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Most people have seen a cigarette boat and find them appealing. Why is it called a cigarette boat? We have the answers.

What is a cigarette boat? What features does this boat have to be called a cigarette boat? How is the boat related to a cigarette? What is the history of the cigarette boat? How does it operate, and what activities is it used for?

The cigarette boat is called so because the owner, Aronow, either got an idea from a cigarette smuggler when he constructed it in the early 1960s, or he named this third boat cigarette after winning the American championship 3 times in a row.

This article will examine why the cigarette boat was named after a cigarette and its features. It will also cover the origin and history of the vessel, how it operates, and the kind of activities it is used for. Therefore, if you have seen a cigarette boat but you are wondering why it was named after a cigarette, then this article will guide you on this.

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Aronow built the first cigarette boat in 1969 under the code name "cary. The owner gave the boat the name "cigarette" and sailed it across the globe, winning many races, including two world championships and our championship. The boat would become one of his best works in the boating industry.

When alcohol manufacture and delivery were made illegal in the US throughout the 1920s and 1930s, many Americans discovered ways to obtain the products. On such methods as the usage of cigarette boats. These boats were used to sneak alcohol from huge ships off the coast of the mainland back into the country. Although Aronow sold his business in 1982, it is still operating today. Since the boats' construction has ceased, your best hope for finding one is to search online for someone who wants to sell theirs.

What are Cigarette Boats?

It is a high-performance watercraft used for speed and racing. Typically, they are long, lean, and can easily make quick turns and move through water fast. Cigarette boats are made to move quickly and are a popular option for water sports fans because they can travel up to 100mph. The luxurious characteristics of the boats, including their plush interiors and top-notch stereo systems, are also well known.

The boats can be pricey due to their luxury and speed and a new boat can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $ 1000000. The vessels may produce a horsepower of 3000 from their strong motors. They can move through the water more quickly since they are lightweight. Additionally, they have cutting-edge safety measures, including bilge pumps and self-righting systems. They are also frequently operated by skilled individuals who can control the boat in tricky circumstances.

Why is it called a Cigarette Boat?

The boat is known as a cigarette boat because when it was built in the early 1960s, the designer, David Aronow, noticed that its long, smooth appearance resembled a cigarette. Additionally, the boat is called a cigarette boat because the owner, Aronow, saw that its long, slick appearance resembles a cigarette when he constructed it in the early 1960s. While its name suggests that it has connections to the increase in cigarette smuggling during the First World War, the boat takes its title from a vice used at the time. As soon as Aronow's clause ended, he decided to start his own company, focusing on the development of the cigarette boat. In 1970, he founded the cigarette racing team.

Origin of the Cigarette Name

Two main theories discuss the source of cigarette boats. The first theory suggests that the name cigarette first appeared in the 1920s. According to some sources, the name refers to the criminal actions of the Irish American gangster and smuggler Charles Higgins. Higgins became wealthy by smuggling large quantities of alcohol into the US from Canada.

Prohibition was in effect during this time, and alcohol was not allowed due to excessive consumption. Higgins used to transport his cargo utilizing a fleet of small but powerful speedboats. The cigarette was the name of one of his boats where, according to other explanations, Aronow, the maker of the cigarette boat, was fully aware of Higgins's smuggling activities and craft ever since he was a child. Therefore, he decided to name his boat inventions cigarette boats when he grew up.

Another theory suggests that Aronow was raised in Brooklyn in New York’s sheepshead bay neighborhood. At this time, the state and local taxes on cigarettes were high, and smugglers used to utilize speedboats to transport packages containing cigarettes, among other commodities, to escape tax payments. Smugglers used to take them from New Jersey to locations like bath beach and the adjacent community in Aronow's Sheephead bay region.

These unlawful actions continued, and in 1963, Aronow started offshore boat racing, and he gave cigarette as the name of his first vessel. The 28-foot-long magnum, his second boat, was also built by him. In 1969, he utilized it to compete and claim a global championship. He then constructed his third boat, which he gave the name cigarette.

Cigarette Boat’s Construction

The boats are constructed from a lightweight, thin fiberglass shell. Its light characteristics make it optimized for speed. The materials used to design the boats are often aluminum and carbon fiber. The swift boat vessels are long, narrow hulls that can grow up to 20 to 50 feet. The v-shaped hull of many of these vessels makes them simple to move quickly through the water.

For quick movement and a low profile on the water, they often lack a cabin and have an exterior cockpit. It helps to lessen wind resistance and makes the boats harder to see from a distance. Many boats have motors that can propel them at speeds up to 100mph.Additionally, they can speed more than 80 knots in calm waters. Even in rough seas, they can cruise at 25 or 46 kilometers per hour.

The Use of Cigarette Boats

Cigarrete boats have been used for both positive and negative reasons. In recent years, US drug smugglers have been employing cigarette boats to carry out their drug smuggling activities. This made it challenging for the coast guard and other parts of the American judicial system to apprehend them. Due to the speed, it was difficult to intercept and capture them since, other than in close proximity on flat, calm waters, these vessels are also challenging to detect by radar. The illegal drug trade was doing so well that Aronow was forced to sell his business to someone allegedly connected to drug cartels.

The US decided to balance the situation of drug smuggling by building speedboats similar to cigarette boats used the cigarette boats to catch the crooks. They urged don Aronow to construct fast boats that could outperform the cigarette boats used by drug traffickers. Additionally, the guards made sure to distinguish their boats from those of drug dealers to detect and catch them easily.

Wrapping it Up

Cigarette boats were a typical kind of transportation for cruising in different waterbodies in the US. They were also utilized as pleasure boats and for racing. Their long, narrow hulls and robust engines enable them to travel at speeds up to 100mph. Additionally, they are pretty safe even at high speeds due to different safety measures.