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House boating is a popular pastime across the country. But did you know there are great houseboat lakes in almost every state?

The best houseboat lakes in the country are found across 35 states. The majority (and the largest) inland houseboat lakes are found in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The most popular houseboat lake is Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

In this article, we’ll go over each of the best houseboat lakes in the states that offer house boating adventures. Additionally, we’ll cover the best local marinas and houseboat rental companies to set up your vacation with, along with the best places to store your houseboat if you already have one.

We sourced the information used in this article directly from state park guides and local marinas that offer houseboat rental services, and we linked to them whenever possible.

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Best Houseboat Lakes in Alabama

Alabama is known for its rivers and floating homes, but there are also numerous house boating lakes across the state. Much of them are around the state's many rivers. But before we cover those, we'll go over a couple of the best houseboat lakes in Alabama.

1. Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula is a large and picturesque lake, which is contained by a dam. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and residential areas, but there are many secluded parts to anchor in. Lake Eufaula is located in the southeastern part of the state, and it rests on the Georgia border.

Lake Eufaula is also known as Walter F George lake, and it's not to be confused with Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. The lake itself is wide and stretches across about 640 miles of shoreline. It's 46,000 acres of clean, freshwater that's perfect for house boating, and there's a rental agency where you can rent a houseboat for a few days or more.

Lake Eufaula is known for its fishing and camping, along with its exciting boat community. On the lake, you can rent a floating house or a massive 100-foot houseboat, like the 115-foot by 20-foot Stardust Cruiser. Thanks to its huge size and rental opportunities, Lake Eufaula easily earns the top spot for the state of Alabama.

2. Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville has some interesting boating opportunities to consider. The lake, which is located along the Tennessee River, is a piece of a massive 69,000-acre waterway that's ideal for exploring on a houseboat. You can rent a river houseboat around the lake or drop yours into the water at a launching station.

Lake Guntersville is surrounded by beautiful green scenery and wildlife, making it a great place to take a vacation. And if you're looking for something a bit more laid back, you can rent a stationary houseboat or 'floating cabin' for the week.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Arizona

Arizona is one of the best states for house boating, and it has some of the most scenic lakes in the country. The climate is perfect for houseboats, and summer weather lasts all year in some parts of the state. In other words, it's the perfect getaway for house boating regardless of the season.

1. Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is one of the best and most popular house boating lakes in Arizona. The shoreline is teeming with life, and the lake itself is large enough for a great houseboat vacation. Known as 'Arizona's Playground,' the lake is known for its nightlife, long beaches, and boating community.

There are lots of houseboats available to rent on Lake Havasu. You can rent houseboats between around 60 feet to more than 80 feet in length, which is plenty of room for a party or a family outing. But you have to book well in advance, as rates increase and houseboats frequently sell out.

2. Lake Powell

Lake Powell is 254 square miles of crystal blue water and stunning red desert scenery. Lake Powell is another top house boating destination in Arizona, and it's more affordable and secluded than Lake Havasu. Lake Powell stretches from Arizona into Utah, and it is the perfect place to get away from it all on a luxurious houseboat.

House boating is one of the most popular pastimes on Lake Powell. The Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas company is the primary rental agency, and it offers four main classes of houseboats ranging in size from the cozy 46-foot Expedition to the double-decker 75-foot Excursion.

3. Lake Mead

Like Lake Powell, Lake Mead is an enormous man made lake with lots of house boating opportunities. On Lake Mead, you can rent a houseboat on the Nevada or Arizona side or launch your own for a low-cost adventure through beautiful desert landscapes.

Lake Mead is a well-known tourist site due to its proximity to Las Vegas and the historic Hoover Dam. Although you can't get close to the dam in your houseboat, you can certainly tie up for the day and explore the local sites.

4. Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is one of Arizona's most popular local fishing and house boating spots, and it's a great place to take an affordable floating vacation. Lake Mohave is a reservoir along the Colorado River, and it's located between Nevada and Arizona.

There are several places on the lake for recreation and houseboat rental, including Cottonwood Cove Resort which is just over the border on the Nevada side.. Cottonwood Cove is the most popular houseboat rental spot on the lake, and it offers houseboats that range in size from 50 feet to 70 feet.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Arkansas

Arkansas has a bustling houseboat community across its many rivers and well-known lakes. The warm summers and luscious green scenery of Arkansas make an ideal environment for vacationing—not to mention the excellent sport fishing opportunities around the state. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Arkansas.

1. Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita is the centerpiece of Lake Ouachita State Park, and it's one of the greenest and most beautiful house boating lakes in the country. Lake Ouachita is surrounded entirely by dense forests which are teeming with wildlife.

Lake Ouachita is the most popular house boating lake in Arkansas and one of the largest as well. Most house boating in Arkansas takes place on rivers, but there are some notable advantages to choosing lake Lake Ouachita. The lake has no strong currents, minimal commercial traffic, and dozens of beaching locations for private trips with friends and family.

Watersports are a popular activity on Lake Ouachita, and you can rent a houseboat or bring your own from one of the local marinas. There are four major houseboat rental locations around the lake. Large cruising houseboats are popular on the lake, and there are plenty of places to beach the boat around the shoreline.

Best Houseboat Lakes in California

California is the most populous state in the country and also home to the prettiest and most serene houseboat lakes. In California, you can choose a houseboat vacation in the mountains, in the desert, or in the valley. We chose five of the best houseboat lakes in California, which wasn't an easy decision because there are so many.

1. Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is located at the base of Mount Shasta, which is California's tallest and most beautiful volcano. Mount Shasta's 10,000-foot peak overshadows Shasta Lake and provides stunning views from almost anywhere on the water. And given its remote location, Shasta Lake is the perfect destination for a serene houseboat excursion.

House boating is a popular activity on Shasta Lake. The expansive body of water is wide enough for large houseboats, so nervous drivers have plenty of room to work with. You can rent a houseboat from Bridge Bay Resort, Silverthorn Resort, and Jones Valley Resort to the east. Houseboats vary in size and accommodations, so be sure to check out all the options before booking a trip.

2. Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is another large California lake that's a great place to get away from it all on a houseboat. Like Shasta Lake, houseboat rentals of various sizes are available around Lake Berryessa. For example, you can rent a 59-foot, 60-foot, or 70-foot houseboat from Pleasure Cove Marina.

Lake Berryessa is located in Napa, California, which is known around the world for its vineyards and wineries. As a result, there's plenty to do while you're out on your house boating vacation. Lake Berryessa is the perfect place to take family and friends for fun on the water, warm weather, and top-quality wine.

3. Lake Don Pedro

Lake Don Pedro, known officially as Don Pedro Lake, is located in the foothills region of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is just a short drive from Modesto. This mountainside California lake is a freshwater reservoir that's big enough for all kinds of recreation and water sports—including houseboats.

Boat rentals are available from Lake Don Pedro Marina or Moccasin Point Marina. Lake Don Pedro Marina is the best houseboat rental location on the lake, and they offer six different varieties to choose from. You can rent a 50-foot, 56-foot, 60-foot, or 70-foot cruising houseboat with a sleeping capacity for up to 12 adults.

4. New Melones Lake

New Melones Lake is a popular house boating destination and a great place to party or vacation with family and friends. The lake is known for its water sports, and it's especially popular with wakeboarders and water skiers. New Melones Lake Marina is the local spot for houseboat rentals.

At New Melones Lake Marina, you can find a houseboat to fit almost any budget and group size. The smallest houseboat is the classic 46-foot retreat, which sleeps four comfortably and accommodates up to 10 total. You can also rent the wide-body 50-foot Escape, which sleeps ten and accommodates 16 during the daytime.

Other rental options include a 48-foot reverse floor plan houseboat, the luxurious double-decker 56-foot Odyssey II, and the large 60-foot Escapade, which sleeps 16 adults. These vessels offer a perfect retreat to the forested hills and scenery of New Melones Lake.

Honorable Mentions: Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu

Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu are also located (partially in or close to) California, and they offer some of the best house boating in the country. These lakes offer desert scenery, which is distinct from all other major house boating destinations in California.

So, why didn't Lake Havasu or Lake Mohave get on the list for California? It's primarily because the most popular destinations on these lakes are located in Arizona, as they rest on the border between the two states.

But if you're starting from Southern California, Lake Havasu and Lake Mohave are excellent places to spend some time aboard a houseboat.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Florida

Florida isn't exactly known for its lakes, primarily because there are so many different kinds of waterways in Florida. The state has some of the most expansive and interesting waters in the country, and there are plenty of protected areas to rent, purchase, or live aboard a houseboat. Here are the best house boating locations in Florida.

1. Barnes Sound

Barnes Sound is a top house boating destination in South Florida. The sound, which is a large protected body of water (and practically a lake itself), is located adjacent to Key Largo. Due to its proximity to the city, Barnes Sound is the perfect place to take an exciting houseboat vacation.

You can rent houseboats from multiple locations around Barnes Sound. Keys Houseboat Rentals is one of the most popular locations in the area, and they offer a selection of houseboats at an affordable price.

2. Florida Bay

Key Largo doesn't just offer one houseboat lake or rental location. Florida Bay, which is located just outside the city. House boating is a popular activity on this big tropical bay, and there's a popular rental marina as well.

KeySea Cruising Houseboat Rentals offers small, easy-to-drive houseboats for exploring the local wildlife and vacationing on Florida Bay. These houseboats are a perfect getaway to explore the dense wildlife in the area.

Florida Bay is a great place to take a fishing vacation on a houseboat, where you and a few others can fish for some of the best and biggest redfish, flounders, and sea trout in the area.

Honorable Mention: St. Johns River

While not exactly a lake, the house boating adventures of St. Johns River are definitely worth checking out. St Johns River is located in Central Florida, and it's one of the best places to experience Florida's unique and diverse ecosystem by boat.

Tiny Houseboat Adventures offers compact and maneuverable houseboats for rent, which are available for as little as $130 per night. These small houseboats allow you to explore miles of river without interruption.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Georgia

Georgia's climate and green scenery make it an excellent choice for a houseboat vacation. Plus, most house boating excursions in Georgia are affordable, and there are multiple locations to choose from. Lake Lanier is the most popular houseboat lake in Georgia and also one of the largest. Here's why it's so popular.

1. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is a popular resort lake with some of the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations in the region. Additionally, it's a popular destination for house boating and vacationing on the water. You can rent a wide variety of houseboats on Lake Lanier, including massive luxury yachts.

Lake Lanier Luxury Houseboat & Yacht Rentals is the premiere spot for renting a getaway on the water. The company offers high-end houseboats in multiple sizes, which offer a private and luxurious vacation for one or more families.

The L3 is the smallest houseboat available, and it measures 70 feet in length. It can accommodate up to 45 people temporarily, and comes with a bar, buffet tables, and two private bathrooms. It's a double-decker as well and features a 20-foot top platform.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can rent an ultra-luxurious 105-foot Fantasy houseboat. It's the largest houseboat on the entire lake and comes with just about everything you need for a spectacular vacation.

The 105-foot Fantasy houseboat is a true luxury yacht that comes complete with furniture, central heating, air conditioning, a salon, and an upper deck. You can even reserve trained bartenders for the full bar.  

Best Houseboat Lakes in Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful mountainous state with numerous lakes, but one shines above the rest as a great house boating destination. Here's everything you need to know about Lake Coeur d'Alene and its house boating community.

1. Lake Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d'Alene stretches from the Northern Idaho resort city of Coeur d'Alene to the south. The lake is surrounded by pristine forests and mountain peaks, and the area is known for its clear water and crisp, clean mountain air. Lake Coeur d'Alene sits at 2,128 feet above sea level, so altitude won't be an issue for most people.

Lake Coeur d'Alene doesn't have a whole lot of dedicated houseboat rental agencies. Instead, houseboats can be rented on Airbnb or other owner-to-renter services. There are dozens of houseboats available for rental through these services, and prices vary between seasons and boats.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Illinois

Illinois is in the perfect location for house boating, and it's not difficult to see why. Located south of Lake Michigan, Illinois is home to numerous houseboat rental and excursion destinations. And if Chicago isn't your style, there are plenty of smaller inland house boating lakes to explore. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Illinois.

1. Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville is located inland in Shelbyville, Illinois. The lake is one of the top house boating destinations in the state, thanks to its calm weather, clean water, and affordable pricing. The large lake is a freshwater reservoir that's surrounded by green woodlands and 250 miles of shoreline.

The best houseboat rental location around Lake Shelbyville is Lithia Springs Marina, which also rents slips that you can dock your own houseboat at. The houseboats available from Lithia Springs Marina include the 60-foot Sunstar, which has a generator and is equipped with air conditioning.

2. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one of the largest lakes in the world, and it borders the northeast end of Illinois from Chicago up to the Wisconsin border. Lake Michigan is a large freshwater lake that's a great designation for house boating along the coast. Just don't stray too far from shore, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Bluewater houseboats are the most popular kinds on Lake Michigan. The lake is massive, and the weather and chop gets dicey—but usually not as bad as the open ocean. If you find the right houseboat that's designed to handle rough weather, you can have a good time cruising Lake Michigan.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Indiana

Indiana is another Great Lakes border state on the southern end of Lake Michigan. House boating is a popular activity in this part of the midwest. But despite its proximity to one of the largest lakes in the world, the best house boating in Indiana happens inland. Here's the best houseboat lake in Indiana.

1. Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake is the most popular house boating location in southern Indiana and perhaps the whole state. Patoka Lake is a large freshwater reservoir with numerous places to dock and anchor, along with full-service marinas. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests and filled with small inlets and coves to hang out in.

You can rent a houseboat from Patoka Lake Marina. The marina itself can accommodate houseboats up to 100 feet in length, which means you can bring your own regardless of its size. The marina offers competitive houseboat rental rates and large discounts for the off-season.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Iowa

Iowa is known for its fertile soil and rolling green landscape. But did you know it is a popular destination for water sports? There are several world-class locations around the state for recreational boating, and houseboats are particularly popular. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Iowa, along with other popular locations for house boating.

1. Saylorville Lake

The aptly named Saylorville Lake is a great place to rent a houseboat for vacation or adventure. Saylorville Lake, located near Polk City, Iowa, is one of the best house boating lakes in the northern part of the state. It has a full-service marina and miles of shoreline to explore around clean fresh water.

The lake is large, so houseboats are popular and you can rent them from several places. The lake is also home to Saylorville Lake Marina, which offers miscellaneous boat rental services and slips that can accommodate houseboats. They also have a service center and plenty of places to entertain.

Honorable Mention: Mississippi River House Boating

Much of the house boating in Iowa takes place along the Mississippi River. Here, the Mississippi is close to the source, and the river is wide and dotted with tons of beaches and anchorages.

One of the most popular houseboat rental spots along the Mississippi River in Iowa is S&S Boat Rentals. S&S offers six luxurious double-decker houseboats that range in size and accommodation.

Most houseboats can comfortably accommodate between six and ten people and come with private bedrooms, a saloon, and everything you need for a midwestern houseboat adventure.

You can also rent a houseboat from Boatels Houseboat Rentals and Marina, located along the Mississippi River in McGregor, Iowa. This popular marina is right along the bank of the river and offers multiple large houseboats for nightly or multi-night rentals.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Kansas

Kansas is the breadbasket of America, and it's also home to several excellent houseboat lakes. You can rent or buy a houseboat in Kansas and keep it at one of several lakes, and there are even numerous live aboard marinas in the state. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Kansas

1. Lake Perry

Lake Perry is a large freshwater lake located in Perry State Park, Kansas. The lake is popular with boaters of all kinds, including sailboats, powerboats, and houseboats. The lake is big enough to accommodate some of the largest houseboats, and there's excellent fishing.

Rock Creek Marina and Resort is an ideal marina for house boaters on Lake Perry. It's a full-service marina offering fuel, repair services, and supplies. There's a bar and grill on the property as well, which makes a great pit stop on your house boating adventure.

2. Clinton Lake

Clinton Lake is one of the most well-known house boating lakes in Kansas. It's located in the historic college town of Lawrence, which is also home to the University of Kansas. Clinton Lake's best houseboat anchorages are around Houseboat Cove, which borders a beach that's popular with local houseboaters.

Clinton Marina is a great place to rent a slip when boating on Clinton Lake. The family-run full-service marina has a pleasant atmosphere and affordable prices, along with various kinds of pontoon boat rentals. You can rent a slip by contacting the marina and use the fuel docks to gas up for your trip.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Kentucky

Kentucky has a special place in the house boating world. It's home to one of the most popular house boating lakes in the country, which is well-known for its enormous annual boat tie-ups. If a large house boating community is what you're after, then Kentucky is the perfect destination. Here are the best house boating lakes in Kentucky.

1. Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland is the obvious first choice for house boating in Kentucky. The lake is home to hundreds of houseboats of all varieties, and it also hosts the world's largest recreational boat tie-up once per year. The lake is extremely popular for fishing and water sports thanks to its vast 102 square miles of surface area.

You can rent multiple kinds of houseboats on Lake Cumberland. The most popular rentals are cruising houseboats, which have a motor, generator, air conditioning, and anchors for beaching or anchoring out in a quiet cove. You can also rent stationary houseboats, which are like floating cabins and come with condo-like accommodations.

Lake Cumberland State Dock is the most popular houseboat rental service on the lake. Located in Jamestown, Kentucky, Lake Cumberland State Dock offers twelve houseboats for rent ranging in size from 62 feet to 90 feet. These houseboats can sleep between six and 18 adults comfortably. Rates are affordable for a small group, and you can secure a houseboat vacation for as little as $150 per person.

2. Kentucky Lake

Located on the border between Kentucky and Tennessee, Kentucky Lake is another popular house boating destination for residents of both states. The lake is a reservoir that’s fed by the Tennessee River, and it has an area of about 250 square miles. This large lake also has several houseboat rental locations and full-service marinas.

One place to rent a houseboat on Kentucky Lake is Kentucky Dam Marina. It’s in a prime location, and the waters surrounding it have numerous secluded anchor-outs and places to haul in for the night. You can also visit Prizer Point Resort and Marina, which offers slips, repairs, cabins, and full marine services.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Louisiana

Louisiana is known for its rivers, lakes, and vast swamplands. As you can imagine, the state is the perfect environment for houseboats—warm and covered in protected waterways that are great for shallow draft boats. Here are the best house boating lakes in Louisiana, along with some popular river destinations for houseboats.

1. Coastal Atchafalaya

Coastal Atchafalaya isn’t exactly a lake. It’s a community around a protected waterway that’s known for its historic fishing and crawfishing. Coastal Atchafalaya is also the perfect spot for house boating, and it’s an ideal destination for avid sport fishermen. Coastal Atchafalaya is located in Stephensville, Louisiana.

The swampy waterway is teeming with wildlife, including alligators, rare swamp birds, turtles, and enormous catfish. All you have to do is check out the website to see the extent of sport fishing in the region. If you’re interested in renting a houseboat on Coastal Atchafalaya, you can do so from the Cajun Houseboats website.

2. Henderson Lake

Henderson Lake is one of the best house boating destinations in the south, especially if you’re looking for an authentic vacation in an untouched Louisiana swamp. The area is frequented by fan boats, fishermen, and all kinds of unique wildlife—including gators. Henderson Lake is the ideal destination for sportsmen, families, and anyone looking to unwind in this unique environment.

Houseboats on Henderson Lake mirror the traditional Bayou fisherman boats of the last century, and they offer a unique off-grid getaway in a real southern swamp. Everyone who rents a houseboat on Henderson Lake from Houseboat Adventures gets access to a private boat ramp as well, where they can launch a recreational powerboat.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Maine

Maine is one of the oldest states in the country and also one of the most naturally pristine. The state is known for its hiking, fishing, and forested lake areas that are perfect for a quiet houseboat vacation. You can enjoy house boating inland on a secluded lake or on the coast with seals and other wildlife. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Maine.

1. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake, located near Greenville, Maine, is one of the most undisturbed natural lakes in the country. In fact, local sites say that moose outnumber humans by a factor of three to one. The lake is a popular destination for watercraft, hikers, campers, and (of course) moose.

In addition to the large mammal population, there’s also a healthy stock of local fish and avian species in the area. The woodlands around the lake are untouched and breathtaking, which makes Moosehead Lake the perfect destination for spending a few nights on the water in solitude.  

2. Robinhood Cove

Robinhood Cove is a protected ocean inlet located near Georgetown, Maine. The cove is a popular refuge for boaters and wildlife and one of the few places you can see seals and other ocean animals from a houseboat. The water in Robinhood Cove is clean and calm, and it’s the perfect destination for paddle boarding, sailing, and fishing.

Houseboats are available for rental from Robinhood Marine Center. They offer three unique houseboats that are designed in typical New England styles. When you rent a houseboat from Robinhood Marine Center, you can enjoy the local scenery from your floating porch or from a rented motor skiff.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Maryland

Maryland isn’t exactly the land of lakes, but there are several places where you can rent a houseboat and enjoy calm waters and exciting adventures. The best house boating destination in Maryland is Chesapeake Bay, which actually stretches across multiple states.

1. Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay is a 4,479 square-mile protected waterway that’s one of the most popular boating destinations in the country. The watershed of Chesapeake Bay is located along the edges of six states, which include Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

House boating is a popular activity on Chesapeake Bay. You can rent a houseboat from dozens of locations in Chesapeake Bay, or you can bring your own and rent a slip at one of the local marinas in the watershed. Many people live aboard houseboats in Maryland—just be sure to get your boater’s license before operating one.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Massachusetts

Most of the state’s watercraft spend their time in the ocean, so it’s difficult to find houseboat-friendly areas in Massachusetts. That said, there are a few places on the coast where you can book a stay on a houseboat or floating vacation home. Here are two of the most popular house boating destinations in Massachusetts.

1. Boston Waterfront

The Boston Waterfront is one of the most tourist-friendly areas in Massachusetts to rent a houseboat. Here, you can get a floating vacation home from SleepAfloat, which offers stationary houseboat rentals for the entire Boston area. These houseboats offer a great starting point for a tour of Boston and close access to amenities like bars and restaurants.

2. Cape Cod

Cape Cod is one of the most popular destinations in the country for boaters, and it’s known for its scenery and historical significance. Houseboats aren’t too common on Cape Cod, but you can rent one from Airbnb or other rental sites directly from owners. Here, Mass Live describes how to find a houseboat rental in Cape Cod and the surrounding area.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Michigan

Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes on multiple sides, which makes it a well-known destination for boaters. But did you know that the best houseboat lakes in Michigan are actually inland? Here, we’ll cover the best places to enjoy a houseboat vacation or water recreation in the state of Michigan.

1. Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair is one of the best lakes in Michigan—apart from the Great Lakes, of course. Lake St. Clair is located close to Detroit, and it’s home to several full-service marinas and boat rental companies. Lake St. Clair is one of the best house boating destinations in the state, as it’s protected from the waves and wild weather of the larger Great Lakes.

2. Lake Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix is considered by many to be one of the prettiest lakes in Michigan—and it’s also an ideal place to keep a houseboat. Lake Charlevoix has several full-service marinas and two yacht clubs, and many people have large boats docked there. Lake Charlevoix is the third biggest lake in the state, and it’s a great place to spend your vacation on the water.

3. Big Manistique Lake

Big Manistique Lake is a large body of fresh water surrounded by forests and homes. Due to its size, Big Manistique Lake is ideal for water recreation. But the most popular draw to Big Manistique Lake is fishing, as the lake provides some of the best in the state. If you’re looking for some fishing and seclusion, then a boat or a cabin along the shore is ideal.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Minnesota

Have you ever seen a Minnesota license plate? If so, you’ve certainly noticed the state’s tagline: 10,000 lakes. And that’s a bit of an understatement—Minnesota is actually home to 11,842 lakes, and many of them host dozens of houseboats that are both for rent and privately owned. Here are the best lakes in Minnesota for a houseboat adventure.

1. Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake is one of Minnesota’s most popular house boating destinations. Located near International Falls, Minnesota, Rainy Lake is a large 220,000-acre lake known for its excellent fishing, serene environment, and natural wonders. During some parts of the year, you can actually relax on your boat and watch the Northern Lights from Rainy Lake.

Rainy Lake is located in Voyageurs National Park, which is full of miles of untouched forest and wilderness land. Little coves, beaches, and inlets are all over the shoreline of the lake, so it’s easy to find a clean and secluded spot to beach or anchor your houseboat. If natural beauty is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Rainy Lake.

Rainy Lake is home to full-service marinas and houseboat rental companies. Rainy Lake Houseboats is one of the best houseboat rental spots on the lake. They offer nine cruising houseboat models, which range in size from 37 feet to 62 feet, and sleep between two and 12 people. These modern houseboats are large and comfortable, and they’re an affordable way to explore the natural surroundings of Rainy Lake.

You can also rent a houseboat from Northernaire Houseboats On Rainy Lake. This houseboat rental service offers 11 different houseboat varieties to choose from. Standard models range in size from 32 feet to 54 feet and sleep between two and 12 people. Northernaire Houseboats also offers a luxury 55-footer called Aurora, which features 990 sq-ft of interior space, four private bedrooms, and a hot tub.  

2. Lake Vermillion

Lake Vermillion, located south of Rainy Lake, is a great destination for house boating in Minnesota. Native Americans named the lake “Lake of the Sunset Glow,” and it’s easy to see why. Lake Vermillion is a large, 40,000-acre lake that’s protected from wild weather and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Little islands and coves dot the lake, and hardwood trees surround it all.

House batting is a well-known activity on Lake Vermillion, and you have plenty of options to choose from. If you live nearby, you can drop your own houseboat into the lake any time—or rent one from Lake Vermillion Houseboats in Tower, Minnesota. Lake Vermillion Houseboats offers 11 houseboat models, which range in size from the quaint 40-foot Explorer to the enormous luxury 60-foot Cruiser.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Mississippi

Mississippi is the heart of the south and home to many ideal house boating destinations. The Mississippi River runs right along the border of the state and feeds many of the lakes and coves that are popular with house boaters. Mississippi houseboat culture dates back generations, and it survives today as one of the state’s most enjoyable pastimes.

1. Sardis Lake

Sardis Lake is a long and narrow lake fed by the Tallahatchie River, and it’s located in the northern part of Mississippi. Sardis Lake stretches over 98,500 acres, making it a large and fun destination for fishermen, water sports enthusiasts, and house boaters. Sardis Lake is actually a reservoir known for its clean water and inviting beaches.

2. Grenada Lake

Grenada Lake is one of the largest lakes in Mississippi, and it has over 140 miles of shoreline. The lake is an artificial reservoir created in 1954. The lake is known for its fishing, as it’s fed by local creeks and rivers that are teeming with marine life. If you want to visit Grenada Lake for some fishing, it’s easy to charter a trip from one of the local tour and lodging companies.

Honorable Mention: The Mississippi River

While not a lake, the Mississippi River offers some of the best house boating in the state of Mississippi, and it’s definitely worth including on our list. The Mississippi River is one of the world’s longest and widest rivers, and it’s used extensively for both commercial and recreational boating.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Missouri

Missouri is a landlocked state, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of great places to explore on a houseboat. The state of Missouri is home to many large lakes and rivers, which make the perfect environment for houseboats, recreational fishing, and other water sports. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Missouri.

1. Table Rock Lake

From above, Table Rock Lake looks more like a river than a lake. But from the surface, the 67 square miles of Table Rock Lake make the perfect destination for a house boating vacation in Missouri. The lake has an astounding 745 miles of shoreline and lots of twists, turns, and secluded areas for anchoring and riding up onto the beach.

House boating is a popular activity at Table Rock Lake, and there are multiple locations where you can rent a houseboat. One of the most popular is Five Star Houseboat Vacations, which is a top-rated rental service located in Kimberly, Missouri, on Table Rock Lake. You can rent a variety of large and luxurious houseboats here, and for affordable prices too.

At Five Star Houseboat Rentals, you can rent houseboats that sleep between 10 people and 16 people, along with deluxe houseboats with luxury accommodations for up to 10 people. Houseboat vacations on Table Rock Lake are the best way to enjoy the area’s amazing forests, scenery and to have a family-friendly environment.

2. Bull Shoals Lake

Bull Shoals Lake is larger than Table Rock Lake and spans across 70 square miles of area. This makes it the perfect destination for house boaters, and quite the breathtaking one too. Bull Shoals Lake is covered in natural coves and beaches, which are great for beaching a houseboat. Bull Shoals Lake is also popular for fishing and recreational activities such as water skiing, so there’s plenty to do while out on the water.

Due to the popularity of Bull Shoals Lake, you can rent a houseboat from one of the local marinas at affordable rates throughout the year. The most popular houseboat rental marina is Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock. Some of their offerings include a 50-foot bunk bed houseboat, a 50-foot wet bar houseboat, and a 60-foot houseboat that sleeps up to 14 people.

3. Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks is the largest lake on our list for the state of Missouri, and it’s also one of the most exciting boating destinations in the state. Lake of the Ozarks is a large freshwater reservoir known for its boat racing culture and massive marine community, which includes a number of houseboats.

Ozark Yacht Club is one of the best places for house boaters on Lake of the Ozarks. This marina is highly rated and offers amenities such as WiFi, cabins, a pool, parking, and a family-friendly environment. Ozark Yacht Club is an excellent destination for your next house boating vacation on this scenic Missouri lake.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Montana

Montana is a huge state known for its dense forests and untouched mountain peaks. Surprisingly, there are several locations where you can rent and stay aboard a houseboat in this pristine northern state. Here are the best and most beautiful houseboat lakes in Montana, along with where to rent a houseboat for your vacation.

1. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the western part of the United States, and it’s located in the heart of Northwestern Montana. The lake is surrounded by forests and greenery,  which is what you’d expect in the region. The lake spans across 200 square miles of pristine territory.

It may come as a surprise that houseboats can even survive in Montana. The truth is that you’re less likely to find cruising houseboats in the state due to its winter weather and remote location. That said, you can rent a stationary houseboat on Flathead Lake and enjoy a fun week or weekend in the mountains.

The most interesting houseboat on Flathead Lake is a stationary floating 1100 square-foot house with a dock, upper sun deck, and a long wraparound porch. It features a waterslide, and comes equipped with floating platforms and kayaks for use by guests. The interior is rustic and spacious, and features a wood stove and fully-furnished rooms.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Nebraska

Nebraska’s best houseboat lakes are a bit out of the way from the major cities, but it’s definitely worth the drive if you’re looking for a serene floating vacation. There are also a few places to drop your own houseboat in the water if you prefer. Here are the best places for a houseboat vacation in the state of Nebraska.

1. Lake McConaughy

Lake McConaughy is the largest body of water in Nebraska and also a popular house boating and camping destination. This 30,000-acre reservoir is known for its deep blue water and enormous beaches. The lake allows camping, vehicles, and boats of most kinds. Lake McConaughy is Nebraska’s best water sports destination.

The beach on Lake McConaughy is one of its biggest attractions, though the lake is also a popular spot for powerboats and sailboats. Vessels can freely run up onto the beach or anchor out, and they often do—any view of the lake reveals numerous cars, campers, and boats sharing the large area of the beach.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Nevada

Nevada is known for its big bright casinos and untouched desert landscape. In addition, there are a few excellent lakes in the state and along its border that offer world-class luxury houseboat vacations at reasonable prices. And unlike the casinos and clubs, the whole family can enjoy a houseboat trip on one of Nevada’s large river-fed lakes. Here are the best lakes to book a Nevada houseboat vacation.

1. Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave shares a border with Arizona, and it’s one of the best house boating destinations in both states. Much of the fun happens on the Nevada side due to its proximity to Las Vegas. Lake Mohave is around 41 square miles of freshwater, and it’s a surprisingly affordable place to rent a houseboat.

There are multiple places around Lake Mohave to rent a houseboat. On the Nevada side, you can rent one of several cruising houseboats from Cottonwood Cove Marina and Resort. The marina is located in Searchlight, Nevada, and it’s a highly-rated destination for floating vacations on the lake.

2. Lake Mead

Lake Mead is another extremely popular houseboat destination in Nevada, and it offers stunning desert landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Lake Mead is on the same water system as Lake Mohave and also relatively close to Las Vegas. Lake Mead famously feeds Hoover Dam, which is one of America’s greatest industrial monuments.

Callville Bay Resort and Marina is the best houseboat rental location on Lake Mead. It’s located in Overton, Nevada, and offers several houseboat models to choose from. The smallest houseboat offered, the 50-foot Sirus, sleeps up to six adults. The largest is the massive ADA-accessible 75-foot XTREME houseboat, which sleeps up to 15 adults comfortably.

Best Houseboat Lakes in New Mexico

New Mexico has a wide variety of scenery, ranging from tree-covered mountains to pristine ancient deserts. In New Mexico, you can enjoy a surprisingly affordable houseboat vacation on one of several serene and secluded lakes. Here are the best locations for a houseboat vacation in New Mexico.

1. Elephant Butte Reservoir

Elephant Butte Reservoir is the largest freshwater lake in New Mexico, and it covers around 50 square miles of space. The lake is a popular boating destination for all kinds of boats, including sailboats, powerboats, and houseboats. Elephant Butte Reservoir also hosts full-service marinas for large and small boats.

One of the best marinas on Elephant Butte Reservoir is Marina Del Sur, which is located in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. It’s a full-service marina that offers fuel docks, slips for rent, boat rentals, and supplies. Marina Del Sur is also a great place to keep a houseboat, as they have docks long enough to accommodate them.

2. Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake is a 24 square mile reservoir located in New Mexico. The lake is the perfect local destination for houseboats, and recreational water activities are extremely popular. Some would argue that Navajo Lake is the best houseboat lake in New Mexico, despite being dwarfed by Elephant Butte Reservoir.

Houseboat rental on Navajo Lake is easy and affordable. You can rent a houseboat directly from the popular Navajo Lake Marina in Farmington, New Mexico. Navajo Lake Marina hosts a boat club, a patio, entertainment, and supplies as well. You can also rent a slip from the marina to store your boat or rent smaller watercraft for recreation on the water.

Best Houseboat Lakes in New York

Upstate New York is famous for its beautiful landscape, lakes, and rural environment. Among these many natural waterways are several fun houseboat vacation areas, which are some of the state’s best-kept secrets. These New York lakes are popular summer destinations for families all over the East Coast. Here are a few great New York lakes to book a houseboat on.

1. Oneida Lake

Most people’s first intuition would be to put their houseboat on Lake Champlain or Lake Erie. But upon closer inspection, Oneida Lake is a superior option for several reasons. For one, it’s absolutely beautiful and surrounded by several full-service marinas and boat rental opportunities. Additionally, it’s protected from the rough weather often encountered on the larger lakes.

Oneida Lake is just about 70 square miles in total, and it’s longer than it is wide, stretching from east to west. Oneida Lake has multiple marinas and boat rental companies, including Boat Oneida and its adjacent marina along with Callahan’s Marina.

Best Houseboat Lakes in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to some of the world’s most famous boating destinations and several fun and affordable houseboat rental locations as well. North Carolina is a large state with many lakes and a growing houseboat community in these areas. We found two of the best lakes for house boating in the state of North Carolina.

1. Fontana Lake

Fontana Lake is one of the jewels of North Carolina. This pristine waterway is located at the base of the ancient Great Smoky Mountains adjacent to Nantahala National Forest. Fontana Lake is the perfect destination for a secluded mountain getaway or some family fun on its clean and open waters.

Houseboat rentals on Fontana Lake are available from Prince Boat Marina. These classic houseboats are, quite literally, floating houses—and they offer a scenic and affordable getaway with five-star lake access and privacy. You can also rent other kinds of boats from Prince Boat Marina or rent a slip and dock your own.

2. Lake Tillery

Lake Tillery is another one of North Carolina’s gem lakes and also one of the most affordable boating destinations in the area. The lake is known for clear, calm waters and excellent fishing, and it’s a popular local spot for boat enthusiasts and sportsmen. Lake Tillery has plenty of spots to anchor out among the trees and enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation.

If you’re interested in house boating on Lake Tillery, contact one of the local marinas and inquire about rules and slip availability. One of the best boat rental destinations on Lake Tillery is Tillery Boat Rentals, and they offer a wide range of watercraft for your enjoyment.

Best Houseboat Lakes in North Dakota

When summer comes around in North Dakota, the fun begins, and the locals take to the water. There are several places to rent a houseboat in North Dakota, along with a large recreational lake where house boating is a popular pastime. Here’s our overview of the best lake in North Dakota for houseboats.

1. Lake Sakakawea

Lake Sakakawea is the best house boating lake in North Dakota and also one of the best overall for water sports of all types. Boating is extremely popular on Lake Sakakawea, and there are several marinas and rental locations around the area. Lake Sakakawea is massive and covers a vast 479 square miles.

Houseboats are popular on Lake Sakakawea due to its size and calm water conditions. There’s plenty of room for large boats to move around, and only a few areas ever get congested with marine traffic. A few of the best places to keep your boat on Lake Sakakawea are Lake Sakakawea State Park Marina in Pick City, along with De Trobriand Bay Marina and Ft. Stevenson State Park Marina in Garrison.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Ohio

There are so many places to relax on a houseboat in Ohio, and you can find just about any environment that suits you. Ohio is home to several popular house boating destinations, both on lakes and rivers located throughout the state. And during the summer, it’s difficult to beat the green grass and deep blue skies of Ohio. Here are three of the best Ohio lakes for house boating.

1. Pymatuning Reservoir

Pymatuning Reservoir is located on the Ohio and Pennsylvania boundary, and it’s a well-known local spot for boating and recreation. The reservoir covers just under 27 square miles, and it’s the perfect environment for houseboats. The lake is large enough to accommodate larger boats while protected from the weather of larger lakes.

The most well-known boat rental destination is Pymatuning Boat Liveries. Located in Andover, Ohio, Pymatuning Boat Liveries offers a variety of boats for rent at reasonable prices. You can also keep your houseboat on the lake at one of its many marinas, which are mostly located on the Pennsylvania side of Pymatuning Reservoir.

2. Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes and is located along with the state of Ohio. The lake earns the #2 spot on Ohio’s list because the weather can get dicey, but there are many locations around Lake Erie that are popular with houseboats. You can rent a houseboat on Lake Erie from Airbnb, as many privately-owned houseboats are available for seasonal use.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Oklahoma

House boating is a surprisingly popular vacation activity in Oklahoma, and there are plenty of places to rent a houseboat or drop yours into the water. Oklahoma is home to over 200 lakes, along with a total of one million acres of navigable water. So how do you choose the best Oklahoma location for house boating? Here are a few of our top picks.

1. Lake Eufaula

Remember when we mentioned Lake Eufaula earlier? Now, we’re actually talking about Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. This large lake is home to marinas and houseboats of all kinds, and it’s the best house boating destination in Oklahoma. Lake Eufaula is the largest lake in Oklahoma, as it stretches over 105,000 acres and has an astounding 800 miles of shore.

Evergreen Marina is one of the best places on Lake Eufaula to start your lake adventure in Oklahoma. You can rent a boat at Evergreen or bring in a houseboat from another location and keep it nearby. With a slip at Evergreen Marina, you can take advantage of Lake Eufaula’s beaches and clear, clean water during your vacation.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Oregon

Oregon is famous for its tall trees and beautiful mountain peaks. And what better way is there to enjoy the scenery and relax than a houseboat? Oregon offers houseboat rentals in numerous locations throughout the state, including in its scenic forests. Here are a couple of notable houseboat lakes that you can visit for your next vacation.

1. Lake Billy Chinook

Lake Billy Chinook is part of the Cove Palisades State Park in Oregon. The lake is large and pristine, and it’s a popular destination for all kinds of boating including house boating. Lake Billy Chinook covers about 47 square miles, which is about 3900 acres. Here’s where to rent a houseboat on Lake Billy Chinook.

Lake Billy Chinook Houseboats is a popular houseboat rental location located in Culver, Oregon. At Lake Billy Chinook Houseboats, you can rent one of several large double-decker houseboats to explore the water and steep mountainous shoreline.

You can also rent a houseboat from Cove Palisades Resort, which is also located in Culver. The resort and marina offers entertainment, lodging, and plenty of things to do when you’re not on the water. Additionally, you can rent a slip to store your own boat there. Cove Palisades Resort offers two luxury houseboats which sleep 15 adults comfortably.

2. Howard Prairie Lake

The second best house boating destination is Howard Prairie Lake. The lake is a popular house boating destination, and also one of the state’s most scenic lakes. There’s a small marina near Trail, Oregon known as Joseph Stewart Country Park Marina where you can keep your houseboat or rent various kinds of recreational boats.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s big rivers and dense hardwood forests occasionally give way to rolling hills and lakes—some of which offer scenic house boating opportunities. If you’re looking to cast off the dock with family and friends for a floating vacation in Pennsylvania, check out the state’s best houseboat lakes.

1. Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is an 8300-acre lake located in Hesston, Pennsylvania. The lake is known for its natural beauty and long, river-like shape. The lake is also popular for house boaters, and there’s a houseboat rental opportunity at Seven Points Marina. An astonishing 19 houseboats are available for rental, and the average length is about 58 feet.

Best Houseboat Lakes in South Carolina

South Carolina’s warm weather and long, sandy coastline make it a popular spot for vacationers. One of South Carolina’s lesser-known but exciting attractions is its growing houseboat community, which offers rentals at lakes and rivers throughout the state. Here are the best lakes for houseboats in South Carolina.

1. Lake Murray

Lake Murray is one of the most popular recreational lakes in South Carolina, and it’s easy to see why. The large lake is 78 square miles, which once made it the largest artificial reservoir in the world. Lake Murray is also a great place to spend your vacation on a houseboat. For house boating, Lake Murray Marina is a great place to start. There are also several other marinas that offer boat rentals of various types.

2. Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee, which covers 18,500 acres of freshwater, is one of the biggest and most enjoyable lakes in South Carolina to visit. It has plenty of boat ramps, parking, and opportunities for recreation around its 300-mile shoreline. Houseboats are also a great way to enjoy the lake and the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Best Houseboat Lakes in South Dakota

When thinking of houseboat vacation destinations, South Dakota probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. But did you know that there’s a growing houseboat community in the state and several pristine houseboat lakes? In fact, South Dakota is home to Gibson Boats, which is a well-known houseboat manufacturer. Here are the best lakes for house boating in South Dakota.

1. Lake Oahe

Lake Oahe is a large, 370,000-acre freshwater reservoir located in South Dakota. It’s one of the biggest lakes in the region and also one of the most popular house boating destinations in the state. You can rent a houseboat from one of the locals using services like Airbnb, which can be more affordable than houseboat rental companies.

2. Lewis and Clark Lake

Located on the border between South Dakota and Nebraska, Lewis and Clark Lake covers just shy of 50 square miles of water that’s great for recreation. With a houseboat, you can explore the shoreline and find a beach or secluded anchorage to hang out with friends and family. And while you’re at it, why not rent a pontoon boat, kayak, or jet ski from one of the local marinas?

Best Houseboat Lakes in Tennessee

Tennessee offers lake and river houseboat adventures in many locations throughout the state. You can rent a houseboat from an individual through Airbnb or from a marina that offers daily and weekly houseboat reservations. Here are the best lakes and calm navigable waterways for house boating in Tennessee.

1. Norris Lake

Norris Lake is one of the largest reservoirs in the region and also a fantastic place for house boating. The lake is long and narrow but covers a vast 52 square miles. The lake is dotted with beaches and inlets for houseboats and other vessels, and the water is cool and clean, making it great for swimming.

There are two places to rent houseboats and other vessels on Norris Lake. Norris Lake Houseboat Rentals in LaFollette is one of the most popular, and they offer modern luxury houseboats with excellent accommodations. You can also rent a houseboat from Beach Island Marina and Resort, which is located in the same area and offers cabins and other amenities.

2. Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake is a popular recreational lake in Tennessee. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and is filled with wildlife. It’s popular for fishing as well. On Center Hill Lake, you can rent a houseboat from Hidden Harbor Marina and Resort. You can also rent pontoon boats, cabins, and other recreational equipment for a fun vacation in warm Tennessee waters.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Texas

Everybody knows that Texas is a huge state—and it’s covered in lakes and rivers that offer great house boating conditions. Plus, you can rent a houseboat at dozens of locations throughout the state. Regardless of where you are in Texas, there’s sure to be a houseboat vacation opportunity within a day’s drive. Here are the best and most popular houseboat lakes in Texas.

1. Lake Travis

Lake Travis is the most popular house boating lake in Texas. This 18,900-acre lake is a massive reservoir located near Austin, Texas. Its proximity to the city makes Lake Travis the ideal house boating destination for locals and also a great place to fly into from out of state.

Harborside Houseboat Rentals is one of the most well-known houseboat rental services on Lake Travis. They’re high-rated and have a range of large houseboats to choose from at reasonable prices. You can rent an 85-foot houseboat or a luxury 92-foot houseboat as long as you’re over 25 years old and have a valid driver's license.

2. Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is one of the largest lakes in Texas, and its waters cover a huge 139 square miles. Lake Texoma is also a one-of-a-kind house boating location, and it’s also a great place for fishing or water skiing. There are several full-service marinas and boat rental companies located around Lake Texoma, so all you have to do is call to reserve a slip for your next houseboat vacation.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Virginia

Beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia offers plenty to see and do—especially out on the water. Virginia is home to several popular house boating destinations on its lakes and rivers. Many Virginians vacation out on the local waterways, and others come from out of state to enjoy the scenery and affordable houseboat excursions. Here are the best houseboat lakes in Virginia.

1. Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake stretches across 32 square miles of beautiful Virginia territory, and it is home to the best freshwater house boating in the state. Sure, you can rent a houseboat in Virginia Beach, but why deal with choppy ocean conditions and saltwater when you can enjoy a serene country lake instead?

House boating, along with other recreational water sports, are popular on Smith Mountain Lake. And unlike many other lakes in Virginia, you can rent a houseboat from the local marina. Parrot Cove Boat Rentals is a go-to destination for house boaters on Smith Mountain Lake, and they’re located in Westlake Corner, Virginia. They offer a variety of houseboats to choose from, which are affordable and easy to drive.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Washington

Washington State is one of the most scenic states in the country and home to some of its tallest mountains and largest forests. Also, Washington State has numerous lakes, rivers, and sounds that are perfect for vacationing on a houseboat or living aboard. Next, we’ll cover our favorite house boating destinations in Washington State.

1. Lake Roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt is the top house boating vacation destination in the state of Washington, and it’s one of the prettiest as well. Lake Roosevelt is a part of a large and long snake-like lake system that covers 123 square miles, which means there’s plenty of room for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy a peaceful floating escape.

Two popular houseboat and watercraft rental marinas on Lake Roosevelt are Lake Roosevelt Adventures at Seven Bays Marina to the south and Lake Roosevelt Vacations Inc to the north. These marinas also offer other kinds of recreational equipment, such as powerboats and pontoon boats.

Best Houseboat Lakes in West Virginia

West Virginia is known for its place among the ancient Appalachian mountains and its dense woodlands. And though much of the state’s recreation occurs in the mountains, West Virginia is also home to a surprising number of houseboat lakes and rivers. Here are some of the most popular West Virginia lakes for houseboats.

1. Sutton Lake

Sutton Lake is by far the most popular house boating lake in West Virginia, and also it’s an affordable and attractive place to get away from it all. House boating is so popular on Sutton Lake that there’s an entire vacation company dedicated to it, and you can rent one of several houseboats for your trip. Sutton Lake Marina is home to WV Houseboat Vacations, which is the best rental location in the area.

Best Houseboat Lakes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its lakes, and it’s a great state to visit if a houseboat vacation is what you’re after. In fact, there are over 15,000 lakes in the state of Wisconsin, and hundreds of them are large enough for recreational boating. The largest lake is over 130,000 acres of water and is a prime destination for house boating.

1. Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago is one of the largest lakes in Wisconsin—as long as you don’t count the Great Lakes. Lake Winnebago spans over 200 square miles, and it’s big and clean enough for a wonderful houseboat vacation far away from the tempestuous weather of the Great Lakes. Located nearby is Hucks Houseboat Rental, which is a great place to rent a houseboat for your next vacation.

2. Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin is another fun recreational destination in Wisconsin. It covers about 40 square miles, and it’s a great spot for fishing and water sports. Alma Marina, located just down from the lake on the Mississippi River, offers great houseboat rentals for anyone looking to spend some time on the water.


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