boasts the kind of crystal-clear waters that make for picture-perfect drone shots.

Imagine the vibrant blues of the lake contrasting against the lush greenery of vineyards and orchards.

It's like a painter spilled their palette onto a canvas that sprawls for miles, and you get to capture every hue!

Worried about where to take off for the best views?

Don’t be!

Here are some spots that are just perfect:

  • Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Area: 25 miles of groomed trails. And although it's more of a winter wonderland, the aerial views are stunning year-round.
  • Don Morse Memorial Park: With its extensive waterfront, this park offers more than just a playground and sports courts—it's a haven for some fantastic aerial photography. Snap some shots of the park mingling with the shoreline for that perfect blend of human touch and natural beauty.
  • Up for an aqua adventure shot? Try capturing water sports in action! Lake Chelan is a hub for activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding – all brilliant subjects to add that splash of excitement to your gallery.

So, charge up those batteries, pack your gear, and soar above Lake Chelan.

With your drone as your canvas and the landscape as your muse, you're all set to create some truly magnificent aerial art.

Happy flying!

Lake Havasu, Arizona/California

Hey there, drone enthusiasts!

Have you ever witnessed the striking beauty of Lake Havasu from the sky?

Stretching majestically over 45 miles along the Arizona-California border, this reservoir is a paradise for your drone and camera to capture some epic shots.

Imagine yourself soaring over Havasu's blue waters, contrasted sharply by the rugged desert terrain.

You're not just flying a drone; you're unlocking a treasure trove of breathtaking images!

It's where the unforgiving desert meets a cool oasis.

Can you picture those granite boulders from above, nature's own skyscrapers, set against the canvas of undulating blue?

It's nothing short of a visual symphony, perfect for your next drone adventure.

Ever heard of a bridge taking a cross-continent trip?

Well, the London Bridge at Lake Havasu did just that!

Reloaded stone by stone from England in 1968, it's an amazing piece of architecture to zoom in on with your drone.

And while you're buzzing around, don't forget the water activity down below.

Lake Havasu is a hot spot for boating and jet skiing, so snap those action shots as they slice through the water!

Seriously, whether it's to appreciate mankind's creativity or Mother Nature's artistry, Lake Havasu is your go-to destination.

Got your batteries charged?

Your drone's waiting, and so is Lake Havasu.

Just check local regulations to ensure a safe and respectful flight, and let your drone catch the magic that spreads across 43 square miles of natural and man-made wonders.

Happy flying!