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Key Takeaways

  • Houseboats offer a custom lifestyle on the water.
  • Various platforms exist for buying houseboats, from online boat sales to yacht brokers.
  • Some platforms provide opportunities for fractional boat ownership.

Houseboats offer a unique lifestyle that combines the comforts of a home with the freedom of the open water. But where exactly do you buy a houseboat?

You can buy houseboats from Claz.org for direct connections and HouseboatsBuyTerry.com for curated selections. Boats.com offers an extensive fleet, Homes.Trovit.com bridges real estate and boat sales, and Cooper Jacobs provides upscale listings.

As a houseboat expert. I understand various aspects of houseboat ownership, having conducted comprehensive research. My knowledge extends to the nuances of different markets, types of houseboats, and the factors crucial in making an informed buying decision. As such, my collective expertise is your compass to finding the perfect houseboat that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Where To Buy a Houseboat

When it comes to fulfilling the dream of owning a houseboat and enjoying life on the water, prospective buyers often wonder where to begin their search.

Houseboats offer a unique blend of comfort, adventure, and waterfront living, making them a coveted choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional land-based homes.

However, the process of acquiring a houseboat involves more than just finding the right vessel; it also requires selecting the ideal location and source for purchase.

Let's set sail and discover where you can find not just a houseboat – but a haven that floats.


Claz.org serves as a streamlined classifieds platform where private boat owners directly list their houseboats. This direct connection between buyers and sellers eliminates intermediary fees, simplifying the buying process.

It's an excellent resource for those seeking transparency and direct communication with the seller, potentially leading to cost savings.

The availability of houseboats on Claz.org can vary widely depending on the location and the time of the year. In popular houseboat regions like coastal cities or lakeside communities, you're likely to find a robust inventory of listings.

However, it's essential to note that the availability of houseboats can fluctuate seasonally, with more listings appearing during warmer months when boating and leisure activities are in full swing.


HouseboatsBuyTerry.com stands out for its curated selection of houseboats. While the platform's inventory may be more curated than other classifieds or listing websites, it often features high-quality and well-maintained houseboats.

Availability here depends on Terry's team's efforts to source and list houseboats, which can fluctuate.

Buyers can expect an attentive approach, with Terry and the team actively helping clients find houseboats that meet their specific requirements, including style and mooring preferences.


Boats.com boasts an extensive fleet of houseboats, catering to a wide range of buyers.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned houseboat enthusiast looking to upgrade, you're likely to find listings that align with your budget and preferences.

Availability may vary by location, with coastal regions and popular houseboating destinations typically offering more choices.


Homes.Trovit.com serves as a real estate agent for houseboats, bridging the gap between real estate and boat sales. This platform can be valuable for buyers seeking specific locations or unique houseboat listings that might not be found on traditional boat-selling websites.

Availability on Trovit can vary based on the regions and markets it covers. Buyers in niche markets or those searching for distinctive houseboat properties may find this platform to be a valuable resource for discovering unconventional and captivating listings.


Cooper Jacobs adds an element of sophistication to the houseboat market. Their unique and high-end listings redefine waterfront living, making this platform an ideal choice for buyers with discerning tastes.

Availability on Cooper Jacobs varies by the listings they represent and the markets they serve.

While the inventory may be more exclusive and limited compared to mainstream platforms, buyers with discerning are likely to find availability that aligns with their aspirations.

These listings often cater to a niche market of buyers seeking a unique and upscale houseboat lifestyle.

Tips For Buying a Houseboat

Buying a houseboat may seem daunting, but it's an adventure that could lead you to a unique and incredible living experience. A houseboat can offer you this serene lifestyle.

But before you set sail on this journey, there are crucial factors you need to consider to ensure you make a purchase that floats your boat.

  • Consider the Type of Houseboat: Are you looking for a charming pontoon or a modern custom houseboat like those from Trifecta Houseboats? Maybe the stability of a catamaran is what you need. List out the features that matter most to you.
  • New vs. Used: A new houseboat is alluring but has a higher price tag. Affordable pre-owned houseboats can be just as good and sometimes come with character!
  • Power Needs: Will you opt for an inboard or an outboard motor? What about exploring the latest in electric motors for a quieter, eco-friendly cruise?
  • Living Onboard: If you're considering making a houseboat your primary residence, you'll need to think about space, comfort, and functionality—akin to choosing a land-bound home.
  • Budgeting and Costs: Prices vary greatly depending on size, luxury level, and age. Set a clear budget that covers not only the purchase price but also insurance, dock fees, and maintenance.
  • Location Matters: Whether it’s the bustling docks of Seattle or the tranquil waters of Lake Powell, your location will impact your lifestyle and the types of houseboats available.

Houseboat Fractional Ownership: Affordable Alternatives to Full Ownership

Have you ever dreamt of owning a houseboat but felt it was out of your financial reach? Well, you're in luck because fractional ownership is here to make that dream affordable.

Picture yourself as the captain of your own vessel, without the hefty price tag. Doesn't that sound grand?

Here’s how it works: you buy a share of a specific houseboat and enjoy several weeks of use every year, typically between May and October.

Let’s dive into some details of fractional houseboat ownership.

Aspect Detail
Cost Savings Owning a fraction significantly reduces initial purchase costs and maintenance fees.
Legal Considerations Shared ownership agreements must be clear on usage rights and schedules. Legal counsel is advisable.
Success Cases Shared ownership programs by various houseboat sellers have offered cost-effective houseboat experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're thinking about buying a houseboat and you've got questions. Let's dive into some of your top questions!

What are the price ranges for entry-level and luxury houseboats currently on the market?

If you're aiming for that entry-level houseboat, consider setting aside around $100,000 to $150,000. Luxury houseboats up the ante to about $250,000 to a couple of million bucks.

How can I find houseboats that fit my budget, for example, those under $15,000?

Okay, houseboats in this price range are unicorns, but not impossible to find. You might be looking at older models or ones that need some TLC. The trick is to frequent listings and keep a sharp lookout for a stellar deal or a fixer-upper adventure.

What should I know about the market for houseboats in popular states like California and Florida?

In hotspots like California and Florida, houseboats can be as common as seagulls at a beach picnic. Expect higher prices due to demand, and be aware of state-specific laws and regulations.

What should I look for in a houseboat listing?

When reviewing houseboat listings, pay attention to the boat's condition, specifications, price, location, and any additional features or amenities. Consider factors like mooring options and maintenance history.